National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day – 2nd November 2022

As it is always said, health is wealth. A person needs to be fit, fine, and healthy mentally and physically to survive in this world. 

Talking about the term stress scientifically indicates the situation that creates an individual’s discomposure, hardship, and distress.

While some of you might not know, it can lead to other mental health problems.

So, to acknowledge the stress and help people get relief from their worries, people celebrate National Stress Awareness Day. Want to know more about it? Keep reading, then!

When is National Stress Awareness Day 2022?

National Stress Awareness Day is observed every first Wednesday of November. So, this means that it will fall on the 2nd November 2022

The purpose is to highlight the knowledge and to learn about how stress can affect people. Also, what are ways to prevent yourself from becoming its victim?

People also observe it to help all the individuals in the grip and fight their problems.

Stress Awareness Day History

The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) decided to inaugurate Stress Awareness Day in 1998.

This day was authorized by Carol Spiers, the chairperson of ISMA, to develop and build awareness among the people.

Moreover, it also encourages them to recognize and diminish the stress level in their professional and personal lives.

However, stress awareness does not mean we should feel worried or bad about it.

In fact, it means that we should learn, study, and be aware of the circumstances or consequences of stress.

Symptoms of Stress

How would anyone realize that he or she is functioning through stress? Let me tell you some critical stress symptoms on this Day of Stress Awareness.

Symptoms of Stress

Panic Attacks 

When a person goes through severe stress pressure, he may have to face many bearings such as panic attacks which he may be unable to handle. 

In this situation, one goes through intense anxiety, threat, discomfort, and fear of losing everything from their life.

Panic disorders are felt as great terror and may reach their peak within a few minutes. One might even totally lose control of his mind.

It also includes shortness of breath, chest pain, fluttering or rapid heartbeat.

Sleep Problems 

Just like insomnia, chronic stress may also spark sleep apnea. This sleep disorder may directly affect a person’s mental and physical health. 

If a person is sleeping in anxiety or stress, they may face heavy snoring and choking. Not only this, but it might also lead to muscle aches and headaches. 

Indigestion or Heartburn   

Indigestion and heartburn are also causes of stress. Emotional stress can sometimes boost the acid production in your stomach.

As a result, you might face extreme stomach diseases such as gastrointestinal symptoms, nausea, and abdominal pain.

Stress may slow down your digestion and also affect you with sensitive heartburn. 

Chest Pain and High Blood Pressure   

Primary and essential stress ailments are chest pain and high blood pressure.

Usually, many people nowadays are dealing with high blood pressure, which may be due to stress.

But, due to a lack of knowledge, we do not take it seriously and let things be as it is.

High blood pressure may also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. A person in such a situation can also get into smoking, overeating, and lack of physical activity.

This may contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

Difficulty in Breathing

People under stress repeatedly lose control and act abnormally in various situations. Therefore, they go through shortness of breath.

On the brighter side, different medications and breathing techniques can help reduce the difficulty.

How to Observe National Day of Stress Awareness

Being aware of recognizing when you are experiencing stress is very important.

People should prioritize their mental health as much as they look after their physical health.

Therefore we must promote National Stress Awareness Day to overcome all the fears and terror inside us. Read out a few ways to observe this day.

Speak About Stress

You must speak about what you feel and think to lessen the burden on your brain.

You can even open up your mind and share the ways that helped you overcome this condition with the people fighting stress.

This may contribute a base for others to understand the struggle and get guidance or flexibility for the time being.

Organize Events Regarding Stress Awareness

You can organize events to discuss the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the national day of stress.

Besides this, you also have the option to organize after-work events to help people de-stress.

For example, you can educate people about what triggers their stress the most and how to overcome it.

Post on Social Media Accounts

To promote this National Day of Stress Awareness further, you can also post about it on your social media account.

That’s because social media is a big platform to convey your messages to the entire world.

You can post your personal experiences and how you overcame them to encourage people. Do not forget to add the hashtag #NationalStressAwarenessDay!

Create Social Media Pages to Help People

Nowadays, many people follow and rely on social channels, pages, or groups.

These channels can be a great platform for people to share their stress stories.

Such open discussions can be very useful and meaningful to other people who are not comfortable sharing their views out loud.

How to Overcome Stress

Not everyone is strong enough to overcome stress and fight their fear. But, if one tries and makes up their mind, nothing is impossible.

Scroll down to read some ways to overcome stress.

Schedule Sleep

You may get some pleasure and relief from your daily muscle pain and headaches by scheduling your sleep on time.

When you get enough sleep, your brain can deal with situations in a better way.


There is no denying that exercising increases your physical and mental health.

So, you must take time from your busy schedule and pump up your endorphins.

Make Time for Hobbies

Nowadays, it is tough to get some time for ourselves. People are struggling with work and family, creating a burst of stress in their minds.

Taking out some time for your favorite hobbies will help you stress out.

Eat Well

Food can help make a person’s mood even better. Comfort food can boost your energy level and calm your brain.

So, if you maintain a healthy diet and start eating well, there will be fewer chances of stress.

Importance of Stress Awareness Day

Want to know why Stress Awareness is important? Keep reading, then!

  • Stress is a mental condition that can lead to depression. Stress awareness helps you to take the necessary majors to control stress.
  • Sometimes, stress can be associated with burdening yourself with the things you cannot handle. So, if you are aware of the triggers, you can easily manage stress.
  • Stress can also be caused due to the fear of failure. To overcome this condition, you must believe in yourself, knowing you are capable and empowered.

Final Words

There is no single definition of stress. Many of us have our views about stress.

But in a nutshell, we should not take things over our minds and get distracted from our daily routine.

That is why we must observe National Stress Awareness Day and try to spread happiness.

Dates of Stress Awareness Day

2022FridayNovember 2
2023SaturdayNovember 1
2024MondayNovember 6
2025TuesdayNovember 5
2026WednesdayNovember 4
2027ThursdayNovember 3
2028SaturdayNovember 1
2029SundayNovember 7
2030MondayNovember 6
2031SaturdaySeptember 5

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