National Wisconsin Day

National Wisconsin Day – 15th February 2023

Although Wisconsin has extremely cold winters, it is a great place to live because of its affordable living standards and low crime rate.

Known as “America’s Dairyland,” the state is famous and the leading dairy producer. Maybe this is why ice cream is very cheap and tastes flavorful in this state.

Not only ice cream but the cheese of Wisconsin is to die for! So all the cheese lovers out there celebrate National Wisconsin Day for you to fulfill all your cheese wishes!

When is the National Day of Wisconsin 2023?

National Wisconsin Day is observed on the 15th of February. The aim is to praise the beautiful state of Wisconsin, its unique history, and the friendly locals of Wisconsin.

Fun Facts about Wisconsin:

Did you know that the first ice cream dessert was presented in Two Rivers in Wisconsin in 1881? Let’s find more fun facts about this state!

  • For all music lovers, the largest musical festival, Summer fest, is organized in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is held for 11 days!
  • The state is famous for severely cold and snowy winters, and the coolest temperature reported in Wisconsin was -55 degrees Fahrenheit in 1996 in Sawyer County.
  • A symbol of Wisconsin, the badger, refers not to the animals called badgers but to the lead miners of the 1820s who traveled for work.
  • Wisconsin prohibited the purchase and utilization of margarine from 1895 to 1967, and still today, there are a few limitations on the use of margarine.
  • Barbie is from Wisconsin’s made-up town, Willows, and there’s a gallery called the Fennimore Doll and Toy Museum for all those who love dolls.


Governor Tony Evers created this event in 2019. He thought Wisconsin, its locals, and people who worked for this state should be praised and commended.

Known as the first European to arrive in Wisconsin, Van Violet arrived in Wisconsin during the French era. The US gained Wisconsin in the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

But, they didn’t practice satisfactory command over the state until the War of 1812. A few conflicts broke out in and for Wisconsin. It became a part of various regions until it became a separate Wisconsin Region in 1836.

At last, on 29th May of 1848, it was formally endorsed into the association of the US, turning into the 30th state to join.

Celebrate Wisconsin Day

Reasons to Love Wisconsin Day:

 The people of the US love Wisconsin. Let’s check some reasons that make you appreciate this event:

Everyone Loves Wisconsin:

It is not surprising that the people of Wisconsin love living in it as it is super affordable and has many good schools.

Besides that, there are also many beautiful lakes in Wisconsin, and the cheese and other dairy products are to die for! What is there not to love about Wisconsin, right?


Since many music festivals and other different festivals are held in Wisconsin, people of this state always have an opportunity to find something entertaining to do.

Milwaukee is called the City of Festivals because of its amazing festivals, delicious food, and lively audience.

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How to Celebrate National Wisconsin Day:

Let’s look at some ways to celebrate Wisconsin Day:

Visit Wisconsin:

What better way to celebrate than by visiting Wisconsin? If it has been a long time since you caught up with your friends, you can use this holiday as an excuse to meet with them.

Plan a road trip with your friends to this state and take all the necessary things you will need. Don’t worry about the food, since Wisconsin is famous for its delicious food!

Try Cheese:

You already know that the state has the top dairy products out of all the states in the US. So why not try different types of cheese on this day?

You can’t celebrate National Wisconsin Day without trying its delicious cheese. If you are a cheese lover, this experience will be heaven for you!

Also, don’t forget to try cheese curds!

Gain Knowledge:

Use this holiday as an excuse to find out everything about Wisconsin. You can read the facts I have compiled about this state.

Grab your phones or laptops, and search about this amazing state. Find out about its delicious foods and its unique history.

Make it even more fun by having a pop quiz about Wisconsin with your friends.

Explore Wisconsin:

Wisconsin offers sights of natural beauty for all those who love seeing nature in all its delight. It is home to many beautiful parks, mountains, and hills that are perfect for those who love to hike.

Visit the state capitol of Wisconsin, Madison. Madison is home to the beautiful 284-foot-high dome. If you are a bike lover, visit Harley Davidson Museum in Madison!

Have Fun With Friends:

Roam the streets of Wisconsin with your friends to double the fun of this holiday. Visit famous restaurants and festivals.

Remember to visit the summer fest and join in on the fun. Since Wisconsin is famous for its beer, don’t forget to try it!

Also, click pictures with your friends to save these precious memories, and share on Social Media using #NationalWisconsinDay.


Lastly, if you’re looking for a reason to visit Wisconsin, I have 2 words; THE CHEESE!

Famous for its delicious beer, low crime rate, and delicious ice cream, Wisconsin is a great place to live as it is full of little pleasures.

If you love cold winters and ice cream like me, you will surely love living in Wisconsin. Whether it is beautiful lakes, climbing, wine tasting, or beer, you have it all here!

National Wisconsin Day pays tribute to the great state of Wisconsin and its people.

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