National Violin Day

National Violin Day | December 13, 2022

Unlike some other musical instruments, the Violin can connect your soul because it is so descriptive.

It looks so sophisticated and graceful. There are millions of violin enthusiasts out there who love to listen to or play the Violin.

Even there is a melodious day named National Violin Day.  How about fetching some details? There you go:

When is the National Violin Day 2022:

National Violin Day is Celebrated every year on the 13th of December. It is such a melodious day.

Violin Fun Facts:

There are some musical fun facts about violins:

  • Do you have an idea that the modern Violin’s design dates back hundreds of years? Whereas the Violin itself hasn’t altered much in that period, the bow and other items have.
  • Often people regard violin playing as an intellectual exercise. On the other hand, a violinist can burn roughly 150 calories an hour. That’s about the size of one fizzy drink!
  • Violin, like numerous of our modern words, has its origins in Latin. “Vitula” is the Latin word for calves or cow. 
  • The possible explanation for the name violin is; that the primary source of violin strings was mammal intestines, primarily those of sheep and cows.
  • This instrument appears to be straightforward, but it is genuinely quite intricate. A violin, in fact, necessitates over 70 specific pieces of wood that are artfully cobbled together.
  • Many people are familiar with Mozart as a musician and piano player. Nevertheless, this melodic maestro was also a skilled violinist.
  • Bows are usually composed of between 150 and 200 hairs fabricated from various materials such as nylon and horsehair. 
  • Prior to the nineteenth century, the violin bow was molded like a bow.  

Benefits of Violin:

Playing the Violin is full of advantages, but let’s have a quick look at a few:

  • Numerous research on the benefits of playing the Violin has been undertaken. The latest review discovered that playing the violin memory processes and mental concentration.
  • Playing the Violin has social benefits as well. It not only serves as a conversation starter but also helps people develop self-discipline through repetition.
  • Learning to play the Violin can help you develop self-confidence, identity, and conscience, all of which help you be liked and very comfortable.
  • It reduces sadness, anxiousness, and some other stress-related mental health issues. Playing the Violin is a fantastic way to relax and expand your boundaries.
  • Most of us today have undesirable spines and truly awful anguish postures as a result of our poor lifestyle choices. Playing the Violin presupposes excellent posture.  

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3 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Violin Day:

There are many tuneful ways to celebrate this national day:

Be a Learner or A mentor:

You are missing out on a lot if you do not know how to play the Violin. Begin learning the Violin!

Obviously, it is not a one-day process, but you can begin. This is an excellent day to do so!

 And, yes, if you already know how to play it. Then why keep it to yourself if you know how to play it? Please pass on your knowledge to someone in need.

Teach a child or anyone else who wants to learn to play the Violin.

This will not only benefit them, but it will also improve your skills because you will be revising everything. It’s a lovely way to end the day!

Watch My Father’s Violin:

The hit movie Watch my Father’s Violin has made its name in the world of Violin and all over the world. 

It’s an excellent story of an orphaned girl who bonds with her emotionally distant, successful violinist uncle through their mutual grief and correlation to music. 

So, on this national day, watch it and trust us, it’s worth it. Don’t forget to keep your favorite snacks along.  

Learn a New Tone:

There are an infinite number of tunes in the world of Violin. There is no such thing as “I know it all.”

There is always room for new. So, seize the opportunity and select a new tune to master.

Challenge yourself. Pick out the one you always want to master but fear its complexity.

Practice is essential! You can practice alone or with another violinist, but the most important thing is to be patient and vigilant. 

It may take some time, but your perseverance will ultimately pay off. Make this Violin Day productive and Challenging!

Why Do We Love Violin:

We adore the tone, the structure, the history, in fact, all of it. Violins have nothing not to be adored. The instrument also appeals to us because it strongly connects with classical music.

There’s something about the Violin’s sound that makes our heart race. The sound of the bow on the strings is an excellent medium for the expression of emotion when performed well.

The sensation of the strings on our left-hand fingers is similar to being in touch with the instrument’s life cardiac cycle. 

The backward and forward motion of our right arm pulling and pushing the bow makes it feel like the flow of life itself.

Final Thoughts:

Violin’s benefits and facts are as euphonious as the instrument itself. Consider. Following our suggestions to celebrate National Violin Day (13th of December).

Have a musical one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many years does it take to learn the Violin?

If you practice diligently and remain devoted to learning the Violin, you can advance significantly in a short period of time. It is reasonable to anticipate being at an ‘expert’ level in ten years.

Q2: Who owns the most expensive Violin? 

The most expensive Violin, named Vieuxtemps Guarneri, was purchased by an unknown buyer for a hefty $16 million, making it the world’s most pricey sold Violin. The unknown owner gave it to Anne Akiko Meyers, a famous violinist.

Q3: What is an average price of a violin?

An entry-level violin typically costs between $50 and $500, whereas a more highly developed instrument costs between $600 and $5,000 or even more.

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