National Pickle Day

National Pickle Day – [14 November 2022]

Pickles make the best condiment for a savory craving. Undoubtedly, pickles rule the fermented snacks line.

You can snack on pickles on your own or add them to salads, like in Chinese cuisine.

Surprisingly, Indian cuisine enjoys pickles with a side of paratha, a traditional tortilla.

The Koreans do it a little differently. But hey! Spicy pickle is still pickle.

A day to glorify this fermented global delicacy is only fitting. Stay tuned to celebrate National Pickle Day with us!

When is National Pickle Day 2022?

On November 14th, many people celebrate National Pickle Day. It is a day to show love and appreciation for their favorite fermented food, pickles.

Pickle Day History

Pickles play a vital role in narrating world history. They witness the world’s voyages and the ancient civilizations’ intelligence.

Origin of pickles dates to the civilization of Mesopotamia. Without refrigerators, the vegetables would rot. So, the people stored the vegetables in a mixture of salt and vinegar.

This practice traveled to the continents outside India by merchant travelers. In the 1400s, Christopher Columbus introduced pickled kosher dills in the US.

Around 1949, the volume of pickle trade resulted in the Pickle Packers Association announcing Pickle Day. Though, officially it was celebrated much later, in 2001.

12 Fun Facts About Pickles

So, in addition to its rich history, let’s discuss some of the fun facts associated with pickles:

  • The global packed pickles industry commands a cumulative market size of $8 billion+. Fortunately, it is projected to experience super growth at 3.5% annually.
  • Pickles get their name from the Dutch word, “pekel.” The word translates to “to brine”. This process submerges vegetables in salty water.
  • Pickling occurs in 2 mediums, mainly: acetic acid and lactic acid. So, you could expect to add your vegetables to vinegar or salt solution, respectively.
  • Pickling slows down, rotting. The ancient Egyptians expanded this to pickling bodies. When a pregnant woman died, the fetus was pickled as well.
  • In ancient times, sailor merchants often carried pickles in their rations. They believed it prevented scurvy. Not so surprisingly, this is also how the pickles reached all parts of the world.
  • Çubuk, in Turkey, gains fame for celebrating pickles. The city holds a pickle festival in the Fall in September.
  • Cubuk also has the world record for the largest jar of pickles made. Carrying dimensions of 1.5 m in height (4 ft 11 in) and 1.1 m in diameter (3 ft 7 in), it set the record in 2018.
  • French cornichons are the smallest pickles to exist. These are just about the size of your little finger and have a crunch. The texture is moist yet rich with a strong aftertaste.
  • Pickles carry far more benefits than they are accredited. The probiotics and antioxidants in fermented vegetables improve gut health.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was particularly amused by pickles. He even announced rewards for any trooper who could devise the most effective way to pickle vegetables.
  • If you like to tease your taste buds to the extreme, you are right behind Selena Gomez. The actor-turned-musician loves to pour pickle juice over just about anything.
  • Multiple surveys show Kosher dills are the favorite kind of pickles globally.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate National Day of Pickle

If you are wondering how to make this Pickle Day special, here are our suggestions for you:

Have a Pickle

If you have not had a pickle yet, try it. Start with a small bite so that it does not overwhelm you.

Post a Picture on Pickle Day

Let us know that you love pickles just as we do. Post a clear picture of your favorite pickled vegetable and use the hashtags #NationalPickleDay or #HappyPickleDay to get more reach.

Share It With Your Friends

Share the love with your friends on this auspicious occasion. Let them in on the festivities and ask how they enjoy their pickled dishes.

Avail On-Going Discounts

On these relevant occasions, stores are highly likely to run bundle discounts, slash prices, and give out samples.

So, you can claim any discounts or coupons that stores like Walmart, Walgreen, and others may run.

Learn How to Make Pickles

Pickling is not an overnight process. So, other than patience, you need an excellent technique to preserve the vegetables suitably.

Often Pickles are subject to molds and bug infestations. So, make sure to learn a good recipe vouched by generations.

Reasons to Love Pickle Day

Having a day to celebrate is enough of a reason on its own. But if you are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons to love National Pickle Day:

Pickles Taste Good

Pickles have a distinct flavor that stings the buds rather than a mild shock. So, if your friend has not tasted pickles yet, this is their cue to join in.

Pickles Carry Historic Significance

Pickling is the substitute for storing vegetables in a cool place. So, by celebrating pickle day, we are ensuring that the traditions do not die down.

Ask your grandparents for the secret if your mother has stopped making pickles.

Good for the Gut

Surprisingly, your friend with perpetual stomach aches may finally use a remedy that works. Pickles are rich in probiotics-good bacteria.

The acidic medium also creates conditions for bacteria to function efficiently.

Pickles Prevent Cramps

It is common for NBA players to gulp down ounces of pickle juice daily. As a placebo, as pickle juice comes in contact with the throat, it works.

The nervous system consequently shuts down the reflexes that trigger cramps.


To summarise, you can celebrate National Pickle Day on November 14th. If you have not been able to join the celebrations yet, mark your calendars for this November!

Have pickles, get discounts, meet friends, and share your celebrations with us. Make sure to use #NationalPickleDay to get featured in the relevant topics.

Dates of Pickle Day

2022MondayNovember 14
2023TuesdayNovember 14
2024ThursdayNovember 14
2025FridayNovember 14
2026SaturdayNovember 14
2027SundayNovember 14
2028TuesdayNovember 14
2029WednesdayNovember 14
2030ThursdayNovember 14
2031FridayNovember 14

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