National Louisiana Day

National Louisiana Day – 9th November 2022

Situated at the foot of the US, the port State of Louisiana has been home to Cajun and Creole Cultures. 

The city has been home to the infamous French Quarter and its festivals, such as Mari Gras and unmatched jazz music. 

The welcoming State of Louisiana has it all: a rich history, food, art, flavor, culture, and the extravaganza of the French people.

It is only fitting we allocate a day to its commiseration and celebrate National Louisiana Day!

When is National Louisiana Day? 

On 9th November, a population of 4 and a half million came together to commemorate and appreciate the place National Louisiana Day.

And Why not? The state is one lowest crime rate states and is home to a very complex conjugation of cultures. It deserves a bit of appreciation.

History of Louisiana Day

In 1803 the state was sold to the USA when it was called the United States Territory of Orleans. It joined the US on 30th April 1812

It was bought because it was the cultural hub and essential to the US.

However, a treaty was signed with the US to conserve the essential culture, music, and art.

The state is one of the first 18 states to be inducted into what we call the US today. 

To celebrate the peace, culture, and community established, National Louisiana Day was decided to be celebrated in the cold winters of November 2017.

Reasons to Love National Day of Louisiana

Here are a few reasons to celebrate the national day of Louisiana below.

Brings Communities Closer

Festivals and Louisiana have always been hand in hand. It’s as if the state needs an excuse to celebrate. 

The state has always been home to festivities such as Mardi Gras. It is only fitting that the state gets what it wants.

It brings generational harmony and a congregation of people coming together. This helps negate the bloody past the state has had.

Helps Explore Cultures

Louisiana has various museums in terms of history and science & technology. The war is summarized in many relics and historical accounts.

It lets you explore the beautiful infrastructure of the city, such as the Capitol State building. You can try the beautiful cuisine and enjoy the State Park music.

Fun facts about Louisiana

Here are a few interesting facts about Louisiana.

  • Louisiana gets its name after the French King Louis XIV. 
  • In Louisiana, half of the population was enslaved in the 1860s. The 1860 census said that 47% of the people were enslaved.
  • In New Orleans, graves are usually not dug as the city is below sea level, and the dead are buried in tombs and mausoleums. 
  • New Orleans, the heart of Louisiana, was sought after by the US as they offered $10 million. However, Napoleon offered the Whole State to the US for a mere $15 million. This move doubled the Size of America then. 
  • The Largest bridge over a body of water is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway; the bridge is a whopping 24 miles and is situated in none other than the State of Louisiana.
  • If you are a fan of Louis Armstrong and his Jazz music, the credit for producing the music and the singer goes to New Orleans. Louisiana has been the place of origination for Jazz Music.
  • Louisiana’s state Capitol Building located in Baton Rouge, is the tallest in the United States of America, standing at 450 feet high.
  • The parade of Mardi Gras is a world-famous festival in which all communities come together to show their cultures. It is celebrated before lent.

Interesting Ideas to Celebrate Louisiana Day

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Louisiana Day!

Eat Crawfish 

One can rely on the devouring of crawfish. A crawfish boil has been a popular activity on Louisiana day.

On the day, many people share crawfish, and public boils are hosted.

Enjoy Some Music

You can always fire up your speakers and enjoy some jazz to commemorate the exemplary jazz history of Louisiana.

You can listen to it at your abode or public jazz over scotch or wine.

Post Louisiana Day on Social Media

Public events are always met with the eye of the camera and posted on social media.

You can post your contribution to the celebration with the #NationalLouisianaday. You can share your input over the celebration over a post too!

Visit Parks, Museums, and Tourist Places

You can visit the state’s popular public places, such as the Capitol state building or state capital, or park downtown and share a plate of the state’s favorite crustaceans.

Go Out with Family on Louisiana Day

If you have been short on dates with your significant other, or you need to take your family out to dinner and have quality time.

Final Words

If you have not celebrated National Louisiana Day yet, mark your calendars for 9th November 2022.

You can help build a community that will thrive and builds itself. You cannot undo the warfare, but one can undo the prospect of war.

Communities together help reduce one of the bigger evils to exist, i.e., racism and ethnic violence. You also get free crawfish and a holiday.

Dates of Louisiana Day

2022November 9Wednesday
2023November 9Thursday
2024November 9Saturday
2025November 9Sunday
2026November 9Monday
2027November 9Tuesday
2028November 9Tuesday
2029November 9Thursday
2030November 9Friday
2031November 9Saturday

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