National Sangria Day

National Sangria Day | 20th December 2022

Feel like having a cold drink and the delightfulness of a tasty fruit simultaneously? Then try sangria!

It is an enchanting blend of wine and fresh fruits that lightens up any day.

Although people view sangria as a spring beverage, it is a cooling and energizing refreshment any season, particularly on National Sangria Day.

A refreshing glass of sangria feels like being in heaven, and it immediately ships you to the shores in the summer. So, are you ready to jump into this day with me?

When is National Sangria Day 2022?

National Day of Sangria is marked on the 20th of December broadly. The leading aim of this day is to commend the stunning mix of wine and perfectly sliced fruits and to entertain yourself with this delightful blend.

Interesting Facts about Sangria:

Sangria is cherished and loved by individuals because of its incredible taste and is not hard to make. Check out a couple of fascinating facts about your favorite sangria to blow your mind:

  • Even though people would initially form sangria using Rioja wine, you can utilize pretty much any red liquor to make it.
  • “Sangria” is a Spanish expression for fruit and alcohol blend that trended in Europe and then caught further attention when Alberto Heras presented it in New York.
  • By 2008, Virginia had announced that serving sangria was unlawful as it disregarded the law that didn’t permit the wine to be blended.
  • The roots of sangria can be traced to the Middle Ages when water was damaging and drinking brewed beverages conveyed a lesser chance of sickness.

Types of Sangria:

There are numerous sangria varieties you can attempt on a hot and tiring day. Let’s discuss a few types of sangria to get enlightened:

Pink Champagne Sangria:

Pink champagne sangria is a delightful type made by blending champagne with grapefruit, orange, and pomegranate squeeze juices.

The delicious pink champagne sangria is ideal for Christmas, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and every occasion.

Red Wine Sangria:

Red wine sangria is rich and boozy, and it is a great beverage to make for an enormous group as it is effortless and fast to make.

You can make red wine sangria by blending red with fresh fruit like apples and oranges and adding sugar, brandy, or rum. Add some lemon to spice up the red wine sangria.

White Wine Sangria:

White wine sangria is delicate, reviving, and an optimal beverage for a warm day, and this impressive drink needs simple and convenient ingredients.

Make delicious white wine sangria with white wine, oranges, lime, and sugar, and serve it cold.

Apple Cider Sangria:

Make delicious apple cider sangria with freshly sliced apples, brandy, fresh apple cider, club soda, and voila!

Apple cider sangria is pleasant, reviving, and somewhat sugary, and you will desire to drink it during the fall season.

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Why We Love Sangria Day:

How can you not love a day dedicated to the tasty combination of wine and fruits? Check out a couple of features that highlight the importance of this event:

  • Usual sangria has red wine that acts as an antioxidant and is perfect for keeping the heart in good shape and blissful.
  • There are numerous variations of sangria, and you can pick any wine, brandy, or juice or add your most loved fruits and enjoy.
  • Sangria has fruits that give a unique taste to a simple red or white wine, and it is a stylish-looking drink with fruit slices.
  • Alcohol tastes harsh, but sangrias break the traditions, and they not only taste good but also help you feel satisfied.
  • This occasion allows you to get along with friends and have sangria to discuss your problems.

4 Ideas to Celebrate the National Day of Sangria

Want to know how you can have fun on Sangria Day? Then stay with me!

Have Sangria:

What better way to commend the day than by having sangria?

You can have it in a café, buy it from a nearby alcohol store, or try making it yourself. It’s a great beverage to coordinate with fish, pizza, burgers, or even a slice of cheddar.

Sangria is incredible due to its being genuinely inexpensive and delectable.

Make It Yourself:

Not happy with the current renditions of ‘Sangria’? Put on your apron, grab a pitcher, and figure out what blend makes you thrilled!

Make sure to serve your delicious sangria with ice cubes. If you like your creation and believe everybody should try it, enlighten people with your recipe by sharing it on entertainment platforms.

Hold A Party:

Join in the festivities by setting up a Sangria party and make your celebrations more entertaining and fascinating.

You can prepare different varieties of sangrias by blending other juices and fruits with varying types of wine and brandy. You can then welcome your loved ones to this sangria party.

Get Creative on National Sangria Day:

Numerous recipes of sangrias have advanced and are still developing.

Understanding the similarities and differences among sangria varieties will help you stay educated.

I’ve already compiled a list of different types of sangria for you; however, you can explore many other styles on YouTube and other platforms.


To wrap it up, whether you need to fulfill your desires or need to dispose of a hot day, entertain yourself with sangria. Set a date for the 20th of December.

We can’t help feeling appreciative of the individuals who came up with this delightful drink on National Sangria Day.

With Christmas coming up, don’t forget to involve this crowd-pleasing beverage in your festivities.

Share your creations using the hashtag #NationalSangriaDay and let the world burn!

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