Single Working Women's Day

Single Working Women’s Day 2023 – How to Celebrate It?

Welcome to the fabulous and fierce celebration of Single Working Women’s Day!

It’s a day to embrace all the badass women who are blazing their trails and making their own rules in the workplace.

Whether you’re a hustling entrepreneur, a dedicated teacher, a daring doctor, or a creative artist, we salute you!

So, raise a glass (or a coffee mug) to yourself and all the other working women!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate each other and everything we’ve accomplished. And hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll even meet some new like-minded friends along the way. Cheers to us!

When is Single Working Women’s Day?

Single Working Women’s Day is celebrated on August 4th each year. It is a day to honor and recognize the achievements and contributions of single working women to society.

Historical Background

The history of single working women spans centuries, dating back to when men and women shared physical labor in agriculture.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, women were increasingly assigned domestic chores, and men became the sole providers.

However, social and economic developments in the early 20th century led to increased demand for public education, rapid industrial growth, and a need for more workers.

Companies found they could hire women for simple tasks at a lower salary. The initial wave of the women’s movement helped raise women’s participation in the workforce.

Despite the progress made in women’s participation in the workforce, single working women have historically been overlooked.

This led to the creation of Single Working Women’s Day, founded by Barbara Payne, a single working woman herself.

The day celebrates the contributions of single working women to society, and the Single Working Women’s Affiliate Network was created to provide support and resources for this demographic.

Reasons to Enjoy Single Working Women’s Day

Let me share a few reasons why everyone should be showing their appreciation for single working women this day.

Empowering Women

This day is about empowering women to live on their own terms.

It is an opportunity to recognize the strength, resilience, and determination of women who have chosen to follow their dreams and careers without needing a partner.

Celebrating Independence

It is an occasion to celebrate the independence of women dedicated to their work and career.

We should recognize and appreciate the efforts and hard work put in by women navigating the workforce independently.

This day highlights that women can excel in their careers and personal lives without being dependent on anyone else.

A Moment to Reflect

Finally, this is a great time to step back and reflect on all that has been accomplished.

Think about the successes you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learned, and the goals you’re working towards.

It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the struggles and successes of other single working women worldwide.

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4 Ways to celebrate the Day of Single Working Women

From the women who worked alongside men in agriculture to those who fought for their right to work outside the home, single working women have always been at the forefront of progress.

Today, let us honor their legacy by advocating for their rights and recognizing their valuable contributions to society. Here are some ways how you can spend this day.

Take Time for Yourself

As a single working woman, you’ve likely been juggling many responsibilities, both at work and in your personal life.

So, take this day to pamper yourself and do something that brings you joy.

Maybe it’s a spa day, a new outfit, or a fancy dinner – whatever it is, make sure it makes you feel special and appreciated.

Connect with Other Single Working Women

One of the best ways to celebrate Single Working Women’s Day is to connect with other single working women.

You can organize brunch, happy hour, or dinner with your friends or colleagues who are also single and working full-time.

Moreover, you can also post the event on Social Media to connect with even more women using #SingleWorkingWomenDay.

Offer to Help

If you know a single working woman who’s struggling with a work issue or just needs some extra help, offer to lend a hand.

Whether helping to organize her desk, running an errand, or simply providing moral support, even the smallest gesture of kindness can make a big difference.

Make Plans for the Future

It is a great chance to reflect on your accomplishments and plan for the future.

Take some time to think about your goals and dreams, and make plans to work towards them. Whether it’s a new career, relationship, or even a plan to travel more, now is the time to make it happen.


Single Working Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor the courage, resilience, and strength of all women making a mark in this world.

This day empowers women to live their lives on their own terms, celebrates their independence, and provides a moment to reflect on their accomplishments and struggles.

We honor the legacy of single working women who have fought for their right to work outside the home. Let’s continue to advocate for their rights and recognize their valuable contributions to society.

So, to all the single working women out there, keep shining and know that your hard work and dedication are appreciated!

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