National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day – 13th January 2023

Stickers are one of the great things ever invented. They can add a unique touch to everything we stick them on.

There are millions of different stickers from postal stamps to limited edition collections. 

If you’re a fan of stickers, then you would be happy to know that there is a national holiday celebrated just in the name of stickers. 

National Sticker Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the existence of stickers. Keep reading to learn more about this unique holiday. 

When is National Sticker Day 2023?

The National Day for Stickers is celebrated annually and falls on January 13. It is the favorite holiday for millions of people who collect them as a hobby, especially children. 

This is the day when sticker lovers from around the world celebrate the existence of stickers. 

Historical Background

During the old days, stickers in the form of price labels on products were quite common.

In the 1800s, postage stamps were introduced, which were another type of sticker. 

However, the sticker revolution began in the 1930s when Stanton Avery created the modern-day stickers we know today. 

The demand for his products increased tenfold in a very short period. By his death in 1997, his company was worth millions.

Sticker Day is celebrated in his memory to honor his initiative to kick off the sticker industry. 

Importance of Stickers 

Stickers have always been a part of our daily lives. Some people like to use stickers to decorate an art project for school, while others like to collect limited edition stickers from their favorite athletes.

Life is about happiness, and anything that makes us happy should be valued and appreciated.

Stickers are a few things that have made people happy throughout generations. 

They are all about aesthetics. They add a unique touch to anything we add them. Hence, everyone around the world always likes them. 

Fun Ways to Celebrate Day for Stickers 

Here are some of the reasons you can celebrate the national holiday. 

Create Your Stickers 

This national holiday is all about stickers and should be celebrated in a unique style.

While many of us usually purchase stickers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try making some stickers ourselves. They are easy to make, especially if you’re good at art and craft.

Even if drawing is not your specialty, spending National Sticker Day by creating your stickers will be a memorable way to spend it. 

Trade Stickers with Friends 

If you have friends who love stickers as much as you do, call them up on this day.

This holiday can be the perfect opportunity for you to change and improve your sticker collection. 

You can trade some of your stickers you don’t need anymore and get some cool ones from your friend. Doing this will further improve your legendary collection. 

Post a Picture 

Social media is a common platform to tell the world how you feel about something.

If you love stickers, you can post a picture of your sticker collection on social media with the hashtags #StickerDay or #NationalStickerDay.

While it may sound like a brag, it will show your friends how much you love stickers. 

Teach Others about Sticker History 

Stickers are so common that most of us have used them at some point in our lives. 

However, very few people know about the history of stickers. You can teach others about the history and ensure your sticker day ends with a pass of knowledge. 

Interesting Facts about Stickers  

Here are some fun facts about stickers you may not have known. 

  • Modern stickers that we know of were invented in 1935 by Avery. 
  • The biggest collection of stickers has 102,317 sticker pieces. 
  • The sticker and Self Adhesive Paper Industry account for almost $47.9 billion globally in 2021.
  • Many stickers are laminated to increase their durability. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some common questions about stickers and the answers you need. 

Q1: Who Founded Sticker Day? 

StickerGiant created Sticker Day as a token of respect towards the late R. Stanton Avery. Mr. Avery was the one who invented stickers as we know them today. 

Q2: How to Store Sticker Collections? 

Sticker collection should be stored in a safe, dry space. Keeping your stickers in a moist room or in extreme temperatures can ruin them.
Hence, it is important to check where you keep these valuable things. 

Q3: Can We Make Our Own Stickers? 

Yes, creating your own personal stickers is fairly easy. You can make hand-drawn stickers on sticker paper and then cut out the shapes.
Another option is printing your design on sticker paper before making the cuts. 


There is no doubt that stickers have been a major part of our modern lives. They convey a message of fun and children start liking stickers from a very young age. 

In many cases, this love for stickers never dies as many adults continue to have an impressive collection of stickers. 

Due to our love for stickers, National Sticker Day is celebrated worldwide so that we can appreciate the existence of this amazing thing. 

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