National Taco Day

National Taco Day – Origins, Types, Benefits, & More

Tortilla, Meat, Salsa, Green Salads, Onion, Tomatoes, Guacamole, and so many add-ons. What’s not to like? 

Tacos have their own charm, and the love for Tacos people have is unmeasurable! It is one of the country’s most demanded and loved food and even across borders. 

There is even there is a day marked as National Taco Day! Want some more details? There you go: 

When is National Taco Day? 

National Taco Day is celebrated enthusiastically on the 4th of October. The purpose of this day is to relish and appreciate the rich taste of Tacos. To cut a long story short, this day is meant for the love for Tacos. 

Origin of Tacos

Tacos are believed to have been invented in Mexico quite earlier than Spanish came in.

The ancient Mexicans filled fresh homemade, smooth, plain corn tortillas with stuffing such as fish and roasted meat. 

 It was a mainstay meal that gave those who ate it essential nutrients and energy. 

Those tacos lacked the cheese, Salad greens, cream, and onion we now connect with. Tacos date back less than a century.

Tacos were popular among the masses, which also included miners. As an outcome, their foldable meal became identified as “tacos de minero,” also understood as “miner’s tacos.” 

Benefits of Tacos

Without a doubt, tacos are extremely delicious but have you ever wondered if they are beneficial for you? Yes, they actually have some benefits. Let’s have a look at them on Taco Day. 

Delicious and Yet Healthy: 

Apart from processed frozen tacos, just about all tacos are made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Tacos are nutritious and serve as a healthy balanced diet, especially the Mexican version with various organic products and evenly cooked nutrients.   

Proved as Healthier Breakfast: 

Most cereal grains are high in sugar and low in other nutrients. They lack protein and only a few minerals and vitamins.

If you like breakfast cereal but feel tired a couple of hours later, you should change your breakfast menu. 

Breakfast high in protein and complex carbohydrates will help you survive the day without severe hunger pangs.

Breakfast tacos are just as rapid as a morning cereal, but they are more fulfilling. 

Don’t Be Stressed and Have Tacos: 

If the tacos are delicious, then eating them can make you happy on an emotional level in a variety of ways.

The mixture of meat, fresh veggies, and salsa is a go-to food for many. It works as ice cream. Ice cream makes us happy, and so do tacos.  

Easy on Pocket: 

Tacos are also known for their pocket-friendly trait. You can get a full meal that will satisfy you for a long time, that too with a reasonable price.

Moreover, if you try making them at home, they are a low-cost meal with even some more for dinner or the next day. 

How to Celebrate National Day of Tacos

Well, eating Tacos is in itself a mini celebration for all taco lovers. We have brought some fun ideas to celebrate Taco Day in unique ways. 

Try Making Tacos

Are you always having Tacos from out? Why not do something special to spend this day?

How about preparing Tacos at home all by yourself or with the help of family/Friends? 

Explore a new flavor or type of Tacos on this day. The ones you’ve never tried before. It will provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience and addition to your favorite kind of Tacos list. 

This is a fun and creative way to celebrate this day. 

Taco Eating Competition: 

Do you want to excite things up on this National Taco Day?

Here is an idea, you can have a Taco competition with your family, friends, or even alone. Following are Taco Day Rules for the competition.


To be deemed successful, participants should devour the whole selected platter of tacos while standing. Moreover, there should be no crumbs and pieces left. 

Participants should start together and immediately stop once the other player has completed their Taco platter. Any contestant who vomits is dismissed. 

If you are playing along, you can set a timer to do so. This is such a fun way to spend this day! 

Dine in at Your Favorite Taco Place

A fine Taco restaurant or joint is more like eternal bliss to Taco lovers. So, what could be a better day to visit your best-loved Taco place or discover a new one? Go to your favorite and have a great time.

We have compiled a list of some excellent Taco places which you might want to discover.

Discovering a new Taco bar is another kind of a happy vibe, of course, only if the experience goes well. 

Places to Find Delicious Taco: 

  • Guisados 
  • Oyamel Cocina Mexicana 
  • Edgar’s Best Tacos 
  • Mas Tacos Por Favor 
  • Taco María 
  • Guelaguetza Restaurant 
  • Taco Bell (of course) 

7 Fun Facts about Tacos

One cannot just explain the love for Tacos. There are many reasons and fun facts attached to them. Such as: 

  • Food channels feature contests like “Taco Obsession” and “Taco Brawl” (We absolutely love these shows) 
  • Do you know over 500 different taco recipes are available on the internet?  
  • They are rapid, flavorsome, and accessible just about anywhere. 
  • Frosty winters have no chance against hot tacos. Tacos are a fantastic popular dish that can be enjoyed in any season. We love having them in winter because of their steamy flavors. 
  • They go with all beverages. Whether you prefer booze, liquor, martinis, or mixed drinks, tacos are the ideal accompaniment. For an enjoyable meal, complement your tacos with a tasty drink. 
  • Tacos can be eaten as both; Snack or a meal. 
  • Salsa… We love the stingy flavors of salsa, which makes us crave Tacos more and more. 

Types of Tacos:

Types of Tacos

It’s a safe bet you all love eating basic Tacos, but do you know there are at least 16 different types of Tacos?

Trust us, they all are worth trying. Let me share my favorite Taco types with you.

Tacos Al Pastor

One of the most widely popular types of Mexican tacos has its origins in Lebanon.

The processes and tastes of the Mideast were brought over with settlers and then blended with Mexican condiments. 

Barbacoa Tacos

Meat is spiced and covered in barbecued agave leaf without being first dropped into a fire pit to heat slowly until soft. 

Hand-shredded meat is then situated in hot corn tortillas with onion and cilantro. Tacos de Barbacoa is supported with a steaming bowl of soup made from the cooking juices. 

Cecina de Yecapixtla Tacos

The meat is barbequed on a charcoal fire to make these specific types of tacos, providing them with their signature smokey charred aroma.

Its robust beef flavor complements veggies, barbequed onions, avocados, and corn tortillas perfectly. 

Tacos de Canasta

Squishy tortillas are loaded up and rolled up in 50% portions before being assembling layers in the basket.

The tacos are then slathered with boiling oil and topped with chopped onion. You can add salsa and guacamole. It’s up to you! 


Just open your mouth and close your eyes. It’s raining tacos. We really wish it was raining Tacos, but no worries, there will be loads of Tacos on National Taco Day (the 4th of October).

Enjoy your day with some delicious Tacos by using our ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the world record for Taco eating? 

The new world record is 5.4 kilos of tacos in 38 minutes, set by Joey Chestnut, who shatters the record for the world’s largest taco muncher. 

Q2: How many Taco Bells are there in the world? 

Taco Bell, a Mexican-inspired fast-food restaurant franchisee, will have 7,791 locations in 31 countries by 2021. This figure increased from 7,427 in the past year.

Q3: How many Tacos are consumed in the USA annually? 

Annually, Americans consume around 4.5 billion tacos.

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