National Panda Day

National Panda Day 2023 – How to Celebrate It?

Do you care enough to celebrate National Panda Day?

Pandas typically survive in colder climates with high body temperatures. Pandas are highly vulnerable species with low birth rates.

They need human attention for conservation and survival. So much that the WWF logo evolved to have a panda to support the cause.

Let us celebrate this day in full swing to celebrate and bring attention to these adorable fluff balls.

When is National Day of Panda Day 2023?

Many people celebrate National Panda Day on the 16th of March. The day shows their love for the animal & helps bring awareness to the cause of conserving pandas.

Pandas are popularized among humans for their attractive characteristics.

They are clumsy and require special care. It is common to exchange panda plushies as gifts on special occasions.

Panda Day History

Unfortunately, there is no account of Panda having a specific beginning.

It is generally believed that awareness about Panda Day was brought about by the rise in the use of social media.

Historically, pandas have been around as a symbol of peace between nations.

In 1957 China sent out pandas to nations as a sign of peace. The gift of 24 pandas came to be known as “Panda diplomacy”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can A Panda Survive Without Bamboo?

Yes, they can rely on meat, beans, or eggs. Bamboos account for 99% of a Panda’s diet. These vegetarians forage for bamboo and spread the seed for plantation.

Q2: Are Pandas Friendly to Humans?

Contrary to popular belief, pandas are cautious of humans in their territory. Pandas whose videos show them being docile to caregivers; however they have been accustomed to their presence since birth.
In any other setting, it is plausible that the Panda would display microaggression.

How to Celebrate National Panda Day

Here are some ways to celebrate this day.

Watch Panda Documentaries

The series Kung Fu Panda popularized the series immensely. However, real-life accounts of the survival of pandas are important.

So, make sure to check out documentaries like, A Panda is Born; A documentary about Taishan.

Have a Panda-Themed Party

While the pandas may not be with us, the spirit is. Throw a panda-themed party and invite your friends for a day filled with panda treats, costumes, and games.

Donate to Relief and Conservation Programs

China is hailed for its efforts in the conservation of this vulnerable species. It is about time we contribute our due share.

Donate as much as you can to authentic Panda Conservation Charities.

Give Your Friends A Panda Stuffed Toy

Panda stuffed toys make the perfect gift for birthdays and are approved by children.

So, make sure you give your friends a panda stuffed toy and make their day.

Share Your Festivities Online

On this day, click many pictures and upload them online using appropriate hashtags. You can use #nationalpandaday and share your pictures for others to see.

If you want to come across similar content by others, scroll under the hashtag. You can learn new ways to conserve these animals or contribute to the cause.

Reasons to Adore the Day of Pandas

Apart from being cute, pandas are also logically important for the environment. Here are some reasons why you should celebrate panda day.

Historically Significant

It recognizes the joint effort of China and American zoos to help breed a new line of giant pandas.

Highlights the Ecological Significance of Pandas

In China, pandas typically live in mountainous regions where they survive bamboo and forage for pumpkin seeds. This helps them pollinate the surroundings.

Affects How We Contribute to Saving the Pandas

It significantly impacts how we approach wildlife conservation and the steps we might take to discover long-term solutions.

Exposes More People to the Cause

By far, the computer revamp of the logo to support the pandas has been the most effective campaign.

However, a significant chunk of panda enthusiasts emerged after the Chinese zoo started releasing videos of the caretakers with pandas.

11 Fun Facts about Pandas

Pandas are adorable! That is a fact. Here are some interesting facts about Pandas for you:

  • Pandas can live up to 14-20 years in the wild. However, the life span dramatically increases to 30 years when in captivity.
  • During the mating season, pandas can have multiple partners. However, soon after the season ends, they part ways. The association lasts 2-4 days.
  • Pandas usually ovulate once a year for 2- 3 days only! That explains the low birth rates. A female panda is said to give birth to a cub every 2 years.
  • The cubs cannot see at birth! 6 weeks in, the cubs start seeing their surroundings.
  • Pandas mark territory by urinating, clawing tree trunks, and rubbing against objects.
  • There are less than 2000 pandas left in the world. However, this meager number is a milestone since they are not endangered anymore.
  • Residing in Ocean Park, Hong Kong, Jia Jia hails the throne of being the longest-living Panda in captivity. She had a remarkable lifespan of 38 years.
  • Pandas have a thumb! A protruding edge of the wrist bone allows them to use it as a thumb while eating.
  • They usually consume anywhere between 80-83 pounds of bamboo each day. It takes them a whopping 14 hours to do so.
  • Pandas are characteristically Carnivorous. Though slow, their digestive system is capable of handling meat. However, pandas choose to be vegetarian and rely on bamboo.
  • They lather themselves in horse manure for protection against cold temperatures.


To wrap it up, many people celebrate National Panda Day on the 16th of March.

The day celebrates the giant adorable species and brings awareness of their vulnerable status.

Many people watch panda videos, pet pandas if they can, throw panda theme parties, and have panda snacks.

So, record your celebration and post it online to inspire others. Lastly, do not forget to donate to their conservation.

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