National Short Person Day

National Short Person Day | December 22, 2022

Everyone is unique because their body structure is unique, and they think differently. Similarly, some people are smaller in stature than others.

Unfortunately, people with short stature are looked down upon by society.

But if you’re short, you don’t have to be manipulated by society’s stupid rules. National Short Person Day is an event set aside for you to celebrate your physical qualities.

Instead of being ashamed or embarrassed, embrace your uniqueness on this day and thank nature for it.

When is Short Person Day 2022?

On December 22, National Short Person Day is observed in the United States to put faith in short people and to remind them that they are beautiful in their unique ways.

Interesting Facts About Short Girls

  • Girls with small height are considered more innocent and cute than long girls.
  • Did you think chairs were only used for sitting? On the other hand, a short girl does not believe so because she uses a chair more for standing than sitting.
  • She becomes irritated when someone places their arm on top of a short girl’s head.
  • A girl of small height has to walk on her tiptoes all the time, so she can’t be a bad ballerina!
  • She does not need to exercise as much because walking with tall people is a brisk walk.
  • Heels are her best friend! A pair of heels is a good choice if you want to give her a gift.

Reasons to Love Short Person Day

Here are some fun reasons to cherish Short Person Day.

  1. Boosts the Confidence

One of the main reasons for the existence of short person days is to empower and boost the confidence of people with small heights.

Short people are bullied for their height in various societies, which makes them less confident in their appearances.

However, the day for short people demonstrates that you do not need to be concerned about people’s comments about your height or appearance because you are beautiful on your own.

  1. Promotes Diversity

In recent years, more people have become aware of the consequences of bullying others.

That is why we see diversity in the workplace, schools, and other aspects of life.

The national day helps raise awareness that people should not be judged because of their height, color, appearance, or ethnicity.

Everyone is different, so everyone has different heights due to genetics, which we have no control over, so we should be more open-minded and not judge anyone.

  1. Recognizes the Struggles of a Short Person

As previously stated, short people are frequently bullied, hurting their mental peace.

Although there are numerous advantages to being short, finding clothes for adults in your size can be difficult.

Furthermore, getting anything from the top shelves becomes difficult. There are numerous challenges that these people face daily.

We love this national day as it recognizes the efforts of people with small heights and boosts their morale so they can easily move on with their lives.


When we compare the height of our ancestors to the average height of today’s human beings, we can see a significant difference due to the evolutionary process.

A European human’s average height 40,000 years ago was 6 feet or 183 cm. The average height of an American male is currently 5 feet 9 inches, while the average height of an American woman is also 5 feet 4 inches.

Being short has always been regarded as a negative trait, a wrong aspect of society.

We don’t know who started the day for people with small height, but it had to be done by someone who hated these norms and wanted to boost short people’s confidence.

Advantages of Being a Short Person

Although being short is considered embarrassing, no one should be ashamed of their appearance when they have no control over it.

There are numerous advantages to being a short person, which we have listed below to gain confidence in yourself.

  • Traveling by plane and car is more comfortable than long people.
  • People with small height appear younger than their actual age.
  • They can easily buy cute clothes for themselves from the children’s section.
  • A short person is always in front of the group photos so they don’t get left out.
  • They never have to hit their head against the door.

How to Celebrate the National Day of Short Person

There are many ways to celebrate National Day for Short Persons. Here are some of my ideas to commemorate the day.

1. Awaken the Inner Child

Almost all of us want to return to our childhood because of our good times and freedom. But we can’t act like kids because of our age, height, and social norms.

The pro of being small in stature is that you sometimes look like a child. Take advantage of this opportunity to awaken your inner child and play different games with children.

2. Self-Care Day

If you are a short person, this day is for you! So, to commemorate the occasion, treat yourself to a self-care day. You can take a day off from work or school to devote entirely to yourself.

Because the world has hurt the minds of short people by saying offensive things, now is the time to disconnect from the world for a day.

Focus on your thoughts, and then return to the world as a strong and confident individual.

Perform a skincare routine, apply a face mask, listen to your favorite music, and celebrate the day alone because it is your day.

3. Celebrate With Short Friends

If you are tall, boost the spirits of your short friends. If they are unaware that a day is dedicated to them, inform them about it and make them feel more proud of who they are as individuals.

You should also work on improving yourself. Avoid judging people based on their looks and height because people with good looks and height are often not-the-best people you’ll ever meet.

Give your short friends a treat because it’s their day, and they deserve it. You can make them feel better by hosting a dinner for them.

4. Create Awareness of Short-Person Day

Short people are frequently bullied by classmates, colleagues, and even strangers. So, if you have a social circle, whether in person or online, raise awareness by telling them that short people matter!

You can create informative posts or infographics to teach your social media followers to be mindful of what they say and to be kind to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is considered short for a woman?

In the United States, 157cm or 5’2″ is considered short, while any height smaller than 152cm or 5’0″ is considered short globally.

Q2: At what age do you stop growing?

Although the growth of any human is influenced by genetics, we mostly stop growing by age 18.

Q3: Can short guys be attractive?

Yes, short guys are attractive. Most women believe that short men are less attractive, but there are 3.9 billion women worldwide, and everyone has a different opinion. So we should be more optimistic.

Bottom Line

To summarize, National Short Person Day exists for all people who have smaller heights. This day inspires them to believe in themselves and boosts their self-esteem.

It also teaches that if you are bullied because of your appearance, instead of feeling bad, tell them that, at the very least, you are down to earth and more humane than them.

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