National Skip School Day

National Skip School Day – December 2, 2022

Going to school is as anxiety-riling as a visit to prison for many kids. The sole purpose of this is to hammer information into their heads.

Sometimes, all this may get too overwhelming. So, students wait for the official holidays to fall.

This cycle was the norm for many years until some students found a solution to the plight of their peers.

They came up with National Skip School Day and urged others to join. Let’s begin!

When is National Skip School Day?

National Skip School Day falls on December 2nd each year. Many students observe this as an unofficial holiday. It helps the students catch a breather.

Many teachers even regard this as innocent rebellion. Some may go as far as to say it is simply children being children!

Fun Facts about Skip School Day

While it is a fairly uncommon holiday, here are some facts to enlighten you about it:

  • Skip School Day resulted from a viral TikTok trend. Teens across the United States skipped school and posted their videos with #DECEMBER2ND.
  • The hashtag has amassed 6.1 million views on the app since its beginning in 2019!
  • The Urban Dictionary lists this holiday in its search results. So, it is safe to assume that the new generation will not let the tradition die, for a while at least.
  • This day is a nuance to the traditional “Ditch Day.” Before this, teens often participated in Ditch Day, which fell a day before senior prom.
  • Many schools promote this practice as a fun sport for children. So, schools host Skip Day activities for children to meet their friends. Attendance is optional!
  • In the past, a National Walkout Day was also held on October 5th. It holds significance for school shootings.
  • Celebrities like Katy Perry also supported this. Still, students observe both. But make sure not to confuse the two!

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5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Skip Schools Day

While some may demonize the practice, it is unfair to deem it useless.

National Day of Skip School is all about having fun. So, here are some ways to celebrate the occasion:

Skip School

Living up to its name, the holiday goes in vain if you do not skip school that day. So, set your mind to spending your day however you like.

If your peers discourage you, pay no heed. After all, the day falls only once a year!

Rest Up

Skipping school often means sleeping in! Breakfast around noon and spend the whole day leisurely, watching TV or reading books.

Hey! No offense if you are an early riser and prefer the outdoors. You can do that!

Catch Up on Work

While some may use the day to catch a break from academics, others may see it as a blessing.

Rome was not built in a day! So, make sure to use this day solely to catch up on any courses you may be struggling with.

You might feel a little more productive than usual if not proficient.

Host A Game Night on The Eve Before!

If I asked my mother to have some friends over till late on a school night, I would be getting an earful. Luckily, there is Skip School Day.

So, ask your friends to come over on December 1st or go to their place.

Have A Sleepover and Post a Picture!

What’s even better than game night? That’s right, Sleepover! Ask your friends to come with their favorite plushies or some snack. 

Stay up late commanding spirits on the Ouija board or prank calling your peers to include them in fun.

Make sure to post updates using hashtags #NationalSkipSchoolDay to help others make up their minds as well!

Reasons to Cherish Skip School Day

If some trouble still boggles your decision-making process, here are some reasons to join the fun:

Get One Day off Your Mundane Life

Decembers are usually when the semester workload is at an all-time high!

Wrapping up the relevant material before exams to grade the students makes teachers overburden them.

So, most evenings are spent doing lengthy homework or preparing for quizzes. Just a day off from all that declutters your mind.

Tick an Item off Your Bucket List

Putting off hobbies due to workload gets unbearable at some point. Either you get burnt out waiting, or you procrastinate.

A day off to watch the Thor Movie or to create a diorama of your favorite scenery gets you going. So, shortlist the task you want to be done on that day.

Get to Meet Old Friends

If you have moved schools, you will struggle to make time to meet your old friends in December.

So, this occasion is your best shot at catching up before the Christmas break.

Plan a Long Weekend!

While the occasion might not fall adjacent to the weekend every year, students this year are especially blessed.

You get to skip school on Friday and then get the weekend off as well. How cool is that!

So, make sure to use it wisely, either resting up or getting work done.

Meet all deadlines, if any, in the early hours of the day. Then, the eve is all yours to enjoy without feeling guilty.


All in all, many children and teenagers in America love celebrating this day on December 2nd each year to catch a break from school.

Official or unofficial, most schools do not mind the practice and even host sports events for the students to enjoy.

So, create fun memories and skip school this day. Make sure to post pictures using appropriate hashtags.

Mark your calendars for this year, and look forward to the long weekend ahead! Lastly, we wish you a Happy National Skip School Day!

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