World Backup Day

World Backup Day 2023 – Facts, History, & Celebrations

A precious memory, 16 hours’ worth of effort on homework, or an important submission due today.

All these could go well or wreak havoc in your life if lost. So, how do we prevent this? Back up your digital work!

To back up means to have an alternative copy of your work saved in a location different from the source.

Just as photocopies provide backup for physical documents, external storages exist for digital data.

So, let us create a backup for our precious files. Let us celebrate World Backup Day!

When is World Backup Day 2023?

On the 31st of March, many people celebrate World Backup Day to raise awareness of the importance of backing up data.

You can create backups online for USBs, SD cards, or other cloud storage. Most of these are paid versions.

Most smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops already come with storage backed up by google.


Backing up data has existed since the early civilizations. The Runic scriptures found often had copies to tally the data with.

The right to move towards digitalized working comes with the obligation of saving it online. In addition, you also need to maintain a backup.

The Backup Day later replaced World Backup Month as the observance’s name. Maxtor hard drive firm, which Seagate Technology eventually purchased.

In 2011, the formalized celebrations began in full swing as the Redditors did not hold back.

Led by Ismail Jadun, the band shared their experiences and warned others of the dangers of not backing up.

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5 Reasons to Love Backup Day

Here are some reasons, this day should be on your list to celebrate.

Creates a Habit

We have not yet developed habits to ensure that our information and personal data are secure and protected.

Despite how dependent humans are on technology today, they never learn. The day promotes improved online and technological behavior.

Informs People

Many people are not technology savvy. So, informing them of the dangers of their digital footprint is a great initiative.

Protects Against Forgery

Data can be forged or stolen. You should create backups to secure yourself from losing access to your important files.

This way, you also have a digital book to refer to when suing for fraud and claiming compensation.

Power Outages

Unless you are connected to a real-time saving server, the conventional PC loses its current data as power is switched on.

 So, if you forget to save the data, you must redo the work.

Virus Attacks

Computer viruses are far more common than they appear to be. Corrupted files are the bane of the existence of many.

So, having a backup minimizes the losses, the consequences of which would have been bizarre otherwise.

Fun Facts about Backup Day

Here are some fun facts about backup for you.

  • Perfectly, the Backup Day happens the day before April Fools’ Day. Hackers and pranksters frequently play practical jokes on unsuspecting people.
  • Reynold B. Johnson, an IBM engineer, developed the concept for the IBM 350 Disk File. This was the first external hard drive, introduced in 1956.
  • In 1998, a command entered on the drives where Pixar stored the “Toy Story” files erased 90% of the movie. This was a year before the movie was released.
  • NASA’s Earth science data repository currently holds about 40 petabytes of data (one petabyte equals 1,000 terabytes). By 2025, the archive will house more than 245 petabytes of data.
  • NASA utilizes big data via the ASDC (Atmospheric Science Data Center). NASA’s Earth Science Data are archived, processed, and distributed by the ASDC at NASA’s Research Center in Langley.
  • 21 % of people have never made a backup.
  • Every 3 out of 10 computers are infected with Malware.

How to Celebrate the World Day of Backup?

Here are activities to help you celebrate World Backup Day.

Decide Upon the Backup Location

Better safe than sorry! Stop putting it off till tomorrow. Back up your files today! Before getting to work, plan it out. Make sure to create a list of all files that you need to back up.

Cross-check to make sure you do not miss out on any. Choose what storage works best for you. For most people, it is feasible to have a stash of labeled USBs locked in a drawer.

Others prefer having it on their computer’s hardware. For extreme confidentiality, people prefer cloud storage the most. So, look out for a few options and choose the best one.

Create Multiple Backups

Why create just one when you can create many? The more, the merrier has never fit better. Make multiple copies and store them in different places.

Secure Your Backup

It is futile to go through the hassle of having a backup when you cannot store it well.

So, make sure to seal your backup away securely till you require it.

Avail Big Discounts

Today, many stores run big savings offers to please customers. So, check out stores online or run to your nearest mart! You can get 1+1 deals, slashed prices, and other loyalty discounts.

Online Posting

Share your best-kept tricks and backup methods online. Use appropriate hashtags like #WORLDBACKUPDAY to share your celebrations with others.


To conclude, World Backup Day falls on the 31st of March. Falling a day before April’s Fool Day, the mischief makers attack people for fun on this day.

So, make sure to back up your files, tell your friends about it, make multiple copies, and avail big discounts.

Do it today! Do it right now! Lastly, share your celebrations online to help others out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Often Should You Backup?

Feasibly, you should be backing up your financial and other work-related documents at least once a day. Your smartphones are designed to create an instant backup for your photos.

Q2: How Can I Backup My iPhone If it Is Lost?

In such a case, you can use iTunes to reach the data saved on iCould. This is exclusive to Apple products.
You can also use this if you wish to recover photos deleted from the “recently deleted” album.

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