National Poultry Day

National Poultry Day 2023 – Facts, FAQs, Celebrations

The list of unusual National Days is immense. You can find a variety of days to celebrate. One such day is National Poultry Day.

Any domestic animal that provides you with meat and eggs can be considered poultry. Quail, geese, chickens, and ducks all fall into this category.

So, you can enjoy quail eggs in the morning or Turkey bacon. You will never run out of options to eat from regarding poultry.

When is National Poultry Day 2023?

Many people celebrate National Poultry Day on the 19th of March to express their appreciation for poultry. It typically refers to the meat that comes from birds. Each of these has a different texture and a different purpose for serving.

There are also different ways to cook these in different cuisines. All this allows people to come together and feast.


Unfortunately, we could not find the exact origin of National Poultry Day. According to popular belief, it is said to have been connected to the rise of social media.

The food item becomes more enticing with different restaurants promoting their poultry businesses.

Poultry has been widely popular in many shows, particularly in “Tom and Jerry,” where the two protagonists often fight over Turkey’s legs.

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Poultry Day

If you are puzzled about how to celebrate this day, here are a few pointers that you should follow:

Enjoy Your Favorite Poultry Meal

Turkey bacon, fried chicken tenders, a protein salad, or air-fried swings. We all love to feast on poultry products. So, here’s one day when we can freely do so.

Have however many poultry foods as you like. Do not hold back and binge on these as much as you can.

Learn a New Recipe

Log online or refer to a cookbook. Ring up your friend or ask your mom to help you.

Learn a new way to make your regular poultry exciting. You can even learn to make different dressings or sides with your poultry dishes.

Share It with Your Friends

Sharing is caring. Make sure to let your friends have a taste of your dish. You can even order yourself some delicious poultry food. Share with friends and craft a memory that you will never forget.

You can even turn it into a poultry-eating marathon if you are brave enough. However, we do not recommend it actively.

Celebrate Poultry Day

Post It Online

Let others in on the festivities and share your clicks online. Make them see what they are missing out on and invite them to join the next year’s celebrations.

Make sure to use appropriate hashtags so that your post can be featured. #NationalPoultryDay should be appropriate.

Scroll down to find other poultry facts and recipes that can help you discover more about the food staple.

Avail Big Discounts

Here is a little treat for you. Before even making the most delicious meal you can fathom, you can make it cheaper.

On this auspicious occasion, many stores run big discounts on poultry. So, make sure to check them out online and in stores.

These are usually in the form of bulk discounts and slash prices in other bundles.

8 Fun Facts about Poultry

Here are some fun poultry facts.

  • A hardboiled egg contains 66 calories. Eggs contain all nutrients except vitamin C for your daily requirement.
  • If Tiger parenting freaks you out, wait till the hens step in. Hens teach their chicks to make a sound when they are in eggs.
  • Poultry meat carries a low content of trans fats; however, it is rich in mono-saturated fats.
  • This lean meat allows you to take protein without spiking your cholesterol levels to the roof!
  • You can digest poultry easier than pork or beef.
  • One of the world’s oldest sports is “cockfighting”, which is still practiced in some regions today.
  • A black chicken, from head to claws, has black meat and black bones. Yes, this is AyamCemni. This rare sells for up to $400 at a time! This is called Black Chicken.
  • The U.S. poultry business will have a $35.5 billion market in 2020.

Reasons to Adore Poultry Day

Here are a few reasons why you should love this day.

Provides Variety

With different meat, you can taste different textures and different recipes. So, make sure to honor this day.

Has Historical Significance

One of the ancient characteristics of civilizations was hunting. Poultry was one of the first hunted animals.

Their small size and relatively meager speed allow them to be easy targets.

A Cheaper Option

If you are a fitness freak looking to bulk up, one of your first choices would be lean meat and eggs. 

This typically comes from chicken breast and eggs for many. So, it is a cheaper protein option for you.

Moreover, there are no severe consequences of eating this too much. Just make sure to have your fiber. You do not want to end up with Constipation.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Do Chickens Fly?

The flight of a bird is one of its distinguishing features. While you may find pigeons soaring high in the sky, chickens can only fly a short distance at a short height. Their body weight compared to their wing size is immense.

Q2: How Many Eggs Do Chickens Lay Per Day?

Usually, you can find one or two eggs per day from a chicken. So the next time you find a dozen eggs, you can assume that 12 chickens pitched in.

Q3: How Many Quail Eggs Equal A Large Chicken Egg?

Quail eggs a comparatively small. So much so that about 3 quail eggs will be equivalent to a chicken egg.


To conclude, National Poultry Day is celebrated on the 19th of March.

On this day, you can enjoy poultry dishes, learn new recipes, or buy them for a cheaper rate.

If you have not celebrated poultry day yet, mark your calendars for this year. Lastly, do not forget to share your festivities online using appropriate hashtags.

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