National Jersey Friday

National Jersey Friday | 4th November 2022

Sports are more than just a timed game. The global sports market is worth $338 billion, employing multiple sub-industries.

One such industry is the Jersey production Industry. Jerseys command all the hype.

Each jersey carries a distinct team logo with a player’s name and number. Thus, Messi’s fans can feel closer to their idol by purchasing his jersey kit.

So, how did National Jersey Friday Day come to be? Let’s find out

When is National Jersey Friday?

Many fans celebrate National Jersey Friday on the first Friday of November. This year, it will be commemorated on November 4th, 2022.

The day signifies solidarity and communal unity among fans of multiple sports.

10 Interesting Facts about Jerseys

Let us dwell on the origin and significance of jerseys in sports culture. Have a look at some of the most interesting facts about jerseys below.

  • Soccer players were the first to wear Team jerseys in the late 1940s. It was natural for the players to adopt trends faster due to the sport’s importance and popularity.
  • The jerseys a century ago constituted of woven wool. However, the fabric was not very apt for playing in hot weather.
  • Eventually, it was not until the 70s that the jersey made from synthetic fibers came around.
  • The word jersey originates from a British island named after a pure breed of English cattle. The island was famous for its knitting techniques.
  • In Cricket, players on opposite sides can have the same numbers on the jersey. However, no two players on the same team can be allotted the same number.
  • In NBA, players wear a black stripe on their jersey to pay homage to a significant figure of their sport.
  • In the late 19th century, the jersey trend started with the revival of the Olympics. So, the fans felt more included by cheering for their players in the stands.
  • In 2021 alone, the sales of Football jerseys accounted for $336 million. Bayern Munich sold 3.25 million units, topping the charts.
  • Collecting antiques is not limited to art; jerseys also carry immense resale value, like a Birkin. Milwaukee Bucks Home or Road is the rarest Jersey to find.
  • Stephen Curry from the NBA and Cristiano Ronaldo from football has the greatest number of jerseys sold in their sports.


The sentiments attached to a game’s culmination make or break friendship and property.

Taking it to the extreme, we have basketball leagues, football leagues, and cricket tournaments.

Players’ jersey to represent their respective countries or teams is common in all three.

Well, we could also talk about the passionate fans, but that would lead to a riot, literally! So, fans got the gift of Jersey Friday in 2016.

The National Football League Players Association registered the celebration for the 1st Friday of November.

How to Celebrate Jersey Friday

Want to know how you can celebrate Jersey Friday? Here’s how!

Wear Your Favorite Jersey

A treat for the sports fanatics! You can wear your favorite jersey and meet other people with like interests.

You can also style it with accessories like headbands, wristbands, shoes, or doc martins.

Post a Picture of Yourself in a Jersey

Share the festive spirit with others! Post a picture in your favorite jersey.

Tag your team or player in it to let them know. Do not forget to use the #NationalJerseyFriday in your post.

If your viral moment ends up on your idol’s feed, they might show it a little love.

Avail of Any Ongoing Discounts

Stores often run big discounts on this specific event. So, rampage all websites to get great deals and order yourself some more jerseys!

Gift Someone a Jersey

If you know someone who loves a specific jersey, get it for them! Share the love and spread smiles on this auspicious occasion.

Book Tickets for a Match

Is it Friday? This means that some matches would definitely be in progress. Go watch a match with your friends and flaunt your jersey; however, you style it.

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Bottom Line

If you have not celebrated National Jersey Friday Day yet, you can look forward to 4th November 2022. Let this year mark your first celebration, and enjoy the tradition.

A single day to wear, post, and style a beloved piece does not seem enough. So, you can wear it on other days as well.

Do not forget to post a picture with #JerseyFriday or #NJF.

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