World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day 2023 – Facts, Messages, History, & More

Theatre has a long history as an artistic medium. The 16th century saw the revival of Greek and Roman theatre traditions and folklore studies. There was a spectacle on festival courts indoors.

A big, irregularly shaped open-air amphitheater used by a group of actors forms the conventional theatre. They present an individual story to an audience.

Lighting, sound, makeup for costumes, and choreography are just a few of the numerous components involved.

Join in celebrating the efforts of this World Theatre Day!

When is Theatre Day 2023?

On the 27th of March, many people celebrate World Theatre Day across the globe. The day appreciates the impact of theatre in conveying messages covering themes of politics, freedom, and recreation.

We frequently take for granted the importance of theatre in society’s social lives. For millennia, the theatre has been essential to societal norms.


Although it has subsequently evolved, theatre can be considered a time when plays and operas were performed.

ITI promotes this day through its centers, and theatre communities worldwide help to support it.

President Arvi Kivimaa established the day at the 9th World Congress of the ITI in Vienna in June 1961.

ITI’s Finnish Center appealed to establish World Theatre Day. Scandinavian ITI centers enthusiastically supported and marketed it.

On the 27th of March, 1962, ITI centers, theatre experts, Cooperating Members, and theatre organizations celebrated this day.

World Theatre Day Messages

Every year, a famous member of the theatrical community or a leader in another field expresses their opinion on the connection between theatre and world peace.

The “International Message” read in front of tens of thousands of spectators also gets published in newspapers and other bulletin boards.

 Here are some of the famous Theatre Day messages.

2021- Hellen Mirren

“Writers, designers, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, and directors’ drive to be creative will never be exhausted. Very shortly, it will flourish again with new energy and a new understanding of the world we all share.”

2020- Shahid Nadeem

“We must struggle against indifference, laziness, pessimism, avarice, and contempt to regain our spiritual strength. In motivating and organizing mankind, theatre plays a crucial and noble role.”

8 Fun Facts about Theatre Day

Here are some fun facts about Theatre Day to blow your mind.

  • The Clare Boothe Luce Award for Dramatic Arts started on the 24th of April, 1948. Its first publication is “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Plays.”
  • Helen Mirren, a multi-award-winning British actress, wrote the message for Theatre Day in 2021. She won the Academy Award in 2007 for her portrayal in “The Queen.” 
  • The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy, is regarded as the oldest theatre in the world. “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles served as its opening act in 1585.
  • French playwright and poet Jean Cocteau penned the original Theatre Day International Message in 1962.
  • This holiday’s date falls on the same day as Paris’s Theater of Nations season premiere.
  • The Kremlhoftheater in Austria has the smallest regularly running theatre in the world. It houses only eight seats.
  • The Phantom of the Opera, running since 1988, has an estimated $6 billion in revenue. More than 140 million people have seen the longest-running Broadway production in history.
  • In England, acting by women was forbidden until 1660. Then, King Charles II commanded that only women be cast in all female roles.

How to Celebrate Theatre Day

Here are some fun activities to help you celebrate this day.

Visit a Theatre Nearby

Visit your nearest theatre and enjoy an evening show. The theatre houses usually hold special events following this day.

So, buy the tickets and support this expressive medium to thrive. Some of the proceeds often go to charities.

Sign Up For Theatre Classes

Acting, music, dance! All lessons are fun! You might discover a hidden talent along the way.

Sign up for classes with your friends and tell them about the day.

Join a Theatre Day Event

A festival of such importance does not come by very often. It is a once-a-year thing. So, set aside this day to join a theatrical event.

Sign up beforehand, or you might miss the limited tickets. The rear center is the best place to sit. The view and audio levels are just right.

Read Theatre Day Messages

The International Messages revolve around drawing lessons. So, make sure to appreciate them. Hearing or reading them on this day is only fitting.

Familiarize Your Children with It

In the age of digitization, most movies run on online platforms. You seldom get time to take your children to the theatre.

Utilize this day, and attend any running shows for famous movies.

The latest successful play, “Harry Potter and Cursed Child,” had a fandom.

Reasons to Adore World Theatre Day

Here are some reasons why you should celebrate this day.

Promotes Art

Art is therapeutic. It can even be an outlet for you to explore your emotions. Such is the case for the consumption of such media.

You can watch plays and look up archives with theatrical performances in multiple spheres.

Highlights Important Themes

The connotation of this day simply extends to relating themes of peace to the theatres. The different themes are highlighted to bring about harmony.

 There is tolerance and love for different groups.

“Theatre and a Culture of Peace” is the yearly International Theatre Day topic.

Promotes Historically Accurate Accounts

Plays from Shakespearean times still run. They provide the societal norms and the social practices of the people of the time.

Consequently, they allow us to see how much progress we have made as a society.

Promotes Small-Scale Artists

Featuring small bands in festivals on this day allows for the recognition of the artists.

Hence, they can have a platform to express their art freely and effectively.

Final Words

To summarize, World Theatre Day falls on the 27th of March. The day holds important themes to educate people.

Today, people visit theatres, sign up for classes, and share their celebrations online.

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