National Hot Tea Day

National Hot Tea Day | January 12, 2023

Add in water and add in tea. Powder or pouch, and let it simmer to the count of 3. A simple recipe satisfying the pallet of many, such as the glory of tea.

Hot tea is an unofficial universal beverage with various health benefits.

Crushed leaves, when added to boiling water release their essence. The flavor and aroma accompany many health benefits.

So, let us celebrate this bounty of nature on National Hot Tea Day! Keep reading to find out more.

When is National Hot Tea Day 2023?

On January 12th, many people celebrate National Hot Tea Day to portray their love for their favorite green drink. It is a staple work gear and tastes great for a pick-me-up treat.

Different cultures add different condiments to serve the drink. Each has its contribution to health and wellness.


The first official records of tea date back to the 2nd Century. The Chinese emperors vowed the drink to be a part of their “Contract for a Youth.”

The popularity extended to the limit, and it became a native staple. Soon, the tax on tea was removed by the British. This skyrocketed its popularity even further.

Surprisingly, the Tea Council of the US founded Hot Tea Day in 2016 rather than the British.

But then again, the Tea Act of 1773 did lead to the Boston Party. Consequently, grounds for the American Revolution.

Health Benefits of Tea

There is a plethora of different kinds of tea. These varieties are packed with nutrients. Here are some health benefits of tea:

  • Tea is an excellent concentration booster. It contains caffeine that helps to keep the adrenaline at bay.
  • You are less likely to have a Caffeine Crash with tea than with coffee. The drink contains anti-oxidants that slow down the absorption of caffeine.
  • There is tea for everyone! Different varieties like lemon tea, Chamomile tea, and Oolong tea can be used for specific ingredients to target specific health concerns.
  • It provides immunity, reduces heart disease, and reduces delay.

Fun Ways to Enjoy Hot Tea Day

Here are some ways to observe the National Day of Hot Tea.

Have Hot Tea

Sip a warm cup of lukewarm tea and enjoy the aroma as the tea washes your throat. Have it with some milk and sugar to your liking.

Pair It with Cookies

Hot tea and oven-fresh cookies are an inseparable combo. It is a popular breakfast option in South Asia to have cookies with milk tea.

So, enjoy the bittersweet push and pull of the two flavors.

Spill Tea with Some Tea

Catch up with old friends. Hold a tea party and meet friends to let them in on the celebrations. Share recipes and mull over the good times.

Make sure to prepare loads! Everyone wants a refill.

Avail of Any Ongoing Discounts

On this specific occasion, retail stores tap into the sales. So, make sure to avail any bundle deals or slashed prices.

Buy in bulk and gift your friends tea in honor of the occasion.

Share the Word

Make sure to click aesthetic photos of your tea setup and post them on social media under appropriate hashtags. Use #HotTeaDay to interact with users of similar interests.

You might come across health benefits or ingenious recipes to brew this drink. So, be sure to make a note of those.

Reasons to Adore Hot Tea Day

Here are some reasons why we love tea:

It Tastes Good

Hot tea has a bitter taste that appeases the taste buds of almost every continent. Many people drink it as much as their meals. Some drink it even more!

You can also add sweeteners to your liking. The bittersweet taste is far more popular with milk in it.

Carries Numerous Health Benefits

Besides tasting good and being a light beverage, it also improves your health insidiously.

It carries anti-oxidants, digestion aids, and mood enhancers. Some even come with added supplements.

It Is Soothing

Some specific flower and herb teas sell specifically for their calming effect on the mind.

So, Jasmine Tea and Chamomile Tea might come to the rescue when your insomnia is bad. Use this together with prescribed pills for the best results.

Carried Down Generations

Tea contents and tea preparation are salient parts of traditions for many regions.

From different names to the different content of the mixture, the drink has stories to tell. So, make sure to enjoy all kinds of tea, right from Kashmiri to British.

Interesting Facts about Tea 

Here are some fun facts about tea.

  • The global size of the tea market is estimated at $205 billion above in 2022.
  • There are around 3000 different types of teas! The variety of blends comes from the herbs used.
  • Tea was auctioned right until a century ago. The leaves were so popular that auctions were held to bid on the prices.
  • The elite class popularized the tea culture in Britain. The rulers drank tea, and the masses mimicked.
  • Tea has different names in different languages. So, a few include Cha, Te, Chai, etc., native to China, Japan, France, India, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who Created Hot Tea?

Some records suggest that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered it. He had asked his servant to boil drinking water when suddenly leaves fell into the boiling water. Shen Nung tasted the brewed tea.

Q2: Is There National Tea Day?

Yes, National Tea Day is celebrated on April 21st to celebrate the popular beverage, tea. Note that this day is different from Hot Tea Day.

Q3: When Should I Drink Hot Tea?

You should ideally drink hot tea 1-2 hours after meals to aid digestion.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, National Hot Tea Day falls on January 12th each year. If you have not entered the festivities yet, mark your calendars.

So, brew tea, avail discounts, and hold tea parties on this auspicious day! Make sure to post pictures using hashtags to let your friends know!

Lastly, make sure to make loads of it. There’s always room for more tea!

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