National Strawberry Day

National Strawberry Day 2023 – History, Facts, FAQs

Strawberries are famous for their fantastic taste, but this fruit is much more. The fruit is trendy worldwide, and millions of people love to eat it every day.

Due to their high nutritional value and healthy compounds, strawberries greatly benefit the human body.

To celebrate this fantastic, mouth-watering fruit, we observe National Strawberry day every year. Keep reading to learn more about this fruit and its memorable holiday.

When is National Strawberry Day 2023?

The National Day of Strawberries is observed as an annual celebration. Every year, strawberry lovers celebrate the day on the 27th of February.

History and Rise in Popularity

The origin of strawberry consumption goes back thousands of years. This fruit has been growing in the wild around the world for as long as we know. 

However, general consumption of strawberries began after the French introduced the plant and its red berries during the 14th century.

Planting and harvesting strawberries in gardens also started around this time.

During the 19th century, strawberries were seen as a sign of luxury and were consumed mainly by the rich. 

As time passed, the commercialization of strawberries began, becoming one of the most popular fruits consumed worldwide.  

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Here are some of the health benefits of eating strawberries every day.

  • Vitamin C obtained from strawberries can help improve the immune system and fight common illnesses such as the flu or the common cold.
  • Strawberries are a great way to bring down the insufficient cholesterol level. This helps in improving overall heart health.
  • They are excellent antioxidants and help reduce bone inflammation, making them stronger.
  • Potassium obtained from strawberries is incredibly beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.
  • This healthy fruit also contains compounds that burn fat. Hence it is a great way to cut some weight and get in shape.
  • Strawberries are also healthy for your skin and are often used as an ingredient in skincare products.

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Reasons to Love Strawberries

Here are some of the reasons why we all love strawberries

Most Popular Flavor

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits consumed around the world.

The demand and consumption reached a new height since the strawberry flavor started gaining popularity.

Nowadays, strawberry is one of the best flavors used in dishes, ice creams, and even milkshakes. 

Children Love Strawberries

Many times, parents struggle while feeding their toddlers. However, when it comes to strawberries, children need to be stopped from overconsumption.

They love the sweet, fruity flavor and love to eat raw strawberries.

Strawberries Are Packed With Essential Nutrients

Strawberries carry many healthy nutrients. These little treats are packed with vitamins and fiber that are incredibly beneficial for the human body.

It is also considered one of the sources of potassium and is recommended by many nutritionists.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Strawberry Day

There are many ways to celebrate this unique holiday. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Eat Some Strawberries

National Day of Strawberry

National Strawberry Day will be incomplete if you celebrate it without eating some juicy strawberries.

This sweet fruit is a delight loved by millions of people around the world. You can also try Strawberry Ice Cream, which is a delight.

Post National Strawberry Day on Social Media

Social Media is a great way to show your love for strawberries to millions of people.

Simply post a picture with a box of ripe strawberries and use the hashtag #StrawberryDay.

This mouth-watering post will make everyone jealous of your fantastic time.

Organize A Strawberry-Themed Party.

If you’re a party animal, this is the perfect way to spend a holiday. You can organize a party to celebrate your love for strawberries on this national day.

Make sure the decorations of your party go with the theme of strawberries.

Learn New Recipes

Strawberry is an excellent ingredient for many dishes. While some people only use this delicious fruit for decorating the plate, you can use it as an ingredient for your dishes.

Learn some recipes that include strawberries as the primary or secondary ingredient and productively spend the holiday.

Interesting Facts about Strawberries

Here are some fun facts about strawberries you might not know.

  • More than half 50% of children under 10 select strawberries as their favorite fruit.
  • In the US, strawberries are extremely popular, as a whopping 94% of households in the country enjoy this fruit.
  • In 2020, strawberry consumption in the US was 8.5 pounds per capita.
  • There are roughly 180 to 220 seeds in a single strawberry.
  • Every year, when the Spring season comes, strawberry ripens before any other fruit.
  • California is the primary producer of strawberries in the US, contributing to more than 70% of the total production.


There is no doubt that strawberries are one of the most consumed fruits on the planet.

They are greatly loved by millions of consumers and continue to be a favorite for children. So join us to celebrate this National Strawberry Day with full enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is It Healthy To Consume Strawberries Every Day?

Yes, strawberries are generally very healthy to consume, and many doctors recommend that their patients eat at least 10 strawberries daily. 

Q2: Do Strawberries Help With Weight Loss?

Strawberries are a great way to reduce weight. This fruit has antioxidant properties and can help burn excess fat, even during sleep.

Q3: Is There Any Disadvantage Of Strawberries?

Strawberry is one of the only things on the planet with no adverse effects. As a fruit, it is generally healthy and should only be avoided if you’re allergic to berries.

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