National Paper Airplane Day

National Paper Airplane Day 2023 – How to Enjoy it?

You can make your Paper Airplane with a unique paper folding technique called Aerogami, named after Origami. 

Not only making paper airplanes is fun but flying them also gives a rush of excitement and pleasure. 

Paper Airplanes are a part of everyone’s childhood, giving us some beautiful memories. So let’s celebrate our childhood on National Paper Airplane Day!

When Is National Paper Airplane Day 2023?

May 26th is declared as the National Paper Airplane Day to relive and recall our precious memories of adolescence. 

Let’s be honest! Both adults and children find Paper Airplane enrapturing and a great way to interact in a fun and healthy activity. 

Historical Background

The first Paper Airplane traces are found in China and Japan.

It is impossible to determine when and where the first Paper Airplane originated, but it was somewhere between 1909. 

On September 28th, 2013, some Students and employees from Germany started it by making the largest paper airplane.

Inspired by that, people started organizing events on larger scales which turned into National Paper Airplane Day, involving many people in which they take part in making and flying paper airplanes.

These events are divided into two basic flight categories: distance and duration in the air. 

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How to Celebrate the National Day of Paper Airplanes

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate National Airplane day with the world.

Encourage Your Friends and Family to Join You

You can also encourage your family and friends to celebrate Paper Airplane Day with you.

In this way, you will not only have fun together, but they will also learn about the history of paper airplanes.

Design a Unique Paper Airplane

Gather your art supplies and some paper. Sit down, get creative, and design the unique paper airplane that represents you.

Once done, you can either save it or fly it from somewhere high and think of it as allowing yourself to fly high.  

Share Paper Airplane Day on Social Media

Grab a piece of paper, make a paper airplane of your favorite design and then take a picture or make a short video of it flying. Now share it on social media with #NationalPaperAirplaneDay. 

Teach a Kid How to Make Paper Airplanes

If you have a younger sibling or a kid, drag them away from their phones or computer and teach them how to make a paper airplane; go outside and fly it with them. 

Tell them how you used to do the same with your friends at their age and have a nostalgic moment with them.

Arrange a Paper Airplane Contest 

Gather your crew, friends, or family and arrange a little paper airplane contest. Set the table with some paper, colors, and snacks. 

Fix different prizes like the most beautiful paper plane, whose paper airplane will go the farthest and longest time in the air. 

Reasons to Love the Day of Paper Airplane

There are many reasons why you should love this day. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Trip to a Memory Lane 

Almost everyone must have made and flown paper airplanes at least once in their childhood. So, celebrating this day is a great way to remember and cherish those times.  

Quality Time with Friends and Family

You can use paper airplane day as an excuse to interact in a fun activity with your friends and family. 

Ask them to join you in this activity, and you will end your day with great memories and good laughs. 

Free and Fun Activity

Celebrating paper airplanes is free; all you need is some paper and company, and you are good to have fun. 

5 Interesting Facts about Paper Airplanes

Here are a few fun facts relating to paper airplanes from around the world.

  • Joe Ayoob (an American Football player) set the world record for the longest distance flown by a paper airplane designed by John Collins in February 2012. The plane covered 226 feet, 10 inches (69.14 meters).
  • Jack Northrop (American Aircraft Industrialist) was the first to use Paper Airplanes to understand and study larger airplanes’ aerodynamics and Mechanics of flight. People still use models of paper airplanes to study. 
  • In 2009, Takuo Toda (Chairman of the Japan Origami Airplane Association) made the world record for the longest flight time of a paper airplane, which is 29.2 seconds.
  • In 2009, an Artist named Dawn Ng installed an art project composed of hundreds of handmade Paper planes bursting out of a single window in a straight line to associate it with human emotions.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about National Paper Airplane Day and how to celebrate it. 

So, mark your calendars for 2023 on May 26th to remind yourself of Paper Airplane Day and celebrate it with your friends. 

Use this opportunity to commemorate your childhood. Share it online, and have a fantastic day!

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