Portugal Independence Day

Portugal Independence Day – 1st December 2022

Portugal gained its independence from Spain a very long time ago.

Since then, national Independence Day has been celebrated every year with great enthusiasm across the country. 

It is one of the most enjoyable national holidays, full of art, history, and culture. Many events are organized on Portugal Independence Day for people all over the country to attend.

It is a special day for all the citizens in the country, and they enjoy it fully. 

When is Portugal Independence Day 2022?

Portugal Independence Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of December. The first day of December has been a special day for Portugal nationals since 1668, when the country got rid of Spanish control and became independent.

Since then, it has been a day of celebrations, and people from all over the country showcase their patriotism on this day.

Portugal National Day History

When the Portuguese monarch died without naming a successor, the Spanish took control of the region in 1581. 

For many decades, Spain kept complete power over Portugal, and the people of the country had no hope of regaining sovereignty.

Tensions grew among the Portuguese with increasing taxes and losing any influence in Madrid.

In 1640, when Spanish forces mainly occupied Catalonia, the Portuguese started their own struggles in the form of the Acclamation War of 1640.

With skirmishes for the next 28 years and a few major battles later, Spain acknowledged Portugal as an independent sovereign state in 1968.

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7 Interesting Facts about Portugal

Portugal is a very interesting country, and there are many things you might not know about it. Here are some interesting facts about this European country.

  • One of the Oldest European countries is Portugal, which gained its independence over 3 centuries ago.
  • Portugal is also one of the safest countries in the world for tourists to visit. The country is home to kind-hearted and peace-loving people.
  • In Portugal, the prison sentence cannot exceed 25 years by Law. 
  • The largest bookstore is in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. It is also the city that was almost destroyed by the earthquake of 1755.
  • A Portuguese speaker is known as Lysophone. There are around 250 million people who speak this language around the world.
  • Portuguese is the official language of nine other countries which shows the crucial role Portugal played in world history.
  • The overdose of drugs is banned in the country. For anyone found guilty of excess consumption, there is punishment by law and rehabilitation.

How to Celebrate the Independence Day of Portugal?

The independence day of Portugal holds a special spot for the citizens living in the country. Here is how you can celebrate Portugal Day if you’re one of them.

Portugal National Day

Buy a Flag 

Oftentimes, we see athletes wearing their national flag after achieving something in sports. This is to show their love and support towards their national country. 

You can do it as well by purchasing the national flag of Portugal and wearing it on your back.

If you’re shy to do so, the national flag can always be placed at a highly visible spot such as your balcony or terrace.

It is a great way to show love for your country; many people will see the flag and share your feelings.

Share Independence Day of Portugal on Social Media

Nowadays, social media is a common device to show your love for Portugal to people in your life.

It is a great way to show how excited and happy you are on Independence Day.

You can take a picture with the national flag and post it on social media platforms with hashtags to showcase your affection for the country.

Attend Independence Day Events

Independence Day events are common in Portugal on this special day. There are events all over major cities for you to attend.

You can go and watch a military parade or a memorial ceremony with speeches from public figures on Portugal’s Independence Day.

It will lighten the spark of patriotism in you, and that is what Independence Day is all about.

Raise Awareness among Children

It is important to teach children about their country as they grow old. Raising awareness among their growing minds is another great way to spend national Independence Day.

This way, future generations will learn about their history and culture.

It will help them understand the country they live in and the struggles of their forefather to ensure that Portugal is free from Spanish rule.

Why Is The Portugal Day Important?

Portugal is a beautiful country and a great place to visit for tourism. It is rich in culture and an important powerhouse in Europe.

Here are some more reasons why Portugal’s Independence Day is so important.

  • Portugal’s National Day is a public holiday, and it is extremely special for the people living there as it is a part of their history.
  • It is a celebration of their ancestor’s achievements to ensure that future generations live in a free country.
  • There are many celebrations, from military parades and public speeches to private events and children’s parties in schools. 
  • Portugal played an important part in world history as it was once considered to be a colonial superpower.
  • Since its independence, Portugal has been a notable country in many sectors, including the food industry, tourism, and sports.
  • The seafood in Portugal and its incredibly breathtaking beaches make it one of the most popular countries for tourists around the world.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Portugal is rich in history and culture. The European country has vintage architecture as some of the buildings constructed are centuries old.

Portugal is a hub for tourists and an important country for Europe due to its natural location.

The loving people here are all about celebration, which is clear from their celebrations of Portugal’s Independence Day.

We hope that the celebrations on a national day will continue in Portugal just like it has been for centuries.

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