National Trivia Day

National Trivia Day – January 4, 2023

Which holiday is about a game of questions and answers regarding unique but virtually irrelevant facts? The National Trivia Day, of course.

Celebrated every year, trivia day is all about knowing irrelevant things such as the number of volcanos in the US or the names of Mountain peaks in the Himalayas.

Trivia has been around for a long time, and the holiday is celebrated by the curious public every year. Keep reading to learn surprising things about this unique holiday.

When is National Trivia Day 2023? 

This question could feature in the next edition of trivia cards release. National Trivia day is celebrated worldwide on the 4th of January to end your curiosity. 

It is a day that commemorates weird facts and how they help train our memory and problem-solving ability.

History of Trivia Day

Quizzes have been around long, and their origin may not be traceable.

However, quizzes that turn into a game by adding unique, and sometimes weird facts, originated in 1940s radio shows. 

In 1964, the most iconic quiz show, Jeopardy, kicked off, and millions of people started enjoying Trivia on television.

A couple of years later, educational institutions started their versions of quiz games about facts that have no importance. 

In 1979, the game Trivial Pursuits was created in Canada, and it took the world by storm as millions of copies were sold internationally.

Funny Trivia 

As the general knowledge game gained popularity, funny trivia questions became common. 

This was a great way to break the ice or cheer up people’s moods. Here are some fun trivia facts for you.

  • The name given to the fear of long words is 35 letters long and is extremely difficult to pronounce. It is Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. Ironic, isn’t it?
  • According to Lake Superior University, a person needs a license to hunt unicorns. This started as a joke, but now it is part of the university’s tradition.
  • Walt Disney, famous for creating Mickey Mouse, was afraid of a mouse.
  • Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle in the late 1800s. He is also the only fictional character to be considered real by over 25% of Americans.
  • More than half of Iceland’s population believes in elves and avoids the areas where they are supposed to exist. 
  • A woman from Cyprus instilled her name in the Guinness books for the longest wedding veil. It was measured and turned out to be as long as 62 football fields.

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6 Popular Trivia Questions 

You will love these cool trivia questions if you’re looking to boost your trivia knowledge in front of your friends.

Q1: Which country consumes the most amount of chocolate per capita?


Q2: What is the maximum lifespan for some species of Shark?

500 years.

Q3: How do you stop a kangaroo from jumping or hopping?

By lifting and keeping its tail in the air.

Q4: Where does most of the world’s coffee come from?


Q5: Which animal has multiple hearts?

An Octopus has 3 hearts.

Q6: Where is the sea of tranquility located?

The Moon

How to Celebrate the National Day of Trivia?

If you’re wondering about things to do on trivia day, here are some good options you can try.

Play Some Trivia

National Day of Trivia is all about celebrating the game of irrelevant facts, and there is no better way to spend it than playing the game. 

While there is no need for you to know the national dish of Japan, knowing it would certainly impress your friends, especially if you have any Japanese friends. 

Hence, calling some friends over is a great idea, as playing a game of good old Trivia.

Create Your Trivia Questions

This might be a fun activity to do on trivia day. You can search for unique facts about different topics and create your trivia questions.

Some of these facts may entertain you along the way, which is an added benefit.

Note and organize them so you can easily ask your friends when you meet them next. 

Post National Trivia Day Social Media

Trivia day is a national holiday, and there is no better way to reach your far-away friends than social media. Post a selfie on this day with some trivia facts in the caption. 

You can also ask trivia questions in the caption and ask your friends to comment on the answers. Be sure to use the caption #Triviaday on your posts.

Reasons to Love Trivia

Here are some of the reasons why we love Trivia.

Helps Improve Mood

One of the biggest impacts trivial games can have is putting you in a better mood.

Since the atmosphere and energy between players are generally about having fun, it is easier to be in a happier mood.

Trivia is also a unique way to break the ice. If you have difficulty starting a conversation with someone, throw in some random fact that they might find funny. 

Trains Your Brain

It is well known that trivial games and unique facts about new things can help with your memory and cognitive skills.

Such games are a great way to train your brain and develop problem-solving skills.

Hence, doing a little Trivia once in a while should always be considered. If you have children, it is highly recommended to encourage them into trivial games as well.

A Good Way to Spend Time

The New York Times reported that over 100 million copies of the iconic Trivia game Trivial Pursuit had been sold. 

The only reason so many people have invested themselves in trivial games is that it is a good way to spend time.

Unique fun facts can be entertaining, and many people like to learn about new things during their spare time.

Final Words

Trivia has become an important part of our society. Trivial games are more successful than any other games since it is an educational entertainment.

National Trivia Day is celebrated worldwide as many educational institutions and offices start their own quiz games to commemorate the occasion.

If you haven’t been caught up on unusual facts about the world and outer space, now might be a great time to learn some trivia.

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