National Play Monopoly Day

National Play Monopoly Day | 19th November 2022

A popular children’s game best summarizes the harsh realities and perks of capitalism.

After all, one could say monopoly is just a game. It is a game that teaches you how your luck via a roll of dice can make you or break you.

It is a game in which you try to hoard all cash and aim to drive your opponents to bankruptcy.

The struggles of everyday man have never been summarized so easily for child’s play.

Such a popular game deserves a day to be celebrated; hence National Play Monopoly Day was born. Let us find out more about the game!

When is National Play Monopoly Day 2022?

The National Play Monopoly Day dedicated to your favorite childhood game is November 19th. On this day, millions of people worldwide, especially in the US, come together to commemorate this game.

Monopoly Day History

Monopoly’s roots are traced back to 1903 when an anti-monopolist Lizzie Maggie created it.

 She created the game in protest of Henry Georgy (a monopolist)’s Monopoly theory. 

She called it “The Landlord’s Game.” The game received its popular moniker “Monopoly” from Charles Darrow, who plagiarized it. 

In 1935 the game gained its deserved popularity when the Parker Brothers published it. Later in 1991, Hasbro Inc. bought it and made it reach new heights. 

From a political history to becoming a household name in America, Monopoly became a healthy addiction.

Hence to commemorate it in the 2000s, the game was allotted a day of its commemoration.

7 Interesting Facts about Monopoly

Let’s check out some interesting facts about Monopoly Day below.

  • All success stories are first faced with rejection. Be it your friendly neighborhood spiderman or your favorite wizard Harry Potter. The same was with monopoly. The Parker Brothers first rejected it due to 52 errors and complexities. In 1935 they allowed it.
  • The Monopoly man was inspired by an influential banker, J.P. Morgan.
  • He was a great investor in Electric and railroads; however, his beard and his dressing sense influenced our little rich, bald Monopoly man.
  • Over a billion people have been estimated to play this game globally. The popularity led the game to be translated into 47 languages in 114 countries. 
  • The first monopoly game was sold at a low price of a mere $2. However, a jeweler in San Francisco created the most expensive monopoly game. It cost around $2 million. 
  • The first monopoly championship was held in Liberty, New York. Mr. Lee Bayrd was the first person to win this championship in 1973.
  • The average monopoly game takes around an hour or maybe every 30 mins more. However, the longest game recorded was elongated for 70 days! I’d rather lose it than waste my time. 

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Reasons to Celebrate National Day of Monopoly

Here are a few reasons to celebrate National Monopoly Day.

 To Celebrate an Ingenious Invention

This game teaches us about life and monetary struggles. Younger generations must learn about the importance of money from an early age.

Games are the best way to introduce good habits such as frugality and realize how blessed one is if one has enough.

To Celebrate the Game

The game has spread like wildfire across the globe.

Being one of the most popular board games, it helps you enjoy yourself and give rise to competitiveness within. 

Sharpens your Mind

The game, which simulates real-life events such as bankruptcy and going to jail, increases one’s ability to make decisions in intense and high-risk stakes.

It helps you achieve success from a grassroots level and makes you the sharpest tool in the shed. It also increases your analytical and mathematical skills. 

Brings People Together to Kill Boredom

Imagine you are on a drive, and there are no signals; it is just you and your companions. A board game would kill all the boredom and multiply the fun. 

Helps Generate Revenue

Monopoly has been popularized and commercialized at both high and low scales. There are many championships that are being held.

This competitive game is sold globally, and it is only fitting that it produces the best many players who dominate.

This could lead to international competitions and bring people together.

Furthermore, the sales and revenue from the sale of this game will increase on such a day.

Therefore, it is an economically brilliant method to generate revenue.

Fun Ways to Enjoy Play Monopoly Day

Let’s check out a few reasons to celebrate Play Monopoly Day below.

1. Play the Game

The most basic thing one can do to contribute to such an awesome game is simply playing it. 

You can have a game night and invite friends for drinks and snacks.

You can decide what version of the game you want to play. This is a holiday one shall not miss at all costs.

2. Compete in Tournaments

You deserve to showcase your skills if you play the game better than most people.

Playing a game competitively improves the players and helps make the game nuanced. Winning a game will increase your morale.

3. Incentivize Your Games

Apart from the local or high-level competition, you can put bets and real money.

Healthy and uncostly betting is harm to none. The reward always seems sweet when it is cash.

So if you’re playing with friends, just raise the stakes and enjoy!

4. Post Monopoly Day on Social Media 

It never hurts to make a post on your account. Today social media is the dump of our lives.

It is so commonplace that it only fits that we commemorate our favorite childhood game.

We post a picture of you playing or anything with a caption to speak your mind. Make sure to use the hashtag #NationalMonopolyDay. 

5. Gift a Friend

A gift never hurts anyone if you have a co-worker, a buddy that moved out, or young nephews and nieces.

So, open your wallet and help little ones rekindle the importance of making childhood memories.

Summing Up

If you have not played monopoly, this is your chance to undo your sins. Play the game! Mark your calendars for November 19th and get addicted. 

This November, gather your family over a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy fire. Dust off the board and don’t forget to enjoy.

Share your thoughts on social media and use #MonopolyDay in your caption.

Lastly, we bestow upon you a very happy National Play Monopoly Day. Go put your loved ones in the monopoly jail!

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