National Have A Coke Day

National Have A Coke Day 2023 – How to Celebrate It?

Messi vs. Ronaldo!

Skins vs. Euphoria!

Coke vs. Pepsi!

Some rivalries never seem to end. Subjectively speaking, most people tend to choose Coke over Pepsi. 

Some say the brand owes its popularity to the sweeter taste, while others just find Coke more familiar.

Either way, they do not wish to hide their love for Coke. If you love Coke, like a lot, join us to celebrate National Have a Coke Day!

When is National Have a Coke Day 2023?

On the 8th of May, many people celebrate National Have a Coke Day each year. Billions worldwide love Coke and fail to replace it with any other drink.

The drink is especially revered for being a staple. It has practically been passed down through generations!

7 Fun Facts about Coke

I like Coke. Here is a fun fact! Here are 7 facts about Coke that will blow your mind.

  • Coke currently sells in 200 different countries around the world. In 2021, Coca-Cola Company made revenues worth $33.68 billion!
  • John Pemberton, the Pharmacist who made the drink, wished to patent it as a medicinal tonic! 
  • After the acquisition by Asa Griggs Candler, the drink debuted as a soft drink in Atlanta’s Freeman’s Pharmacy. 
  • By 1944, the Coca-Cola company had manufactured 1 billion gallons of Coke syrup.
  • Coke’s main ingredients come from Kola nuts and cocoa leaves.
  • Coke is a year junior to Dr.Pepper. It comes from the first few sodas ever sold.
  • On the 23rd of April 1985, Coke decided to revamp its formula for greater sales. This was the first time a soda company had faced so much rage. The outcry made them retain the original recipe.


Coke, first invented in 1886, marked the beginning of the Coca-Cola empire.

The carbonated drink was one-of-a-kind in its nature and sweetness. Coke’s color and texture have remained unchanged since its formulation in 1886.

The drink was first retailed at soda fountains and did not come in cans until 1955!

We have celebrated National Coke Day on the 8th of May for many years now. The exact origins continue to be unknown.

However, the trend gained popularity in the 2000s. This marks the beginning of a dream when the drink first went on sale on the 8th of May.

Reasons to Adore Coke Day

Here are some reasons to adore this day

Tastes Good

Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side!

Well, that is cool too, but we love it better with spicy wings. The sweet Coke with a world of fizz. Nothing washes the palette better than a chilled, sweet Coke. 

Sets a Landmark

In 1914, Freeman’s pharmacy hosted a commercial Coke soda fountain. This is the oldest soda fountain to exist! Currently, Altana considers it a landmark and preserves it dearly.

Can be Used for Desserts

We all have heard of Coke pies. While they may not sound very delicious, they are ingenious.

Like the Coke pies, many infamous recipes around the world make use of this sweet syrup.

One of them is the traditional Coke Float! A tall fizzy glass of Coke topped with vanilla ice cream!

In other regions, like South Asia, many people like their Coke served over shaved ice. Commonly called a slushie elsewhere.

Easily Available

Finding a chilled, fizzy Coke is the least of my worries when I am on holiday.

In every country, the beverages section of the menu has Coke. If anything, you can find different variations or flavors of the drink. Nothing beats the classic, though!

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How to Celebrate the National Have a Coke Day

Here are some ways you can celebrate Coke Day.

Have a Coke

You must live up to the name! Make sure to start your day right and have a Coke. Drink it while it is fizzy and enjoy the feeling.

Make sure not to have it on an empty stomach. Do not go overboard, either! 

Share it with Friends

A slush, a float, a can, or a cocktail! You can have Coke in either form! Make it a reason to meet your friends. Some friendly debates never hurt!

Diet vs. Regular, Flavored vs. Original. The floor is open to all. Except, for the Coke vs. Pepsi advocates, of course. They can do it on some other day!

Collect Coke Bottles

A trip down memory lane never hurts. Visit your nearest soda fountains and look for any vintage ones.

Share your collection of Coke bottle caps or different styles of Coke bottles throughout the years.

The beverage might taste the same, but there have been many attempts to re-design the packaging!

The older generations are lucky in this regard! They have sign art, vintage Coke glassware, and limited edition bottles. 

Avail any Deals

Stores do not miss out on short-time promotions. Coke also wants to reward its treasured customers. The 2 unite to bring you amazing discounts on this day. 

So, make sure to avail any ongoing discounts on Coke and stock up! These can be slashed prices, buy 1 get 1 deal, and other vouchers.

Share Day of Coke Online

Share your celebrations online to let others know you are celebrating your favorite drink.

Use appropriate hashtags like #NationalHaveACokeDay and #NationalCokeDay to get featured with other people celebrating.

Discover new recipes and find vintage bottles. The original designs are far more appealing.


Q1: How Old Is Coke Today?

Coke has been serving its customers for more than 125 years now! It is a giant in the soft drinks industry. The limelight also captures Pepsi, its biggest rival.

Q2: What Does Coke Stand For?

“Coke” originates from the Coca leaves that are used to make this drink. They contain cocaine which was a part of the original recipe.

Q3: Where is Coke Least Popular?

The nations of Cuba and North Korea do not have Coke! As surprising as it sounds, the drink is banned there!


To summarize, National Have a Coke Day falls annually on the 8th of May. Many people celebrate this day to show their love for their favorite drink.

On this day, you can have a coke alone or with friends, avail big discounts, and share it online.

If you have not yet celebrated this day, scroll under hashtags #NationalHaveACokeDay to see how other people do it.

Make a bucket list and mark your calendar!

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