Walt Disney Day

Walt Disney Day – [December 6, 2022]

What comes to mind when you hear Disneyland? A magical fairyland? A theme park with fun rides or Mickey mouse?

Disney has been with us throughout our childhoods. Cherishing countless memories, Disney is worth all the hype.

Theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Disneyland draw huge yearly crowds worldwide.

We can only thank Mr. Walt Disney enough for his vision. So, here we are, ready to celebrate Walt Disney Day!

With such powerful influence, how did it come to being? Read ahead for more.

When is Walt Disney Day?

Walt Disney Day is celebrated on the first Monday of December every year (December 6, 2022). It calls for remembrance of the great illustrator Walter Elias Disney.

This day commemorates his work towards bringing love, friendship, and happiness to children worldwide.


The day is celebrated in honor of Walt Disney, whose birthday falls on the 5th of December, 1901. 

He has made countless contributions to the children’s entertainment industry.

Disney himself formed the Walt Disney Company. He also envisioned theme parks and laid the foundation for animated cartoon films.

From cartoon-shaped cakes to Disney movie marathons, Disney’s birthplace, Chicago, observes the Day of Walt Disney on his birthday each year.

His illustrating career did not start until he returned from World War I. It was in 1919 that he embarked on this journey.

The company also recognizes the Birthdays of Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, and Donald duck.

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11 Walt Disney Facts

Since you are already aware of the importance of Walt Disney, let us go through some interesting facts about it.

  • If you are wondering, Disney’s first-ever character is not Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Instead, it is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, created in 1927.
  • Not all Disney characters are fictional. Some are based on real people too. One such character is Pocahontas, a real person from the 16th century.
  • The youngest female character from Disney World is the beloved Snow white, aged 14!
  • This might come as a surprise, but Walt Disney did not draw the infamous Mickey Mouse. Instead, the original creator and artist went by UbbeEert “Ub” Iwerks. 
  • Walt Disney voiced a character, and it is none other than our favorite Mickey Mouse. Beginning in 1929 with a short movie, Walt took great pride in being the original voice.
  • Walt Disney is honored to have received the most Academy Awards. With 22 Oscar wins and 59 nominations, the short film (cartoon) category award was for his to claim.
  • Disney was the only animator permitted to create color-animated movies up until 1936.
  • TECHNICOLOR was a company that had a 3-strip system to produce colored films. Walt Disney contracted the company to get exclusive rights to create colorful cartoons.
  • Did you know Walt also served in the First World War? Coming from Chicago, he moved a lot in his life, from Missouri to Kansas City.
  • His illustrating career only ever started after his return from World War I, during which he served as part of the Red Cross.
  • Disney character Minnie Mouse has a full name too. It’s Minerva Mouse. Walt had private property in Main Street, USA.

4 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Walt Disney Day 2022

If your bucket list is too long for Disney Day, have a look at ours for reference!

Watch a Disney Movie

Simba, Elsa, Moana, Rapunzel, Hans! All await your company. So, make sure to watch your favorite Disney movies.

A movie marathon sounds nice! So, sit back and grab your popcorn for this fun-filled hours-long journey.

Invite Your Friends

Live the Disney spirit by cultivating good friendships. Invite over your other Disney enthusiasts and let their voices resonate with yours.

Visit Disneyland

Treats, rides, and cosplayers! Now that’s what the real Disney experience is. Book your tickets to Disneyland and cast away all worries for the day.

Let your inner child out and have fun with your friends.

Post Walt Disney Day Celebrations Online

Solo shots, selfies, group photos, and video diaries! Make sure to post these online under the hashtag #WaltDisneyDay.

Let others get inspired by your carefree time-out. Scroll further to discover how other Disney fans celebrate this day and find new activities.

Reason to Love Disney Characters

If you do not understand the imagery of Disney, here are a few arguments to support the claim:

Disney Characters Shape Our Childhoods.

As a child, true happiness came from cartoons. It would automatically put us in a good mood. There is a reason Disney Land is called the happiest place on Earth.

It reminds us of our childhood. So many memories are unlocked when you enter a Disney theme park or watch your favorite show.

Remembering our childhood memories regarding Disney brings us all great joy.

Disney is an Escape from Reality

Our lives are stressful enough. We only live a little in this constantly moving world that we do not realize the value of escape.

A Disney movie after a long day or a vacation to Disneyland could work wonders in our stress-filled lives.

Nurture Cordial Relationships for Us

Most importantly, we will forever cherish the bonds we made along the way. Remember the school trip to watch Frozen? That one time you watched The Lion King with your family.

It reminds us of the great times with the people we love. This strong connection is what makes us love Disney.

No matter where you are born, Disney must have impacted your life in one way or another. 


All in all, Walt Disney Day falls on the first Monday of each December. The day pays tribute to Walt Disney’s works of animation.

The themes of the animations profoundly impact children in building friendly relationships.

The illustrating genius’s birthday falls on the 5th of December. So, the day is an honorary ceremony for that.

You can celebrate it by watching Disney movies or visiting Disney theme parks.

Make sure to share your celebrations with the rest of the world under appropriate hashtags!

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