National Miners Day

National Miners Day – 6th December 2022

The most underrated workers on Earth are miners, who dig into the Earth’s surface to provide us with valuable things for a sustainable lifestyle.

It is why people celebrate National Miners Day every year in December!

Mining nowadays has been advanced with modern technology, which is used for digging into mountains, etc.

Gold, copper, metals, diamonds, gypsum, etc. these rocks are founded by miners.

The sweating, hard work, and discipline of miners contribute to our life. If you want to know more about this day, continue reading!

When is National Miners Day 2022?

National Miners Day is celebrated on 6th December every year. Mining is from ancient times; the difference is modern-day technology.

Miners do play a crucial role in our life. They risk their lives in the dark place, digging for something valuable.

What is Mining?

Mining is a process that extracts geological materials from Earth, such as gold, diamonds, steel, coal, limestones, gravel, metals, potash, clay, etc.

There are many other valuable things. Furthermore, there is also Mining Engineering, where the individual studies mining operations, etc.

All these matters mentioned above are used in the making of several things.

Such as Electricity, which is generated from coal, which is consumed by our houses, offices, and any electric equipment.

Moreover, Egyptians and Sumerians mined gold almost 6,000 years ago. Also, 5,500 years ago, tin was discovered. These were valuable items in ancient cultures.

10 Fun Facts about Mining

Let’s hear some of the facts you might not know about.

  • Copper is one of the oldest elements on Earth; found in 8,700 BC. Scient found copper pipes approximately 5,000 years ago.
  • Australia has the most iron on Earth. They produce around 37.6% of the total iron in the world.
  • There are more than 6,000 products that require oil, including dish washes, DVDs, eyeglasses, etc.
  • According to Experts, 55,000 tons of gold are still found on Earth, whereas 15,000 are identified in the United States but not mined.
  • There is enough coal in reserve, which can help the world to last for more than 132 years. India, Australia, the USA, China, and Russia have the most extensive coal reserves.
  • Mining is a significant workforce for people living in Australia. It is also a lucrative addition to Australia’s economy.
  • China is the most significant coal consumption on Earth among other countries.
  • Electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, and gadgets are produced with zinc, copper, and gold.
  • There are quadrillion tons of diamonds beneath the Earth’s surface, found 150-200 KM below.
  • Rhodium, Platinum, and Iridium are some of the rarest metals found on Earth.

Importance of National Day of Mining

Miners are crucial people who risk their lives to provide us with metals and other elements. These are used in making several electronic items and many other things.

Giving miners credit for what they have done for this planet and humans is indispensable.

Our country’s economy depends on miners because most metals are exported to different nations. Without miners, there would be a great recession.

All the credits go to MDMAWW (Miners Day Memorial Association of West Virginia) for passing a resolution and establishing the National Mining Day in 2009.

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Interesting Ways to Celebrate Mining Day?

According to SNL Database, there are approximately 35,000 mines today. Furthermore, modern-day mining is different from ancient times.

Mining Industries use the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, automated drones, geographical system, automatic drilling, and many others.

There are several ways you can celebrate mining day. Let’s hear them, respectively.

Visit a Mine

You can visit the mine and explore it if there’s a mine in your city or town. You can observe the hard work of miners working in the mine and discuss it with them.

Learn about mining

The mining day is near, and it’s the best time to learn about mining and the different technologies used in digging into the Earth’s surface. There’s a lot to learn about this process.  

Thanks, the Miners

When you visit the mines near your city or town, you can grab some gifts for the people working there. You can give them gratitude and applaud them for their work.

Post Miners Day on Social Media

You can take group photos with the team working under the mine and post them on your social media accounts.

It will encourage other people to also contribute to this. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular social media platforms.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the importance of National Miners Day in the above article.

Moreover, miners are the hard-working people on Earth. That is why industries celebrate their day on 6th December.

You can also follow our given tips above to celebrate this exquisite day and create awareness on social media.

In the end, you can also use the #hashtag to promote your post to more people.

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