National Oatmeal Day

National Oatmeal Day [29th November 2022]

Breakfast is referred to as “the essential meal of the day” for solid reasons. What about taking oatmeal for breakfast? Oatmeal is always a healthy breakfast option.

It will taste better if you top it with some fruit and nuts. A tasty crumble can be made by mixing oatmeal with baked products.

Oatmeal is one of America’s favorite breakfast foods. Let’s celebrate this food on National Oatmeal Day. So, are you ready?

When is National Oatmeal Day?

On October 29th, National Oatmeal Day is celebrated by people to savor and appreciate America’s favorite breakfast item, oatmeal.

History of Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been a staple breakfast food for hundreds of years and is still popular today. The origin of the plant is unknown, but scientists believe it came from Asia Minor.

Although oats were grown in ancient China as early as 7000 B.C., the Greeks were the first to consume oatmeal in the form of the familiar porridge-style cereal.

In the 15th century, oats became immensely popular in Scotland. The first American cereal trademarked was Quaker Oats, established in 1877.

Early in the 17th century, oats arrived in North America from Europe. The largest oatmeal manufacturer was founded in 1901 with the merger of several oats’ firms.

9 Health Benefits of Oatmeal

One of the world’s healthiest grains is oats. They are gluten-free whole grains and include significant amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Oats and oatmeal have numerous health advantages. Do you know about their benefits? Well, we have enlisted the most important one for you. Let’s get into it:

  • A particular form of fiber in oatmeal, beta-glucan, decreases the body’s overall cholesterol levels.
  • Many studies have proved that oats can also help prevent heart disease.
  • Insoluble fibers in oats prevent the human body from constipation and indigestion.
  • Avenanthramides are among the most notable antioxidants present in oats. They may lower the risk of heart disease by boosting nitric oxide generation.
  • Oats lower blood sugar levels, particularly for persons with type 2 diabetes or who are overweight. They might improve insulin sensitivity as well.
  • Oats help to strengthen the human immune system.
  • Oatmeal is a filling breakfast option in addition to being delicious. Filling up on food may help you eat fewer calories and lose weight.
  • Oats are beneficial before bedtime because oatmeal helps the human body to have a peaceful sleep.
  • Oats have increased HDL (good) cholesterol levels while decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels.

6 Different forms of Oats

Oats come in eight primary varieties:

  1. Complete Oat Groats
  2. Irish Oats / Steel Cut
  3. Old-Fashioned / Rolled Scottish Oats
  4. Instant Oats
  5. Quick oats
  6. Oat Flour Oat Bran

What kind of oat is best? It entirely depends! Choose the form of oats most suitable for you because the time, flavor, and texture differ substantially between each variety. They are all nutritionally equivalent.

Reasons to Cherish National Day of Oatmeal

Here are some of the top why we Love and Celebrate the National Day of Oatmeal.

It promoted a healthy diet

This day raises awareness of the need to eat healthy food. Oatmeal is rich in fibers and nutrients.

This food keeps us healthy and fit. Health is really important for us. Without being healthy, we will be unable to live our life effectively.

We all have been hearing from our childhood that health is wealth, and it’s a great blessing.

Oatmeal is Beneficial

Half a cup of oats provides 25% of your daily needs for biotin. A vital ingredient for healthy hair, skin, and nails is biotin.

Because of its excellent anti-itching, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics, oats can also be applied topically to the skin.

Oatmeal baths are calming and invigorating for recovery from poison ivy and chicken pox.

Great for Workout Plan

One of the healthiest foods that dietitians worldwide recommend is oatmeal.

One group was provided oatmeal and other regular breakfast cereal in the research. The calories in both meals were identical.

The results were enough to surprise anyone. The first group reported feeling more full, less hungry, and less desired even four hours after eating breakfast.

The research, which was published in Nutritional Journal, placed oatmeal first among breakfast items.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Oatmeal Day

We have listed some of our favorite ways to celebrate the National Day of Oatmeal.

1. Make Delicious Oatmeal

It’s Oatmeal Day. So, celebrating this day should start with your breakfast. Make delicious oatmeal for your loved ones. Enjoy this yummy food, full of nutrients, with your family at a breakfast table.

2. Add More Flavors

Let’s try a new recipe with oats on this Oatmeal Day. Its endless taste will take you to another world.

Oats will pack an additional creamy punch when combined with roasted squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin purée, or homemade applesauce. Clarified butter can be added for a gorgeously thick, green flavor.

3. Bake Oatmeal Pie or Cookies

What about experiencing creativity with oatmeal on this day? Oatmeal can be used to bake pies and cookies. Create some oatmeal raisin cookies to honor National Oatmeal Day.

4. Make Desserts on Oatmeal Day

Enjoy oatmeal dessert after dinner. Add fruit, yogurt, syrup, and perhaps some jam or jelly and almonds to the oatmeal as a garnish.

5. Enjoy Oatmeal Day With Co-workers

Bring packets of oats in various flavors to work for your coworkers to enjoy.

Wrapping Up

Nothing warms you up like a large bowl of warm oats in the already chilly weather. So, let’s set a reminder for October 29th to celebrate National Oatmeal Day with joy and cheers.

The people who are fitness freaks love oats as a meal.  They never wait for a specific month or a day of the year to eat oatmeal; they do so all year long.

For many people, oatmeal has become a favorite breakfast alternative. It makes a fantastic breakfast and is filling, so you won’t need to nibble for hours.

Send greetings to your loved ones to wish this day. Don’t forget to share your celebrations on social media platforms using #OatmealDay or #NationalOatmealDay.

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