World Quark Day

World Quark Day 2023 – Facts, Benefits, & Celebration

Is it cheese? Is it yogurt? No, it is Quark!

Quark is an Eastern European dairy product that cedes the properties of cheese and yogurt. Sour milk Is fermented to form curd cheese.

This is similar to cheese but better. It spreads better, tastes better, and looks better.

All these traits are by far subjective. So, it is a crime to ignore its nutritional properties as well.

If you love Quark as much as we do, join in the celebration for World Quark Day! Keep reading to find out.

Historical Background

Quark was an extremely regular product in Europe until 2019!

The lightweight curd cheese was prepared in multiple civilizations. Eventually, it came to be known as “Quard” or Quark by the Germans.

Quark can also be made with buttermilk or warmed sour milk. The curdling is the tricky part of the preparation.

One such German woman, anonymous to date, called for the celebration of World Quark Day. She is called the Queen of Quark and has a cookbook under her alias.

She called for the celebration of this Continental European dish and got the 19th of January registered as Quark Day.

When Is World Quark Day?

On January 19, many people celebrate World Quark Day to appreciate their favorite spread each year. It is also paired with other sauces to form a creamy side.

Interesting Facts about Quark

Here are some interesting facts about Quark:

  • Quark also refers to a tiny particle containing protons and neutrons. It is a word for the Atomic Nuclei.
  • Mainstream Vegan Quark is not available yet. However, Alpro recently launched “Alpro Go On,” which is said to be a vegan Quark made with Soy.
  • Quark carries minute traces of Lactose. So, a small serving would not trigger a reaction if you are lactose-intolerant.
  • Mark B., an online streamer, holds the world record for eating 250g of Quark in 17.3 seconds.

6 Health Benefits of Quark

Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding Quark to your diet:

  • It is a low-calorie dip. There are 120 calories in a cup of 4% Quark. So, you can substitute it for cream cheese, plain yogurt, smoothie or salad dressings, etc.
  • It has 14 grams of Protein per 100-gram serving size. This is 2x more than the Protein in Greek Yoghurt.
  • It is low in Sodium content. So, it is safe for daily consumption. High levels of Sodium deposits imbalance blood pressure levels and deteriorate health.
  • It contains Phosphoric Acid that has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It also provides calcium for bones.
  • It has probiotics like mesophilic bacteria, which aid digestion and improve overall gut health.

How to Celebrate World Quark Day

Here are some ways to celebrate this day in full swing.

Have Quark

Quark goes well when eaten alone. Have a spoonful of it before your tastebuds adjust to the foreign taste.

The lightly acidic taste feels light on the stomach. It is similar to Greek yogurt, but it has a lighter consistency.

If Quark alone overwhelms you the first time you have it, mix it with herbs and hot sauce. Have it with tenders!

Make It Yourself

Learn the recipe online, from your European friends, or from a cookbook. Try to gather information about its origin before you make it.

The description of taste and texture would lead you to a closer rendering of the original recipe.

Add it to the sauces for other foods as well. Substitute it for cream cheese. Rush to your pantry and try making a cheesecake or use it for pasta sauce.

Gift It to Your Friends

Sharing is caring! Make your friends familiar with the goodness of Quark and gift them a farmer’s fresh Quark.

Share World Quark Day Online

Take aesthetic photos, record a preparation video, or write up a blog and share it using appropriate hashtags.

Use #WorldQuarkDay or #NationalQuarkDay to get featured with other people who love Quark.

Make a note of any constructive criticism after posting the photos and re-make it.

Avail Discounts

Quark is a relatively less popular spread outside of Europe. So, make sure to look out for stores that sell it.

You might even find promotional activities for bundle pricing or slashed prices on this occasion.

If you cannot find it in stores, check out websites to source Quark from.

Reasons to Adore World Quark Day

Here are some reasons to love Quark.

It Is Creamier

While the 40% fat content scares many, the creamy texture is equally loved by others who appreciate it.

Easy To Prepare

The preparation is simple. You use milk instead of yogurt. The curdled forms of these are Quark and Cottage Cheese, respectively.

You can simply cover it and store it at room temperature. But not for too long. Though fermented, it is still perishable.

Can Be Substituted For Cream Cheese

Soft, fluffy, slippery goat cheese on a slice of bread or made into a cheesecake. We love that.

But if you are tired of your regular cream cheese recipes, try using Quark to prepare.

Has Nutritional Properties

The calcium from this dairy product is good for bone health. It also aids digestion with its light acidity.

A Great Exfoliant

Though not widely popular, the lactic Acid from Quark can be used as a treatment to cure hyperpigmentation.

It also improves complexion as it lightly removes dead skin cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can You Make Quark at Home?

Yes, you can make Quark by fermenting warmed sour milk or buttermilk for an appropriate time. Essentially, every Eastern European household mastered preparing Quark in the 19th century.

Q2: Is Quark the Same as Greek Yoghurt?

No, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are often associated with Quark. However, Quark is a Native German Delicacy. It lies in the same branch of dairy products; however, it is slightly different.


To wrap up, World Quark Day falls on January 19. This European Dish is a lightly acidic product similar to cream cheese.

So, you can prepare it, have it alone or as a spread, and share it with friends.

Make sure to share your festivities online and mark your calendars if you have not celebrated this day yet.

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