National Red Mitten Day

National Red Mitten Day: History, Facts, & More

Mitten is one of the most loved accessories, but when it comes to red mittens, things become more special. As red mittens are just not mittens, they also signify great glory. 

If you see lots of red mittens everywhere in November, it is because National Red Mittens Day falls this month (November). Want to know the details? Why not;

When is National Red Mitten Day 2022?

The National Red Mitten Day falls every year on the 21st of November. This day focuses on showcasing one’s Canadian glory by purchasing red mittens to encourage Canadian athletes and aid them in setup for the Olympic games.  

Red Mittens History

Let’s start from the beginning with the famous Hudson’s Bay Company. This Canadian retail trade organization dates back to the 17th century as a French fur trading firm.  

Regardless of its long history, its historical development includes its expansion and diversification into merchandise instead of fur buying and selling.

Over the past few years, the firm has been the authoritative apparel provider for Canada’s Olympic athletes. 

Okay, now let’s see how it connects with the red mittens. To cut a long story short, Hudson’s Bay Company hit a jack back in 2010 in Vancouver during the fall Olympics. Their sportswear was a massive hit! 

Their excellence was aided partly by the Country hosting the Winter Olympics, and their Olympians won an unbelievable number of medals. 

Their “Red Mittens,” which were great in color combination (White and Red) gloves with a big maple leaf, were among their clothing items. 

 These attractive mittens contributed to HBC building a successful business, with one-third of the profits going to the COC.

Since that day, Red Mittens Day has been a day of celebration for Canadian Olympic glory. 

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Mitten’s Fun Facts

Mittens have some interesting facts that you might be interested in, so here you go: 

  • Mittens are actually warmer than gloves since fingers generate and retain heat more efficiently when bunched together in a common space. 
  • Mittens were termed “healing hands” by American colonists in the early 1900s because they were used to haul materials outside during the harsh American wintertime. 
  • The earliest known mittens are from Latvia. A more than millennium-old Latvian mitten has been discovered, and even that state is known for its fine tradition involving mitten manufacturing and folk tales. 

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Red Mittens Day 

In our opinion, the best way to celebrate the National day of Red Mittens is to; Take the world and paint it red (Giggles).

Well, we have quite exciting ideas to observe this day, have a look: 

Knit Red Mittens

Hey, do you know how to knit? If yes, that’s great, and if not even, that’s great too because there is always room to learn.

You can find many online tutorials on knitting. On this day, how about red knitting mittens?  

This way, you will not only enjoy the day, but it will give a boost to knitting.

Trust us, once you are done knitting those beautiful Red and White Mittens, your happiness will blend up with a sense of achievement, just like HBC in 2010. 

Watch Movies That Connect to Red Mittens: 

Want to feel the real spirit of National Red Mitten Day while relaxing at home? Here we are with a great cozy idea for you. Set up your snack platter and switch the TV! 

There are few movies based on the story of the famous firm behind the success of Red Mittens, Hudson Bay Company.

So why not spend quality time watching one of these movies this day? You will definitely feel more connected t this day. 

Here are the movies we recommend: 

Frontier: The lawless trapper is trying to lead a marketing strategy to break the Hudson’s Bay Company’s stranglehold on fur in Canada.

In contrast, Lord Benton is hellbent on rebuilding the company’s chokehold on fur and is on a task to eliminate Harp, who becomes an old ally when hitmen tight in on him. 

Hudson’s Bay: In the 1700s, prospector Pierre Esprit Radisson imagines a massive fur trade centered on Hudson Bay.

This is another movie based on this topic, and this movie was released in 1941. It is a masterpiece. 

Buy a Pairs or 2 Red Mittens and Share: 

We all know that phrases like; Sharing is caring and happiness doubles when shared are very accurate. So, on this, let’s experience this thing. 

This is one of the most considerate ideas to spend this day. Buy 2 pairs of beautiful red mittens. You might be thinking, what is the other pair? 

1 is definitely for you, but the other one is for someone who really needs one. Yes, buy an extra one and handover it over to someone who really needs it in this harsh winter weather but cannot afford one. 

Mitten on and Snap it: 

This day is all about Canadian Athletes and Red Mittens. The world is all about social media. Well, on this day, the least you can do is, wear the iconic red mittens.

Take a snap and share it on your favorite social media platform. 

That’s a pretty good idea to wish someone a Happy Red Mitten Day. Don’t forget to tag us so we can also see snaps! 

Final Thoughts

So now you know all about the history of Red Mittens and the purpose behind this day.

This must have raised your spirits for National Red Mitten Day (the 21st of November). We hope you will have a great one; our ideas will help you!

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