National Peanut Butter Day

National Peanut Butter Day – 24th January 2023

Spread it on pancakes, and spread it with jam. Complete your breakfast with a peanut butter bun and ham.

Peanut butter is the unofficial king of nut butter, according to consumers. It appeases the taste buds of the pickiest of eaters, even Kylie.

The non-dairy butter contains healthy fats and nutrients that provide appropriate calories. 

Fans dedicate a day to celebrate this nature’s bounty. Hence, they celebrate National Peanut Butter Day with zest and zeal. Join us!

When is Peanut Butter Day 2023?

On 24th January, many people celebrate National Peanut Butter Day to appreciate their breakfast staple, peanut butter. Sweet and salty nut butter goes on to be a pantry essential in many households.

So, people love to have a blast on this day. They make sure to spread the plan as much as they can!


Peanut butter seems to be a relic of the traditions of older civilizations. The paste from the Aztecs differed much from the rich, creamy one you get nowadays.

The first account of the preparation of commercial peanut butter in the US dates to the 1840s by Rosa Davis.

In 1844, a chemist formalized the procedure and obtained a patent to prepare the ground paste. He called it “Peanut Candy”.

A few further attempts by Kellogg’s and other brands were made. In 1928, the first commercial peanut butter batch by Peter Pan initiated sales.

Soon enough, the popularity soared to call for the celebration of peanut butter.

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

It tastes good, it smells good, and it works well. Here are a few health benefits of peanut butter for you:

  • It helps to control weight. Compared to regular butter, it contains far more proteins. So, you can have a scoop to cure your sweet tooth. 
  • Beans and nuts consumption leads to a lower risk of breast cancer. So, peanut butter lessens the risk of cancer.
  • It contains Potassium, Selenium, Iron, and Zinc! So the nutritional value is intense.

How to Observe Peanut Butter Day

Spurring up to the occasion often entails anxiety. The preparations never end!

If you are struggling to put together a bucket list, here are some activities to enjoy this day:

Have a Peanut Butter Spree!

1 tablespoon is not enough; go for two! Look through your pantry and scoop out an enormous amount.

Surprise yourself and enjoy the creamy texture as it melts in your mouth. It is, indeed, a rollercoaster of a ride.

Add it to Bread!

PB and Js, pancakes, oatmeal, cookies, cakes! You name it; we have it!

Peanut butter-flavored desserts come in various forms! You can add it to your regular breakfast to make it tastier.

Share It with Friends

24th January is when your friend circle cannot judge the peanut butter monster in you. So, make sure to send out the memo to your friends.

Gift-giving is the essence of celebrations. So, hand out peanut butter desserts or peanut butter jars to your friends on this auspicious occasion.

Bring the delight home! Invite your friends to have a feast with peanut butter snacks and games!

Make it yourself on Peanut Butter Day

This is your sign to grab a cookbook or look up the top-rated video to learn how to extract peanut butter.

The recipe is simple, and you might find all the ingredients within your pantry!

Make sure to ask your family what makes their recipe different from the ones on the internet.

Share It with Us

Snap a few pictures and write a few lines about how you spent your PB Day.

Use hashtags like #NationalPeanutButterDay to interact with other users on the forum.

Scroll through others’ posts and see what you can add to your celebrations next year.

Fun Facts about Peanut Butter 

Here are a few fun facts about peanut butter for you:

  • In 2020 alone, 3 million Americans have consumed more than 1 jar of peanut butter a month!
  • Denmark reports the highest per capita consumption of peanut butter. It dethroned the United Kingdom, which reported the highest numbers in the year prior.
  • Andre Ortolf set the record for the most peanut butter eaten in a minute. He consumed 378 grams in the set time.

Reasons to Enjoy National Day of Peanut Butter

If you are still in your Grinch era, here are our arguments for the celebration of National Peanut Butter Day:

Tastes Divine

The creamy texture, the crunchy nuts crumble, and the sweet and salty flavor. The bittersweet aftertaste only adds to the experience.

A scoop of peanut butter is a rollercoaster for the taste buds appealing to everyone’s pallet. So, why would you want to miss out on this adventure?

Promotes Health and Wellness

Nut butter substitutes for people who cannot consume regular butter. Vegetable oils do not clog the arteries that much.

It also has essential nutrients, and in terms of macros, it provides substantial protein.

It is Vegan

Yes! You heard it. Nut butter is vegan-friendly. Also, peanut butter is the king of nut butter for many consumers.

Children Have a Blast

Unfortunately, those with nut allergies, miss out on this.

However, when introduced as the first few foods, peanut butter can help babies lose healthy weight without being nutrient deficient.

Pair it with some fruits they do not like. For example, apples go well with peanut butter. Children say that it almost tastes like candy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Powdered Peanut Butter Have Fewer Calories?

Yes, powdered peanut butter carries less fat than regular peanut butter paste. Two tablespoons carry around 50 calories. This is almost 3/4th of the calories in regular peanut butter of the same size.

Q2: Can Peanut Butter Be Dehydrated?

No, the oils in peanut butter prevent it from dehydrating. However, the solids will separate from oil over time. Powdered peanut butter comes dehydrated.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, National Peanut Butter Day is celebrated on the 24th of January each year. 

So, have lots of it, gift your friends and post pictures! Lastly, make sure to brush your teeth afterward!

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