National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day | 11th September, 2022

One of the most devastating heartbreaks is the loss of a pet. It can leave you in tears and helplessness. You feel so empty without seeing your adored little fellow.

One cannot forget their pets’ little mischiefs and the warmth they used to give. All we are left is; are memories. A special day dedicated to this feeling is called National Pet Memorial Day.

When is The National Pet Memorial Day?

The National Pet Memorial Day is observed every second Sunday of September. This year the event will be on September 11, 2022.

Interesting Facts About Pets: 

Our adored pets have many interesting facts attached to them. Let’s find out:

  • More than 90% of pet parents report that their pet makes them chuckle at least for a time a day.
  • According to a report, at least 9% of dog parents(owners) celebrate their pet’s birthday.
  • Tortoises can live for more than a century. Hmm, seems like there are minimum chances of heartbreak. We are surely getting one!
  • Cats lack a collarbone, which contributes to their softness. That is why they are so snuggly, so cuddly!
  • A dog’s smelling sense outperforms ours by forty times!
  • Pets can help with anxiousness. In our society, countless people are battling with stress or their mental health. Pets deliver a sense of togetherness and emotional support.

How to Observe Pet Memorial Day: 

There is no specific way to celebrate Pet Memorial Day. This day’s only purpose is to remember your pet who has left the world. We have some ideas for you:

1- A Pet Tattoo 

On this, how about getting yourself a tattoo of your pet picture, or even you can get its name or even initial tattooed?

This way, you can always hold on to remembrance. This means they will be with you(virtually) where ever you go.

This is a big yet very unconditional love gesture. If you feel you have such unconditional love for your pet, you want to hold on to it.

Then just in the spirit of this day, get a tattoo related to them. This idea is not at all recommended for the kids; however, you can tell them all about it.

2- Adopt A Pet:

Well, we all know how stoned the heart becomes after losing your beloved pet. For a long period, one cannot think of getting a new one.

It feels like you are replacing them or cheating on your long-gone pet memory, but darling, trust us, you are not!

You should bring a new fellow home. That doesn’t mean you should stop cherishing the lost one’s memory. Even you can give the new one the same name.

This is a really productive and thoughtful way to spend this national day. We are pretty sure this will bring your happiness back. Just give it a try!

3- A Box Full of Memories: 

When a pet leaves, it leaves many small things that remind us of them. So why not spend this day dedicating it to your lost animal companion? Make a beautiful box. You can find DIY ideas on the internet.

Invest your hard work and time in it. It will not only be memorable for you but also give you a feeling of love towards your beloved lost one.

You can make sticky notes, label the things you want, and put them in that memory box. You can open up this box and recall everything about them whenever you want.

4- Make a Scrap Book: 

Scrapbooks are always special, and the best thing about them is; that making one gives you a wonderful feeling. On this Pet Memorial Day, try to make a scrapbook for your long-gone pet.

Paste its pictures, caption them, and fill them with its memories. Just write your heart out.

How do you feel with them and now without them? What do you miss about them the most?

You can preserve it; it will stay along with you. This is such a sweet thing to do for your pet in their remembrance.

 In the end, you can write your last message to them, anything you want to tell them, maybe a simple I miss you! Pen down your feelings in your own way.

5- Help the Other Animals; 

This is another excellent idea that will benefit many other adorable creatures.

Many animal shelters and nonprofits would be delighted to recognize your furry friend by aiding those certain animals that really need it.

Charitable contributions can be financial, but many animal charities also accept pet food and other relevant accessories.

You may also dedicate yourself and help your preferred animal rescue with whatever they may require.

Furthermore, in helping animals, many institutions encourage services and assistance, free advertising for charitable causes or municipal events, and other services.

So, gear up and make the most of this day. Cherishing your beloved pet friend by helping its other fellows seems so good.

6- Frame a Picture: 

In a world full of selfies, you can easily be sure that you have many pictures with your long-lost animal pal! 

Here is an idea: get one framed and hang it anywhere you like at your place.

Aww, how adorable that would look, and not only adorable, but it will always remind you of them and the best times you had with them.

Pictures can hold a lot and even say a lot! Choose the best one with a special memory attached to it.

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No words are enough to ease the pain of losing a pet, but we believe the National Pet Memorial Day (observed every second Sunday of September) makes a little difference.

Do try any of our ideas. We hope it will help!

Dates of National Pet Memorial Day

2022SundaySeptember 11
2023SundaySeptember 10
2024SundaySeptember 8
2025SundaySeptember 14
2026SundaySeptember 13
2027SundaySeptember 12
2028SundaySeptember 10
2029SundaySeptember 9
2030SundaySeptember 8
2031SundaySeptember 14

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