National Iowa Day

National Iowa Day – History, Facts, FAQs, & Celebrations

Iowa is one of the most beautiful states, home to fertile lands and vast planes encouraging agriculture.

It has a rich history and was once home to the Native American tribe called Ioway.

Famous for state festivals and country fairs, this state joined the US as the 29th state and is a big part of US history. 

National Iowa Day was founded to celebrate the grand occasion and has been celebrated ever since. Let’s learn more about this amazing state and its special day.

When is The National Day Of Iowa?

National Iowa Day is a special event for the people living in Hawkeye State. It is observed on the 8th of February to mark the union between Iowa & the USA.

Historical Background

Once home to the Ioway tribe during the era of Native Americans, the region of Iowa was colonized by the French in the 1700s.

The French ruled the region long before being passed on to their Spanish allies.

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 allowed the region to become Iowa Territory, and many settlers from different states began to pour in. By 1830 Indians were forced to move west.

On the 28th of December, 1946, Iowa territory was officially admitted to the US, and the region became the 29th state to join the union.

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6 Creative Ideas to Observe Iowa Day

The National Day of Iowa is an important day for everyone living here and should be celebrated. Here are some of the ways you can observe the holiday.

Buy the Flag of Iowa

Like every other state, Iowa also has its very own flag. You can celebrate the special holiday by purchasing the tricolor flag and raising it high on your terrace.

This will show everyone who passes by how much you love the Hawkeye state. You can also get a small badge and wear it on your clothes on Iowa Day.

Post National Iowa Day on Social Media

Social Media is a great way to tell the world how you feel about something. Take a nice selfie and post it on Iowa day to mark the day of the 29th state.

Writing a meaningful caption about Iowa is also recommended. While you’re at it, you can use a nice hashtag, such as #IowaDay, to go along with your social media post.

Celebrate Iowa Day

Attend Iowa Day Events

It is a state that is famous for festivities and country fairs.

Iowa day celebrations can be observed from Des Moines to Davenport as people celebrate events here with great enthusiasm and energy.

You can also join this celebration by participating in Iowa day events such as the Iowa Country Fair.

Host a Gathering

Another great way to spend National Iowa Day is by hosting a gathering of friends and family. Special holidays are all about celebrating with your loved ones. 

Hence, you can do the same and invite your loved ones over.

During the hangout, you can mark the occasion by discussing the rich history of people living in Iowa or learn about its history.

Spend the Day Enjoying Iowa

While Iowa isn’t the most visited tourist attraction, the region is still home to some great natural beauty.

The vast rolling plains, paired with the climate of Iowa, make it perfect for spending a relaxing holiday.

You can also observe the old French architecture or visit a museum to learn more about this amazing state.

Teach Others about the History of Iowa

Many people are unaware of the history and culture of their state. It is important to teach them everything about Iowa on this day. 

While there are campaigns to raise awareness, you can do your part in educating others on this special holiday. 

Spend the day educating others about this incredible state and observe the national holiday productively.

11 Interesting Facts about Iowa

Here are a few fun facts about Iowa you might not have known.

  • The name Iowa can be traced back to the Ioway tribe. It translates to “Beautiful.”
  • A typical family farm in the state can feed more than 250 people.
  • The state maintains the highest beef, pork, corn, and grain production.
  • It is the only state with navigable rivers on the east and west. The state sits exactly between the Mississippi river and the Missouri river.
  • A coach from the swimming team at the University of Iowa invented the butterfly stroke.
  • Manufacturing is one of the biggest sources of income in Iowa.
  • There are more pigs in the state than people. Iowa is home to roughly 12 million hogs.
  • The Iowa State Fair has been taking place every year since the 1850s
  • According to a report, Iowa will have a population of around 3.12 million in 2021 and ranks 32nd in the state population.
  • The Hawkeye state is one of the most educated places in the world. It has a literacy rate of around 99%
  • Iowa is roughly the same size, geographically, as Nepal. 

Final Words

Iowa is one of the most important states, contributing immensely to the Agriculture produced in the US and home to some beautiful natural landscapes.

The Hawkeye state is a special part of the US, and celebrating it with great enthusiasm is important.

National Iowa Day marks the importance of the union between Iowa Territory and the US.

It is a special holiday for people all over the country, especially in Iowa. Hence, this unique day should be celebrated with passion every year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where is Iowa Located?

In the Midwestern region, Iowa is located on the western side of the Missouri River. Nebraska borders it in the west and Minnesota in the North.

Q2: What is Iowa Famous For?

Iowa is widely recognized for its farming production. The state produces a large amount of corn and is famous for its pork production. Iowa State Fair is one of the most popular country fairs in the US.

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