World Snow Day

World Snow Day 2023- History, Facts, Celebrations, & More

Snow is one of the most beautiful things in this world. The pure white landscape created during winter creates the perfect opportunity for enjoyment.

Snowsports and other leisure activities are common during the snowy days of winter. 

World Snow Day was founded so that a special day is reserved for the entire world to enjoy and cherish the beauty of snow. Keep reading to learn all about this event.

When is World Snow Day 2023?

Unlike many other holidays, snow days aren’t celebrated on a specific date. The date for this holiday can change every year, but the day is always a Sunday. 

World Snow day is observed annually on the third Sunday of January to celebrate the natural beauty of winter. This year it will be enjoyed on 15th January 2023.

Top 5 Snowfall Countries

What better way to enjoy Snow Day than by going on a trip to snowy countries?

First, you should know which countries are great to visit to thoroughly enjoy the snow.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of countries that receive the most snow in the world.

1. Japan

This may come off as a surprise to many people due to Japan’s geographical location. However, this Asian country gets the highest snowfall in the world. 

During winters, snowfall in Japan can last up to several months, and many residential areas are covered in snow.

2. Canada

Canada is often recognized as the coldest country in the entire world. Hence, the people living in Canada also experience a lot of snowfall.

It is the second country on our list that gets a lot of snowfall every year.

3. United States of America

The USA is one of the few countries to experience all sorts of extreme climates due to the large area covered.

It is also one country that receives plenty of snowfall during winter. Snow sports and other leisure activities are also common here because US people love to enjoy life.

4. Russia

This is another country known for its cold and harsh climate. Russia is expected to be on the list of countries receiving the most snowfall. 

On top of the snow, Russia is also home to areas with extremely cold temperatures.

5. Norway

Last but not least, Norway takes the 5th spot amongst the countries with the most snowfall.

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and receives a fair share of its snow.

It is home to beautiful scenery, and many tourists love to experience the snowy beauty of Norway.

Snow sports in Norway are also famous, and many residents love to participate during winter.

Historical Background

The International Skiing Federation, more commonly known as FIS, was established in 1910. 

An organization plays a major role in promoting snow sports and raising awareness for them, just like any other sport. 

In 2007, the FIS started an initiative to generate a level of snow sports among children.

In 2012, as part of this initiative, the international organization founded World Snow Day, which is now an annual celebration worldwide. 

It is a day that celebrates snow and encourages the public around the world to participate in winter sports.

Interesting Facts about Snow

  • Snowflakes that fall from the sky are water crystals. For this reason, they are clear, despite seeming white.
  • Every snowflake is unique in its design. This is because every crystal forms in conditions such as humidity and temperature. Hence the designs are unlimited.
  • Snow can absorb sound waves. This is the reason for a peaceful silence right after a snowfall.
  • According to NASA, carbon dioxide snow clouds were observed on Mars, which is unique and amazing.
  • Snow cannot be formed without dust or pollen in the atmosphere.

3 Ways to Celebrate the Snow Day

There are many ways you can celebrate this holiday. Here are some of my suggested ways to do so.

Do Some Snow Sports

The blessing of winter is all about enjoying ourselves to the fullest. One of the top ways to celebrate International Snow Day is to go out and do some snow sports.

The day was created to raise awareness about sports and encourage people to participate in skiing, snowboarding, or other snow sports.

Hence, the day can be enjoyed by going to a ski resort and taking full advantage of the snow.

Plan Your Trip

If you live in an area that doesn’t get too much snow, you might find it difficult to fully enjoy the season. 

Let the snow day serve as an opportunity for you to plan a trip to any of the countries mentioned above. You can go with your friends, and family, and experience the magical snow.

Raise Awareness

This is one of the most important things you can do on this holiday.

Raising awareness about snow sports and the importance of participation is another great way to spend the snow day.

It will encourage the people around you to participate in snow sports and stay in shape during the cold winters.

You can also use social media to convey your message to the general public. Use the hashtags #SnowDay and #WorldSnowDay on your post.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snow

Q1: Is Snow Safe To Eat?

Yes, usually, it is safe to snow directly or make an ice cream cone with it.
However, there are some exceptions, and snow with any light shade of other colors, such as yellow, should be avoided. Colored snow is mostly contaminated and should be avoided.

Q2: What Are The Most Popular Snow sports?

Skiing and snowboarding are one of the most common types of snow sports. Millions of people worldwide like to participate in both of these snow sports.


Love for snow is one of the very few things that unites the entire world.

Snow sports are common worldwide as many people enjoy the beautiful view of the natural landscape created during winter.

World Snow Day is a great reminder for us to appreciate the natural blessing and take full advantage of it by participating in snow sports.

While you’re at a ski resort, you can also experience other leisure activities to ensure that you have an amazing time.

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