National Napping Day

National Napping Day – March 13, 2023

Daylight savings is over, and it’s dark when you clock out of work. What’s a tired employee to do? Do you sit at your desk and force yourself to stay awake, or do you succumb to the call to sleep?

All over the world, people are gearing up to celebrate National Napping Day. Whether you’ve been looking forward to this day or not, we’re sure you might want to know about it.

So whether you’re an avid napper and need an excuse for your teenage self or someone who has never napped before, this article is for you.

What is National Napping Day?

National Napping Day is a holiday that is celebrated on March 13. It is a day to get out of work and relax, especially if you feel stressed or overworked. The idea behind this day is that people should take time out of their day to nap or relax.

Historical Background

The history of napping is long and full of deep sleep, but it is also a history full of contradictions.

Napping has been practiced by nearly every culture at one time or another, but it has also been vilified as lazy and sinful.

The word “nap” comes from the Old English word “hnappian,” which means “to doze.”

The practice itself dates back to ancient times. The ancient Egyptians believed that napping helped them connect with their gods during sleep.

Reasons to Love Napping Day

If you’re feeling tired and lethargic, or if your mind is racing and you can’t focus on anything, a nap could be just the thing to help you out.

Here are multiple reasons why you should love the National Day of Napping:

  • Napping is a great way to recharge your batteries. It can help you sleep better at night and improve your mood.
  • It’s been shown to improve memory and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.
  • It is suitable for the body too! It helps reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart health.
  • Naps are a great way to spend time with friends and family if you have kids or pets needing one-on-one attention during the day.
  • It boosts creativity and productivity at work. It has been reported people who take naps report feeling more productive than those who don’t take any midday break at all!
  • Naps help you live longer! People who take regular naps live longer than those who don’t take naps at all.
  • Napping is good for your heart. It lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and improves the function of immune cells, all of which help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Interesting Facts about Napping

It’s a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, but there are some interesting facts about napping that you might not know.

  • Napping Day is a celebration of naps and the benefits of taking a nap.
  • In some countries, the nap is a daily ritual that lasts up to three hours.
  • Napping can boost metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout the day. Sleeping longer decreases hunger signals in the brain, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight without feeling deprived or hungry all the time!
  • Getting enough sleep is essential if you’re trying to prevent diabetes because it helps regulate blood sugar levels, making it easier to manage your weight.
  • The world record for the longest time spent napping is held by a man named Hypnotist Peter Powers, who sleeps for 8 straight days (188 hours) under hypnosis.
  • It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to reach deep sleep after you lay down for a nap.

Why is Napping Important?

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Napping is a great way to recharge your energy and eliminate fatigue. It’s a short sleep that helps you to feel refreshed, relaxed, and recharged. Here are a few things why napping is essential;

  • Napping is better than nothing. It’s an excellent way to catch up on sleep, but it’s not an effective way to compensate for lost sleep.
  • It is suitable for your health. Studies show that naps can help improve memory, boost mood, and even reduce stress levels.
  • Naps can help you lose weight and improve your overall health. A short nap increases your metabolism and helps burn calories.
  • It helps you function better at work and school deadlines. Studies show that taking a nap can improve your ability to concentrate, but only if it’s taken during the day rather than at night, when it could disturb your sleep schedule.
  • Napping increases alertness, memory, and learning ability. Studies have shown that even a short nap can improve your performance on specific tasks as much as being awake for two full days!
  • A nap after studying can help you learn more effectively later in the day. This is because naps allow your brain to consolidate the information you’ve learned while studying earlier in the day.

How to Rejoice on the National Day of Napping

You can celebrate in various ways, but we’ve narrowed it down to 5 of our favorite ways to spend Napping Day.

1. Take a Nap

This one seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re feeling skeptical about taking the time to do so, here is a good reason.

Taking a nap every day can improve your memory and boost your creativity, not to mention help you fall asleep faster at night.

Celebrate Day of Napping

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3. Watch a Movie or TV Show That Relaxes You

It doesn’t have to be something with an exciting plot line or characters who run around solving mysteries. Choose something lighthearted or funny instead of intense drama or action scenes.

4. Have a Nap Party

Invite a bunch of friends over to nap with you! Get cozy, make some soothing music, dim the lights, and sleep away.

5. Read a Book about Napping

The best way to learn about something is by reading about it!

There are plenty of books about the history of napping, how it affects our health, and why we should embrace it as part of our daily routine.

Pick up one of these books and also share it on Social Media using #NationalNappingDay.

Summing Up

National Napping Day is set aside for individuals to remember the importance of sleep and take time for a nap.

What’s more, it seems there are many benefits associated with napping, from stress relief to improved alertness.

So, if you want to include a nap in your daily life routine, do not let this day pass without a celebratory snooze.

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