National Spinach Day 2023 – Facts, Health Benefits, FAQs

Much like we celebrate everything from Father’s Day to Holidays, we should mark the day in our calendars honoring spinach.

Popeye loves it, and you should too.

For years spinach was the underdog of vegetables until an Italian vegetable grower researched its advantages and put them on the market. Blimp!

Of course, this led to great recognition. Subsequently, American families began celebrating National Spinach Day!

When is National Spinach Day 2023?

National Spinach Day falls on the 26th of March each year. Many people realize how important it is to incorporate leafy greens into their diet.

Modern consumers interested in health can undergo fitness with this amazing leafy vegetable.

Fun Fact about Spinach Day

Spinach is a bounty of health. Here are some fun facts about it to make your head spin.

  • Chinese writing had the earliest known mention of the spinach plant. It was known as the “Persian Green” or “Herb of Persia.” It was referred to as a “Persian vegetable” In India.
  • Catherine de Medici loved spinach so much that she ate it at every meal. The Queen of France was born in Florence. So, recipes using spinach are still referred to as “Florentine.”
  • The United States is the world’s second-largest producer of spinach. The leading states for spinach production in the US are California, Arizona, and New Jersey.
  • This rosette-shaped dark, leafy green vegetable grows in clusters. It is a member of the “goosefoot” family, and beets, quinoa, and Swiss chard are some of its close cousins.
  • Popeye proves that popular culture can positively impact the world. Children started craving spinach after the character started eating it, and sales in the US increased by one-third.
  • The United States celebrates Spinach Day on the 26th of March. It also celebrates Fresh Spinach Day on the 16th of July.

Health Benefits of Spinach

Spinach reigns as the universally- accepted superfood. Here is a deeper look at its constituents to improve your health.

  • Spinach provides a generous amount of Iron. This helps to increase the RBC count in your blood.
  • The fiber in spinach improves gastrointestinal health.
  • The mineral folate prevents congenital disabilities.
  • Spinach is low in calories. It has a small number of natural sugars and carbohydrates that help with weight loss.
  • The antioxidants help to fight against cancer by reducing free radicle damage.
  • Vitamin A (Carotene) helps to improve eyesight and improve organ health.
  • Vitamin C provides glowing skin and boosts immunity.
  • Calcium promotes bone health.
  • Folic acid stimulates cell function and tissue growth.
  • Spinach also improves cardiovascular health.

Historical Background

Unfortunately, Spinach Day has no specific origins. While Popeye is our prime suspect, the lack of foundation and evidence suggests otherwise.

Spinach, believed to originate from ancient Persia, was introduced to ancient China in the 7th century.

The Arab traders who brought it to China also brought it to India. Nepal was the gateway for the spinach plant into China.

Next, it landed in Spain. For a while, the English called spinach “The Spanish Vegetable.”

It was not until sometime in the early 1800s that it began to be grown in North America.

How to Celebrate the National Day of Spinach

Here are some ways to celebrate Spinach Day.

Eat Spinach

Fresh-cut spinaches have a crunch to them though they do taste bitter.

Share Farm-Fresh Spinach with Friends

Share Farm-Fresh Spinach They ought to gain from this priceless resource for wellness as well.

Discover New Recipes

Make sure to utilize this day to the fullest. Discover a novel method to prepare the same old spinach. Make fritters or add more spices. Spinach pairs well with pasta, smoothies, and salads.

Online Posting

To identify people commemorating this day, use relevant hashtags like #NationalSpinachDay.

Scroll under the hashtag to find more benefits and other like-minded people.

Share your best-kept secrets too!

Receive Discounts

On this day, your neighborhood grocery store might offer a promotion. So, run! Run to get the lowest prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Spinach Healthier Raw or Cooked?

Spinach provides more nutrition when cooked. In spinach, calcium and magnesium absorb faster when you cook them at high temperatures.

Q2: How Many Calories are in Spinach?

2 cups of fresh spinach carry 14 calories. This also includes a substantial amount of protein.

Reasons to Adore the Day of Spinach

Here is why spinach should be to your meals what air is to your lungs:

It is Versatile

You can slice, dice, shred, or mix spinach. They can be cooked, pickled, sauteed, or fried. You can include it in your recipe however you like.

You may eat it raw. In salads, it pairs beautifully with lettuce and ranch.

Spinach Goes Global

German, Irish, Spanish, Asian, and other cuisines depend on spinach. The cultural diversity within these regions is also immense.

For instance, the Vietnamese enjoy their summer rolls in spinach leaves or rice paper, whereas the Koreans prefer to have them pickled.

Nutritional Benefits of Spinach

We all fall in love with nature because of its bounty. Therefore, be sure to consume it at least once every week.

Spinach promotes digestive, heart, and skin health. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against cancer.

Spinach is Not Very Expensive

Globally, spinach is not priced heavily. So, it is a good worth of money spent.

Different brands do prices differently. So, make sure to scout your spinach well.

Bottom Line

To summarize, National Spinach Day is celebrated on the 26th of March each year. This vegetable is a super food that provides nutrition, externally and internally.

So, make sure to have spinach, learn new recipes, share it with friends, and avail big discounts.

Mark your calendars and post your celebrations online. Lastly, make sure to use appropriate hashtags and brush your teeth later!

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