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National Letter Writing Day | 7th December 2022

Getting a handwritten letter through the mail is a nice surprise in the digital age.

It’s unbelievable to imagine that only a few generations earlier, letter writing existed as one of the major means people communicated!

They show how important the receiver is to the sender. They give out such a beautiful vintage vibe, and one cannot deny that letters can be very flattering.

However, the art of letter writing is not extinct. People have a strong urge to send and receive letters.

There is even a day dedicated to this tradition of letter writing, called National Letter Writing Day. 

When is National Letter Writing Day:

The 7th of December is observed as National Letter Writing Day globally. Americans cherish this day as much as they adore letters.

Letter Fun Facts:

Writing a letter is exciting, but do you want to know some fun facts about letter writing? Here are a few:

  • People used to write with sharp bones or sticks or feather quills dunked in ink until pens were introduced. (Can you believe that? It is hard to imagine)
  • On the 26th of July, 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress formed the United States Postal System. The very first Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin.
  • Papyrus, parchment, and various tree barks were among the first writing “papers.” Cloth and linen rag papers were popular from the 12th  to 14th centuries.
  • In the early days, people tried saving money by curving their letters and securing them with wax rather than using an envelope because paper used to be so costly.
  • As per Hellanicus’ testimony, the very first documented handwritten letter was composed around 500 BC by Persian Queen Atossa.

Benefits of Writing Letters:

Do you know writing a letter also holds many benefits? Let’s find out on Letter Writing Day.

Fantastic for Mind:

Your brain, the same as your muscles, requires exercise. It’s crucial to keep your brain active as you age.

Writing enhances your memory and communication skills. Your brain becomes energetic and grows stronger as you pick words, arrange your ideas, and form sentences.

Time-off from Screens:

Many specialists’ advice for screen time is going in vain. Families being confined to their homes, excessively long hours glued to a Screen or device can be risky for your health.

Writing letters is an entirely unplugged task in which a whole family can participate.

Improves handwriting:

There is absolutely no denying that practice leads to improved writing skills. And letter writing allows you to do exactly that.

Writing letters can also help you become acquainted with the idea of cursive handwriting. It is also an excellent exercise for the hands. They need it too.

What Makes Letters So Special?

One can list enough reasons to love handwritten letters, but these are some main ones:

You can preserve the following:

Other than a message or a mail, handwritten letters have both emotional and physical importance that the recipient appreciates. 

A letter can be held in one’s hands, smelled, displayed, shared, and stored. They’re also related to pleasure because they’re frequently surprising or infrequent.

They Feel More Personal:

A handwritten letter is not just more time-consuming but also implies more affection from the one who has written it.

However, it is also a lot intimate on many stages. The ink from one’s pen connects the papers, one’s fingertips make contact with the paper, and one’s saliva seals the envelope. How close one can feel.

Letters are More Genuine:

Before actually sending their text to others, the sender can review and update it several times.

The ability to alter text messages can make them look phony and unauthentic. 

On the other hand, handwritten letters maintain the real intentions of your message because they are not revised before being sent.

Ways to Celebrate Letter Writing Day:

There are so many fun ways to spend this National Day of Letter Writing. Here are some of my favorites.

Make a Scrap Book for Letters;

Scrapbooks are always special, and the best thing about them is; that making one gives you an incredible feeling.

On this Letter Writing Day, try to make a scrapbook for all your received letters. 

Paste the letters, caption them, and fill them with their memories. 

Just write your heart out. How do you feel about them? You can preserve it; it will stay along with you. This is such a sweet thing to do in their memory.

Write it For a Loved One:

Write a letter to someone you care about. It will not only make them happy and special, but it will also make your bond with them stronger.

All you need is a pen and paper; these simple tools will do your work. But yes, if you want to go a bit more.

There is always room for creativity. You can use fragrant pens, stickers, fancy envelopes, and more.

Surprise them with this beautiful gesture. Write to them whatever comes to your heart. Trust us. This transparency is one of the most beautiful things about letters.

Go get your pen ready!

Write to Yourself:

On this day, to feel the spirits of this letter writing day, how about writing a letter to you yourself?

This is a great activity to do regardless of your age. Writing a letter to yourself offers visibility and teaches essential life lessons that will stay with you for a long time. 

Make a plan for your future. This activity helps you get your mind off the present and shine a spotlight on what is about to come.

Sit down and write a letter to yourself, and you will for sure feel optimistic and thrilled about your years ahead.

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Summing Up

Well, have you ever smelled a letter right after receiving it? Guess we all do it. It gives a feeling of connection with the sender.

If you didn’t write a letter a while ago, keep your favorite pen ready on the 7th of December as it’s National Letter Writing Day.

Have a good one!

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