National Ohio Day

National Ohio Day – [2nd November 2022]

Even though we make a lot of fun of Ohio, our hearts will always be connected to the Buckeye State.

That’s because the state offers scenic roads, lakesides, farms, and whatnot!

Due to the state’s beauty and rich history, it is totally justified to celebrate National Ohio Day.

But, how to celebrate and acknowledge this day? If you are also looking for ideas, keep reading. You will find everything you need to know below.

When is National Ohio Day

National Ohio Day is recognized on November 02 every year to celebrate the anniversary of Ohio joining the United States. 

Interesting Facts about Ohio 

  • Ohio is also known as the ‘Mother of Modern Presidents’ and was the first state from the Northwest Territory to join the country.
  • Ohio became the 3rd most renowned state in the country during the mid-19th century.
  • The president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, praised Ohio because of its leading contribution of resources during the civil war.
  • Columbus is the name of the State Capital of Ohio, which is named after the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus.
  • Ohio is also known as the food capital of America, as Arby’s (Boardman) and Wendy’s (Columbus) are founded here.
  • Ohio’s official flag of the state is called ‘burgee.’

History of Ohio Day 

Ohio Day is basically celebrated to recognize the day when the 17th State (Buckeye State) decided to join the United States.

This day is significant because President Thomas Jefferson approved the boundaries and signed the agreement himself.

The official admission was administered in 1953 when Buckeye state was accepted retroactively.

Ohio, which is basically the 17th state of the United States, is a land of cultural importance and great history.

Since its inclusion in 1803, Ohio has been a crucial union member and a leading exporter of inventions, arms, food, manpower, culture, etc.

How to Celebrate Ohio Day 

You can celebrate the National Day of Ohio by participating in the following activities.

Travel and Explore Ohio 

There are many tourist attractions that await you in the state. You can plan a trip to these amazing attractions and honor the history of Ohio.

Ohio has some amazing National Parks, including Cuyahoga Valley, Clifton Gorge, The Chateau, and others.

You can also visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and The Museum of Art at Cleveland.

The state also has some of the best amusement parks in the world that you should visit.

In fact, the state capital Columbus has made the list of one of the worth traveling places in the country.

Post National Ohio Day Online

Were you in Ohio, and something really interesting happened to you? If yes, you should not keep it to yourself. 

Ohio Day is the chance for you to post your Ohio stories online and amuse the readers.

But do not forget to use the hashtag #NationalOhioDay!

Buy Only From Locals

If you do not know, Ohio is an agricultural state with a self-supporting culture and development.

Mostly locals and farmers make their earnings by selling their own products and helping the economy go forward.

So, what you can do on November 02 is to take a pledge that you will only buy baskets of locally sourced goods and avoid any sort of packaged food.

Have Buckeye Candy 

If you have ever visited the state, you would know that Buckeye candy is incredibly popular in the state.

As the name suggests, it resembles the poisonous nut Of the Ohio buckeye tree, which is basically a state tree of Ohio.

This candy is an excuse to have frozen chocolate covered with peanut butter.

Reasons to love National Day of Ohio

Ohio is no doubt a very known and established state. It is one of the greatest and largest states in the United States.

If you have ever had a vacation at the Buckeye State, you would already know many reasons to love Ohio.

But if you have not visited Ohio yet, here are some reasons to love Ohio Day.

Rural Scenery 

Ohio has some very massive, remarkable, and huge cities in the entire world.

Since it is broadly farmland, the rural scenery is a treat to visit and watch.

This rural scenery is one of the biggest reasons to love Ohio National Day.

Local Food Products 

The state is not only a scenery spot but also known for its local food products.

Being an agricultural state, the farmers’ market is often close by, and you can easily get fresh and tasty food.

These local products help you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

So, who would not love Ohio?

Natural Beauty 

Ohio has some of the most beautiful spots that tell us it is a place of natural beauty.

For example, Lake Erie is the most beautiful spot where you can spend some quality time with your family on weekends.

So, if you are a person who admires natural beauty, Ohio is a must-visit place for you.


In short, National Ohio Day is celebrated every year on November 02 since the state became the 17th state of the United States in 1803.

If you have not celebrated this day, mark November 02 on your calendar as a reminder.

The state offers multiple activities to visitors and can keep you amused for days. So, you will not be bored at all!

For this reason, many people love Ohio and are incredibly keen on celebrating its day.

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