National Parfait Day

National Parfait Day – All You Need to Know!

Parfait is originally a French dessert, and people all around the globe celebrate National Parfait Day every year.

Parfait is a healthy and versatile dessert that can make your day delightful. It has well structure layers of toppings, making it a perfect snack for dinner, breakfast, and lunch.

American and French Parfait aren’t similar. In French, the word Parfait means “perfect.”

It is the mixture of eggs, sugar, and boiled cream, which forms a custard-like puree. In contrast, American Parfait has fruits, granola, and whipped cream or chocolate.

When is National Parfait Day?

National Parfait Day is celebrated on 25th November every year. The day is celebrated with full joy all around the globe, especially in the USA.

If you are an ice cream lover, Parfait would be an ideal alternative if you haven’t tried it yet.

It has a rich sweet taste of topped fruits such as kiwis, bananas, apples, etc. Let’s dig into the broad history behind Parfaits!

History of Parfait

As mentioned, the “perfect” French dessert started in 1894. The recipe was started by Americans in the early 1900s when the French started to spread and organize for betterment.

Furthermore, Parfait isn’t a hard recipe to make. You’ll just need granola, nuts, topped fruits, and yogurt.

Since the 19th century, Parfait has been one of the favorite desserts of people, and it has formed wide varieties and recipes.

There are varieties such as mango parfait, strawberry parfait, banana parfait, yogurt parfait, etc. Although, you can make one yourself by mixing up different ingredients.

Interesting facts about Parfait

Parfait has become one of the common desserts nowadays, and people have no idea there are several interesting facts about it. Let’s hear them on this National Day of Parfait.

  • In early times, the Parfait was usually served on plates. Nowadays, it is served in long and different designs of glasses.
  • Parfait is rich in vitamins and nutrients.
  • It has vitamins A, C, D, and B-12. The D and B-12 vitamin stand against disease like osteoporosis and helps your brain to work properly.
  • The Parfait has calcium, strengthening your bone and providing good muscle control.
  • In Japan, Parfait has replicable to “Kakigori,” which has a similar taste.
  • Americans consume approximately 4 gallons of ice cream every year.

5 Ways to Enjoy Parfait Day?

Parfait Day is around, and you can celebrate it in many ways. Here are several ways to observe and celebrate the day.

1. Make a Parfait at Home

When the day arrives, you can honor it by making a parfait at home. It is easy to make.

All you need is sugar, eggs, whipped cream, coffee extract, vanilla sugar, granola, and fruits. You can add cookies, different flavors, fruits, and chocolate to make it unique.

2. Call a Party on Parfait Day

You can call friends in your house and make parfaits together. This way, you and all your friends can celebrate the desserts while having lunch or dinner.

Moreover, you can also try making different variants of parfaits.

3. Visit an Ice Cream Parlor

You can also visit an ice cream parlor and order a variety of parfaits to celebrate the day.

4. Use #Hashtags

The best way to create awareness about the National Day of Parfait is to post pictures with parfaits on your social media accounts.

This way, your friends, acquaintances, and other people will be acknowledged for the day.

You can also use #ParfaitDay to boost your post so that it can reach many people.

5. Thanks, the Parfait Makers

You can applaud the ice cream makers for making this day possible, also dairy farms, chocolate factories, and farmers for fruits.

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Reasons to Love National Day of Parfait

There are many reasons to love Parfaits and celebrate the day. It makes your dinner and other mealtimes jubilant. Let’s hear them, respectively.

  • It is a delicious dessert cuisine, which looks like a sundae, but different in taste and ingredients.
  • Parfait has a lot of vitamins and nutrients, which give our body extra energy and help our brains be smarter.
  • It can be enjoyed every day, as it is easy to make.
  • It reminds us of the history of parfaits and the Middle Ages dessert.


National Parfait Day is celebrated with full hype all around the world. The recipe is pretty easy to make.

The day will be observed on 25th November; we have described the broad history behind this day, how you can celebrate and why you should love this event.

You can make this day more pleasing by following our tips and guides. Moreover, they also make you love the chocolate makers, farmers, and dairy farms.

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