National Jukebox Day

National Jukebox Day – All You Need to Know

Music is the color of life, and we all enjoy playing it at events, celebrations, weekends, etc. A jukebox is a machine that takes you to old school.

Some people think the jukeboxes are dead, although they aren’t. People still listen to and celebrate its national day.

Moreover, Jukeboxes nowadays have become advanced; they have digital buttons and music.

Do you want to feel the nostalgia of music in your life? Then celebrate National Jukebox Day by giving the credits to the creators.

It is one of the oldest musical instruments you can ever listen to at your leisure.

When is National Jukebox Day 2022?

National Jukebox Day will be celebrated on 23rd November this year. The jukeboxes are mainly found in restaurants and bars, where people can enjoy music when they dine in.

History of Jukebox

The first Jukebox was invented in 1889 by Louis Glass and his partner William S. Arnold, the “nickel in the slot player.”

It was the first place in the Palaise Royal Saloon, San Francisco. Furthermore, the Jukebox was built by the Pacific Phonograph Company.

Since their invention, Jukeboxes gained fame and became popular between the 1940s and 1960s.

Jukeboxes are manufactured in different designs and with several changes in the music.

TouchTunes originally marked the day in 2017; since then, all Americans and other nations have celebrated it.

It has become a traditional culture to celebrate and adore the amusing music of the Jukebox.

Interested Facts about Jukebox

There are some splendid facts about Jukeboxes. Nowadays, Jukebox has become more advance than before.

You can now also control it with IOS or an android, create your playlist, and start playing and listening by downloading the mobile application.

Let’s hear them, respectively.

  • The jukeboxes weren’t pronounced like this. They were called the automatic coin-operated phonograph. In case you didn’t know about this.
  • The Jukebox appeared first time in 1940 in the USA. The name was derived from the word “juke point,” which means bawdy.
  • There are 2 companies in the world that still manufactures jukeboxes. Rockola in California and Sound Leisure in the UK.
  • Jukeboxes are still found in nostalgic restaurants.
  • As Jukeboxes started to sell, Nickel-in-the-slot made $1000 in just 6 months after the production.
  • You could hear famous music such as Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, My Girl by the temptations, and many others.
  • There were over 750,000 jukeboxes manufactured when they appeared in the US.
  • The digital Jukebox was announced in 1998, where individuals can search and play over 750 songs.

Reasons to Adore Jukebox Day

There are many reasons to applaud Jukebox. On this Jukebox Day, let me tell you a few of them.

  • It gives you a feeling of old-school music, which you can enjoy while drinking your beer.
  • The jukebox is the perfect option to play and feel the rhythm if you want to feel nostalgic.
  • Jukeboxes have a broad history; it reminds you of old music and how people enjoyed the aesthetic sounds back in the day.
  • Digital Jukebox gives you many music options, which you can choose. It will give you an eargasm after hearing the amusing sound.

How to celebrate National Day of Jukebox

Jukebox is one of the finest music, which is more advanced and modernized nowadays.

It has added a divine way of listening to classical music. Let’s check out the several ways to celebrate the National day of Jukebox.

Find a Jukebox

Well, Jukebox is rare these days. You can find and search specific restaurants and bars which still use these. You can check out those and listen to the pleasant music by inserting a coin in the box.

Use the Mobile App

There is TouchTunes mobile application that replicates Jukebox. You can download that on your IOS or android, make your playlist, and listen to the classes’ music. You can also win prizes if you use the app.

Listening to Jukebox music

If you can’t find a jukebox, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. You can download the old traditional jukebox music and listen to it with your mobile.

Post Jukebox Day on Social Media

If you can find any jukebox in your town, you can click some memorable pictures with it and post them on social media accounts using #JukeboxDay.

Many people aren’t aware of the day; you can use #hashtags to make them acknowledge this wonderful day.


National Jukebox Day is a pleasant day for all the musicians. Well, the Internet is the place that has a swath of music available, but it can’t replace the Jukebox.

Some restaurants, cafes, and bars still use Jukeboxes to entertain people.

You can also use social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to create awareness.

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