National Whipped Cream Day

National Whipped Cream Day 2023 – How to Celebrate It?

Imagine dining in a café in Paris, Croissant in hand and hot chocolate emanating warmth. Now, what completes this is a full scoop of whipped cream to go with the sweet treat.

If you are whipped for whipped cream as much as we are, stay tuned to read more!

Most of us do consider whipped cream a staple in the grocery cart. But what kind? How much sugar? Why not one more?

Let us celebrate and share the word on this National Whipped Cream Day! Buckle up!

When is National Whipped Cream Day 2023?

On January 5th, many people observe National Whipped Cream Day yearly to display their love for this essential desert.

The day holds the memory of whipped cream retailing in the way we know it today.

Historical Background

Dairy cream aerates when beaten violently. To an extent, it stops being runny and begins to hold its shape as a thick batter.

European cuisine inculcated whipped cream in desserts using conventional preparation methods.

This conventional packaging made the cream perishable.

It was not until 1945 that Mr. Lapins revolutionized the whipped cream mechanics in the food industry.

He introduced and patented Reddi-wip in 1945. The aerosol canned whip soon became popular in St. Louis and extended its distribution to Canada and the States.

To honor Mr. Lapins for his ingenious contributions, Whipped Cream Day falls on January 5th. The day honors Mr. Lapins on his birthday.

How to Celebrate the Day of Whipped Cream?

If your participation in the event pends to begin, here are some things you can add to your bucket list:

Have Whipped Cream!

Most people do not require a reason to have whipped cream.

Charge at your refrigerator and spray a mouthful of the cream. Let it sit for a while, and enjoy it as it slides down your throat.

Gift Your Friends A Can or Two!

Share the word and share the treats with your friends. A small gesture goes a long way. Appease their taste buds on this auspicious day.

Avail of Any Ongoing Discounts

Most retail giants understand the hype for this versatile topping, so scope out bundle offers or slashed prices.

Add Cream Whip to a Dessert

Ice a cake, add it to your drink, or top your pastry with it! Make sure to add it to your confectionary indulgence if you do not prefer consuming it flat!


Look up a recipe online or ask someone you know to help you whip cream to fluff! Let your creativity shine and add your touch to the concoction.

Reason to Love Whipped Cream Day

Oven fresh cake and soft icing lathered on top. The cream is to desserts what Romeo is to Juliet. To convince you even more, we present some reasons to vouch for the day:

Goes Well with Desserts

The symbolic connotation of desserts to festivities is profound. So, dedicating a day to honor as a staple is only fitting.

Improves Your Mood

Spiking your blood sugar levels generally puts you in a good mood.

Holds Historic Significance

Many cuisines have their version of the technique and tools. So, it honors multiple cultures. Make sure to find out if you make it to the list!

11 Interesting Facts about Whipped Cream

As interesting as its preparation, here are some fun facts about whipped cream to make your day.

  • The first official traces of whipped cream date back to the 1500s. The reference lies in an Italian cookbook where it was referred to as “Snow Milk.”
  • The English called it “Snow Cream.” Throughout the 16th century, the traditional methods involved intensive manual labor whipping huge batches.
  • When asked to prepare a feast as an ode to King Louis the XIV, French confectioner Vatel presented Snow Cream at the Royal Feast.
  • Conventionally, chefs used brushes and willows to beat the cream to a fluffy mixture.
  • Post-industrial revolution, the British induced nitrous oxides to aid aeration. Initially, light cream made with vegetable lipids made its way to the dairy shelves.
  • Mr. Bunny Lapis hails the title of “King of Whipped Cream.” Lesser known evidence of his technical intelligence extends to the sphere of cream dispensing devices.
  • Remarkably, he paired Fount-wip with his line of creams. This was his brand of dispensing guns.
  • Before, Reddi-Wip, the bunny brand, introduced STA-Wip. This was a substitute for heavy whipping cream with a lighter consistency. Soon, the product became wartime essential.
  • In contrast to the traditional Vanilla, at least 15 different flavors of cream whip make customers’ carts today. Some of the popular flavors include chocolate, coffee, matcha, etc.
  • You can get vegan cream! Yes, the myriad of surprises does not end in the world of whipped cream. So, you can get vegan, non-fat, and zero-calorie options.
  • While many flavors of the snow exist, 164.01 million Americans still prefer regular whipped cream, right until 2020!


To sum it up, many people celebrate National Whipped Cream Day on January 5th. The day makes them appreciate everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure.

So, have whipped cream, share it with friends, and get big discounts!

If you have not celebrated this day yet, mark your calendars for the upcoming date. Lastly, brush your teeth afterward!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream comes in aerosol sprays that have nitrous oxide. Many teenagers inhale to get “HIGH”; hence, the ban.

Q2: Can Cream Be Whipped A Day Before?

Yes, you can whip cream and store it in a cool, dry place 24 hours before its use.

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