National Vichyssoise Day

National Vichyssoise Day – November 18, 2022

Life is all about enjoying yourself to the fullest, and good food is necessary to do that. 

There are millions of dishes on menus worldwide, but we’re here to talk about the Vichyssoise soup as National Vichyssoise Day draws closer.

This is a trendy type of soup enjoyed across the US and is rising in popularity daily.

So, you might be wondering when is the vichyssoise day and what more can we tell you about it. Well, let’s find out.

When is National Vichyssoise Day 2022?

National Vichyssoise Day will be celebrated on November 18, 2022, across the country. Soup lovers recognize the existence of this fantastic soup and feel grateful for its exceptional taste and health benefits.

Benefits of Vichyssoise

Millions of individuals enjoy vichyssoise, and it is not without reason. Here are some benefits that consumers get.

  • Leeks contained in the Vichyssoise soup are rich in antioxidants that can save you from major diseases such as cancer or diabetes in the long term.
  • Potato is also a significant ingredient of the Vichyssoise soup and is rich in carbohydrates. Potatoe consumption is a great way to avoid heart-related problems.
  • Vichyssoise soup can also aid your weight loss by improving your digestive system.
  • The soup has excellent nutritional value and is easy to add to your current diet.

Interesting Facts about Vichyssoise

Here are some interesting facts about your favorite soup that might surprise you.

  • The soup was created by a French chef, Louis Diat, in the US while working at the Ritz Carlton.
  • Vichyssoise soup is extremely rich in nutrients, and a single serving can give you plenty of energy.
  • While the soup is mainly enjoyed cold, it can also be served as a hot soup in winter.
  • The soup was named after the French town Vichy.

5 Ideas to Celebrate National Day of Vichyssoise

Many people just sit back at home and relax on a holiday which is not really that great.

To enjoy any Vichyssoise Day to its fullest, you must participate in the celebrations. Here is how you can celebrate this day to its fullest.

Have a Vichyssoise 

This is pretty much given if you’re a fan of vichyssoise soup and thinking of celebrating National Day of Vichyssoise.

The best thing to do on this holiday has a nice bowl of cold vichyssoise soup. Visit your nearest restaurant and treat yourself to the vichyssoise delight.

Post a Picture on Social Media

Since social media is meant to link you and your friends, use it to tell the world that you’re a fan of Vichyssoise soup.

Post a picture of the vichyssoise soup or be creative and go for a selfie with your bowl of soup.

Make sure to include the hashtags #VichyssoiseSoup and #VichyssoiseDay.

Ask Your Family to Try Vichyssoise

As popular as Vichyssoise soup is, some people still have never tasted or, in some cases, heard of this fantastic soup.

Make sure you talk about it to your friends and family and convince them to try this healthy delight.

Avail Ongoing Discounts 

Restaurants across the country give away discounts on Vichyssoise soup on the day. Hence, you need to ensure you don’t miss out on them.

Visit the restaurants around you and see if they are offering any discounts. You can also visit these restaurants’ websites or social media pages to find out about ongoing offers.

Learn How to Make Vichyssoise 

Vichyssoise soup is a simple potato and leek soup that you can easily make at home.

If you love this soup, then learning how to make it on Vichyssoise day will be worth it. You can watch a tutorial or find the recipe online to make it yourself.

Invite Friends to a Vichyssoise Party 

Many times, there’s nothing better than a party for celebrations. Since it’s National Vichyssoise Day, it marks an occasion for celebrations.

Throw a vichyssoise party if you’re a hard fan of the soup and invite your friends and family to come and join your celebrations.

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Reasons to Love Vichyssoise Day

This is an important holiday for our food culture, and it is important to appreciate it. Here’s why. 

Vichyssoise Has a Good Taste

There is no doubt that Vichyssoise soup has the most amazing taste that leaves us satisfied. 

Every spoon full gives us a strong punch of onion, potatoes, and leeks, making us want more. Added butter is a cherry on top for anyone who loves the soup for its taste.

Health Benefits

Vichyssoise soup is rich in fiber and vitamins due to its high contents of vegetables. 

The cerotene in leek is essential for cell regeneration, ultimately improving your skin. 

The soup is also a great option to reduce inflammation and improve your digestive system. Due to such great health benefits, Vichyssoise day is worth celebrating.

It Is a Unique Holiday

It is very rare that a group of people come out and celebrate any consumable item, such as a Vichyssoise soup.

This is a memorable day to appreciate this amazing American soup, and all of us should participate.

Bottom Line

It is obvious how the Vichyssoise soup has gained popularity since being served at Ritz by Louis Diat.

The century-old recipe is still great and has many benefits and a fantastic taste.  At this point, it is safe to say that this soup is a crucial part of the food culture.

To celebrate the existence of this pureed leek and potato soup, we will continue to celebrate National Vichyssoise Day every year.

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