National Teddy Bear Day

National Teddy Bear Day – 9th September 2023

We celebrate National Teddy Bear day because it has deep affection, especially for kids and females.

They are good friends with no natural movement in your adolescence, but they are also used as a proposal gift on valentines day. 

Who doesn’t abet the mushy hairs, chubby chicks, and amusing round figures of teddy bears? We all do, even in our adultery. 

People have developed deep interconnection with teddy bears.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid or an adult; we all have a fondness for having a teddy bear which whom we can cuddle and share our thoughts with. 

When is National Teddy Bear Day Celebrated?

The enthralling Nation Teddy Bear Day is celebrated on September 9 every year. You can observe it by giving a teddy bear to someone, donating to orphans, and buying it for your loved ones.

Teddy Bear Day History

We all celebrate Teddy bear day every year, not knowing its vast history behind it.

The nickname Teddy was for the former 26th president of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt.

The former president was invited for a hunting expedition in Mississippi in November 1902 by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino.

Other skilled and professional hunters had already scavenged animals, unlike Roosevelt, without scoring any. 

However, after a long wait, Roosevelt, led by Holt Collier (An American professional bear hunter), was able to tie up an American black bear on a tree.

The president was asked to shoot the bear, yet he declined to shoot the bear by himself. He thought it would hurt his ultimate sportsmanship. 

The story became noticeable and grabbed the attention of famous cartoonist Clifford Kennedy Berryman. He crafted the idea of the president not shooting the American bear. 

It was later printed in American Washington Post on November 16, 1902, with an initial image of a handler lassoing an adult bear and refusing to shoot it. 

Furthermore, Morris Michtom (owner of the Brooklyn Candy Shop) saw this post on a window.

He and his wife Rose were already making these toys and were inspired by the president’s story. Therefore, they produced a teddy bear and sent it to President Roosevelt.

Later, Morris opened a factory named Ideal Novelty and Toy Co after rapid success and exponential sales of toys. 

How to Celebrate Teddy Bear Day? 

You can give a Teddy Bear Gift to someone and make their day. There are plentiful ways to celebrate the National Day of Teddy Bear and make it memorable. 

Celebrate It With Your Old Teddy Mate 

If you have an old teddy bear under your bed, pick it up and shower it. Take photos and post them on social media stories using #NationalTeddyBearDay.

By doing this, it will reverberate among others, too. You can create awareness about teddy bears in your household and among friends. Gift them different teddy bears. 

Tailor Your Own Teddy Bear

Moreover, if you are one of those who can love to tailor toys and craft them, you can celebrate this day by making your teddy bear from scratch.

It will make camaraderie with your own-made teddy bear. And also creates a sense of interaction with the teddy bear. 

Furthermore, your made teddy bear will be uniquely designed and tailored, so no one else in the world would have the same teddy bear as yours. 

You can post a video about how you made your toy and let others comment on it.

Also, you can make a couple of teddy bears and gift them to your younger siblings; post snippets on why teddy bears are essential to you. 

Celebrating Your Birthday With Teddy Bears

If there is someone’s birthday on Teddy bear day, you can make it enthralling by ordering an extravagant birthday cake this day and cutting it.

There are also storybooks made of teddy bears; you can order them, read them, and learn something new about them. 

Teddy Bear Party

Teddy Bear Party

What better way to collect different colorful Teddy Bears? Well, the colorful Teddy Bears symbolize different occasions.

1. Red Teddy Bear

People usually gift their partner red teddy bears on Valentine’s or Anniversary to express their love towards them. So, red teddy bears harbinger a signal of genuine affection towards others. 

2. Pink Teddy Bear

Pink teddy bear harbinger the acceptance of a proposal that you have sent to someone else. 

3. Green Teddy Bear 

Green teddy bears deliver a sign that they will wait for you every day or forever and that they are in deep love with you. 

4. Orange Teddy Bear 

If someone gives you an orange teddy bear, it means they are happy and have hope for something. 

Fun Facts About Teddy Bears 

  • Steiff produced more than 500 teddy bears to give homage to the victims of the 1912 Titanic Sank. They were pretty different from the usual teddy bears. The color was black with red eyes. 
  • There are speaking teddy bears manufactured by the Japanese company Fujitsu. They can talk with humans, too. 
  • Cheryl Moss, a South African, produced the most miniature teddy bear, just 29 inches tall. 
  • Arctophile is a person who has excellent affection for collecting teddy bears. 

National Teddy Bear Day Twitter HashTag

This event is marked by the use of the hashtag #NationalTeddyBearDay on social media platforms, such as Twitter & Pinterest.

People use this hashtag to share photos, videos and memories of their teddy bear, as well as to spread awareness of the event and its significance.

The hashtag is a way for people to connect with others who also love teddy bears, and to show their support for this beloved symbol of comfort and childhood.

Whether you’re an avid collector of teddy bears or just have a few special ones that hold a place in your heart, #NationalTeddyBearDay is a chance to celebrate and remember why teddy bears hold a special place in our lives.

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In a nutshell, National teddy bear day creates a wholesome feeling for everyone.

It has a great history behind it, from which we should learn and convey something to others.

Moreover, this national day can be celebrated in several ways, depending on the individual. A few of these ways are mentioned above.

Dates for National Day of Teddy Bear

2023SaturdaySeptember 9
2024MondaySeptember 9
2025TuesdaySeptember 9
2026WednesdaySeptember 9
2027ThursdaySeptember 9
2028SaturdaySeptember 9
2029SundaySeptember 9
2030MondaySeptember 9
2031SaturdaySeptember 9

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