Special Education Day

Special Education Day | December 2, 2022

The cut-throat pace of modern life makes us miss the opportunity to stop and appreciate our surroundings.

As an outcome of our prejudice, a person with a disability is either considered ‘heroic’ or ‘helpless.’

A stark difference between learning disabilities and intellectual capabilities appears because of in-access to special education.

In the last century, only a few locations had Special schools that were often unaffordable for common households.

So, let us celebrate the transition to make resources accessible. Let us celebrate Special Education Day!

When Is Special Education Day 2022?

Special Education Day is celebrated on 2nd December to honor the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 1975 (IDEA) bill.

Purpose of Special Education

Special education gives those with special needs an appropriate platform to hone their skills.

Children with special needs get to avail their right to free education, just like any other child.  

Moreover, it helps reduce the stigma associated with disability, which eventually boosts special students’ morale.

Hence, it aids the masses in acquiring empathy and respect for all groups.

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Importance of Special Education

Though not adopted completely, Special Education is becoming a necessary part of the school curriculum. Here is why we need to focus on this:

  • IDEA was a landmark reform that helped shed light on the immense talent of children with special needs.
  • Firstly, it eliminates the misconception about disabilities. People assume that children with disabilities have learning constraints when that is never the case. They just need different tutoring approaches.
  • Special Education Celebration Day is incomplete without the amount of relentless work and effort the teachers, and the staff put in. It is because of their tireless resolve that the students can achieve their academia-related goals.
  • It brings forward the case that specialized education teachers are an asset and more such teachers need to be trained.
  • Special education has brought many technological developments for aiding special children in class. This also helped improve education for other students as well. The youth is the future. With many voices supporting the cause, more people are now pursuing a career in Special Education.
  • Many special people can now graduate from college, thanks to IDEA.
  • Contrary to misconceptions, special children tend to excel in areas like fine arts and intellectual thinking.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Day of Special Education

The presence of an effective support system helps individuals with learning disabilities to succeed. Here are some ideas to help you contribute to this just cause:

Elevate the Misconception within Your Circle

It is time we raise awareness the best way we can in our social circle and family.

There must be respect for the disabled, and stereotypes against them must be curbed.

Making small talk and spreading the kind word would be a fantastic way to end this misconception.

Recognize and Support Special Education

Know someone working to empower special education? Hit them up. Gift them a card of appreciation for their arduous work.

Tutoring children and passing on knowledge is a challenging task. On top of that, catering to children with special needs is even more difficult.

It is about time we recognize their efforts.

Support an Organization 

One way to celebrate Day for Special Education is to support an organization that is working for the cause.

Many such NGOs accept donations and volunteer workers who can contribute to communal welfare. So, partake on this special occasion.

You can also shed light on the shortfalls in their ways and resolve the issues appropriately.

Raising money to show support is also a viable option. Set a goal and devise a plan to reach it.

Spread Awareness of Special Education Day

Social media connects the whole world. From trending tweets to suggested posts, social media algorithms help spread the word for any cause.

Hence, make sure to post about this day on your feed and contribute to the cause. Also, do not forget to use the hashtag #SpecialEducationDay.

Interesting Facts about Special Education:

A day to discuss the vast topic is definitely not enough. Still, here are some fun facts about special education for you:

  • Special Education Day was officially observed in 2005 for the first time.
  • French Physician named Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard devoted serious efforts to Special Education. He is deemed the pioneer in the field.
  • Research surveys show that learning disabilities are more common among boys than girls.
  • According to the law, Special Education students do not have a waiting list.
  • There is a certain criterion for a special child to be eligible for a more special classroom setting and program.
  • Many individuals with learning difficulties went on to achieve greatness.
  • Some examples include Walt Disney, Sir Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, and Albert Einstein. Surprisingly, Vincent Van Gogh also makes it to the list!
  • Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Finland, and Canada make it to the list of countries with an equitable education system. The respective governments support Special Education programs.

Final Words

All in all, we would love to see you celebrate Special Education Day on 2nd December.

Mark your calendars right now if you have missed this auspicious opportunity before. Fun-filled activities and volunteer work is the way to go!

Spend time with someone working in the sector or with someone who has Special Needs.

You can also visit a local organization that supports special children and voice your concerns. 

Lastly, do not forget to publish how you participated in the cause and use the hashtag #SpecialEducationDay.

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