National Shawarma Day

National Shawarma Day – October 15, 2022

It’s time to celebrate a day dedicated to Shawarma. Yes, this day is celebrated nationally in Canada every year.

Does your mouth start watering hearing about cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, meat, chicken, and vegetables?

If yes, then you are just going to have great fun on National Shawarma Day. Everyone enjoys eating, especially foods that are simple to eat and easy to cook.

The well-known shawarma is one non-American dish that is becoming popular in many nations worldwide.

When is National Shawarma Day?

This National Shawarma day will be celebrated on October 15, 2022. It’s Canada’s national day. Canadian people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

After getting popular in most countries of the world, people started celebrating Shawarma day in other parts, especially in middle east countries.

History: How Shawarma Got Famous in Canada?

The National Shawarma Day was introduced by Sam Osmow in 2020. It was created to celebrate the flavor of the beloved street food of the middle east, shawarma.

Sam Osmow is a recent immigrant to Canada. He developed his skills and discovered his culinary genius due to his enthusiasm for the culinary arts and his simple love of food.

Sam can never forget the flavor and taste of traditional Egypt food. So, he decided to introduce his traditional food to the Canadian people.

Seeing an opportunity to convey his Egyptian heritage to the Canadian landscape with a North American palette, he established the first Osmow store.

It was founded in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada, in 2001, and it is still a flourishing business today.

Osmow’sTM announces the first-ever National Shawarma Day and invites Canadians to mark the occasion by taking advantage of a $5 special on their favorite Middle Eastern rotisserie dishes.

Reasons to love Shawarma Day

Here are some top reasons to love and cherish the National Day of Shawarma.

1. Different Varieties of Shawarma

This traditional snack can be enjoyed differently on this day. There are numerous ways to enjoy shawarma.

You can eat it on a plate with your other favorite foods or as a sandwich or wrap.

These days, you can nearly always find this delectable snack, which has taken over the world with its vibrant flavor.

2. All Nutrients in One Food

Healthy fats, including monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, are commonly found in shawarma sandwiches.

The advantage of Middle Eastern cuisine is that it uses fewer fatty ingredients like butter and lard.

Instead of using unhealthy oils that are bad for your health, they utilize olive oil and beneficial fats.

3. Families’ Love

Most families like shawarma because it makes picking what to eat simpler. Many families spend a lot of time debating whether to get Chinese, Mexican, or Continental food.

But when we’re pressed for time, we simply grab shawarma and enjoy its endless taste. So, save your time and enjoy this yummy snack on shawarma day too.

Fun Facts about Shawarma

Let’s discuss a few amazing facts about our loving food, Shawarma:

  • Shawarma, which means “to turn” in Arabic, is the name of a Middle Eastern cooking technique. It involves a conical slab of meat slowly spinning on a big skewer.
  • Shawarma is one of the most well-known types of street cuisine in the world, notably in Egypt. It is thought to have originated in Turkey as early as the 18th century.

Interesting Ideas to Celebrate Shawarma Day

Let me share some ideas to commemorate this event.

Have a Shawarma Party

Ever have heard about the Shawarma party? If not, so, what about having it on a national day for shawarma? It is a universally popular dish. So, invite your dear ones and enjoy a party.

Promote Shawarma Day on Social Media

Share a picture of your favorite shawarma on social media using #ShawarmaDay.

Get Discounted Offers

Try to look out for discounts on Osmow’s or any other nearby brand to fill your tummy with a yummy snack, Shawarma, on this day.

Make Shawarma at Your Home

We always love and find it easy to go to restaurants and other street shops to enjoy food.

On this shawarma day, give it a try to make it at your home and enjoy it with your loved ones. Surely, you can avoid a long queue on shawarma spots in this way.

Learn about Shawarma

What about learning something about shawarma that you will have in your dinner on this shawarma day?

Yes, you can learn about how to make it at your home. How much healthy is it for you? How much nutrition does it contain? So, happy learning!

Final Words

You must now have enough reasons to promote this day. So, be ready to fulfill your shawarma cravings on this day.

If you haven’t celebrated this day ever, mark 15th October on your 2022 calendar as a reminder with a tag of National Shawarma Day.

You can have shawarma as a wrap, roll, rice platter, and more. Don’t forget to share your story with your social media friends using #ShawarmaDay.

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Dates of Shawarma Day

2022SaturdayOctober 15
2023SundayOctober 15
2024TuesdayOctober 15
2025WednesdayOctober 15
2026ThursdayOctober 15
2027FridayOctober 15
2028SundayOctober 15
2029MondayOctober 15
2030TuesdayOctober 15
2031WednesdayOctober 15

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