Panama Mother's Day

Panama Mother’s Day | December 8, 2022

Mother’s day is celebrated on different days in different countries of the world. In Panama, this day is celebrated in December because of some historical reasons.

Panamanians have a public holiday on this day to spend time with their mothers, who have raised them to be who they are today.

People of Panama commemorate this Panama Mother’s Day by taking their mom to her favorite restaurant, giving her a thank you gift, or talking about childhood memories with her.

When is Panama Mother’s Day 2022

People celebrate Panama Mother’s Day on December 8 yearly. It recognizes a mother’s efforts to raise her child from an infant to a responsible member of society.


Panama Mother’s Day dates back to 1924, when it was first celebrated in May, but in 1930, it moved to December. This shift could be caused by one of two factors.

Some people believe that Panama Day is celebrated on this date because the wife of Panama’s president suggested it in 1930.

The other reason is that Catholics wanted to make Immaculate Conception Day a national holiday on December 8th, a religiously significant day for Catholics.

But the country’s secular elite did not want this, so both parties came up with the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day on this date every year.

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Reasons to Enjoy Mother’s Day in Panama

There are many reasons to love and celebrate Mother’s Day in Panama. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • Appreciates the Struggles of a Mother

Our moms have to suffer a lot while taking care of us. That is why we love this day, as it allows us to appreciate her efforts by giving her gifts or taking her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant.

  • Strengthen the Bonds

The relationship between a mother and her children grows and strengthens as this national day allows the children to spend more time with their mom.

  • Gives a Day Off

December 8th is a national holiday in Panama, and who doesn’t like to get a holiday other than the weekends?

Because of this, Panamanians also get an opportunity to travel to their hometown to meet their mother and celebrate this national day with her.

  • Allows Mothers to Take a Break

 Since mother’s day is a national holiday in Panama, moms also get a chance to take a break from their hectic routines.

Working moms get a day off from their office, while kids also give an off day to mothers who are housewives.

5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Panama

Although mother’s day is celebrated in different ways worldwide, here are some creative ideas to celebrate the upcoming mother’s day in Panama.

Awaken Your Inner Artist

Be creative and thank your mom on this national day of Panama.

Give her handmade thank you cards if you are good at crafts. To be more creative, make a popup card or a waterfall card.

People who enjoy crocheting and knitting clothes can make a cardigan or scarf for their mom since December is the month to wear warm and cozy clothes.

You could also create a portrait of her or paint her favorite picture. To spend more time with your mother, conduct a challenge with her to see who can create the best sketch or painting.

Those who don’t craft or paint can virtually express their artistic souls by making a video dedicated to your mother.

Cook for Her on Panama Mother’s Day

We’ve all grown up eating food prepared by our mothers. But now it’s our turn to pamper her by cooking or baking her favorite foods.

We all know our mothers’ favorite foods, so treat her like a queen by preparing a full-course meal for her.

Say goodbye to your strict diet, bake a delicious cake for this day, and enjoy it with your family.

Watch a Show Together

Spend your time watching your mom’s favorite show or movie. You can go to a cinema or theatre to watch a play, movie, or show. Or you can prepare her favorite snacks and watch them on TV.

If you live in a different region and can’t meet your mom on this national day, then celebrate it by watching a movie digitally with her.

Netflix and many other streaming sites allow you to watch a movie or a show with others, so take advantage of this feature and virtually watch a movie/show with your mom.

Talk About Her Ambitions

We’ve only known our parents since we’ve grown up. That is why we occasionally forget that they had a life before our birth.

Like us, they had dreams and ambitions that they might have to give up caring for their children.

Talk deeply with your mom on this national day and ask her about her dreams and ambitions.

If she plans to start a new business or travel the world, help her fulfill these achievable goals and dreams.

Take Her on a Trip

Traveling around the world sounds appealing, whether with a partner or on your own.

On the other hand, traveling with your mother is a different yet beautiful experience.

So, take your mom to her favorite destination on this Panamanian holiday. Travel the world with her and try to see things through her wise eyes.

Final Thoughts

Unlike many other countries, Panamanians celebrate Panama Mother’s Day in December and cherish the importance and role of mothers in our upbringing.

The people of Panama get a national holiday, which they spend with their mother to thank her.

Some Panamanians give valuable gifts to their mom, while some create handmade items to thank her on this special day.

If you’re planning to celebrate this national day, then make sure to spend your day with your mom.

Post pictures with her to create more awareness about this special day.

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