National Hard Candy Day

National Hard Candy Day | 19th December 2022

Whether it’s peppermint, cinnamon, fudge flavors, or even your favorite childhood treat, learning about this day can help you discover new tasty treats.

The taste of hard candy will pop up in your memory when you see someone having it. Well, how to celebrate National Hard Candy Day? We have gathered up some fun facts about this treat.

When is National Hard Candy Day 2022?

National Hard Candy Day is an annual observance held on December 19th. It honors hard candy, which is defined as a type of delightful confectionery.

Fun Facts about Hard Candy Day

  • It’s called hard candy because it’s harsh and brittle when it’s made. It usually comes in different shapes and colors but has the same flavor.
  • Hard candy is often made from sugar and water but can also be made with corn syrup, honey, or other sweeteners.
  • The idea behind the day is to promote an appreciation for hard candy, which is often overlooked by adults and children alike.
  • Hard candies come in many different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for a wide range of celebrations.
  • Cough drops are great for soothing a sore throat, but hard candy can be just as effective. The sugar in hard candies stimulates saliva production and coats the throat, which helps alleviate pain.
  • The holiday’s origin is unknown but is believed to have originated in the United States.
  • Hard candies are most commonly eaten at Halloween or when people have a toothache or sore throat.

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Day of Hard Candy Day

Celebrating national hard candy day is a great way to enjoy the event dedicated to the sweetest candy in the world.

Rejoice by giving a hard candy to someone else, going on a challenging candy hunt, or baking with hard candies.

1. Decorate Your House With Candy!

This idea is perfect if you have people over or want to add some whimsy to your home decorating.

You can find all sorts of decorations at craft stores that will fit in with your theme or use items around your home that already have a colorful pattern.

2. Eat Some Hard Candy

This should be obvious! But if you’re not a big fan of this candy or don’t like to eat sweets all day long, you can always buy some for friends and family members who love hard candy.

It’s also easy to find online with just a few clicks!

3. Make Your Own Hard Candies from Scratch

This is a fun way to celebrate the national day of hard candy because it will allow you to make your own homemade treats that taste amazing!

You don’t have to make all different types of hard candy, either; pick your favorite flavor and go with it! You can use exciting ingredients such as herbs or spices if you like!

4. Give a Hard Candy to Someone Else

Since hard candy day is all about celebrating the sweetest treat in the world, one of the best ways to celebrate this day is by giving hard candies to others.

You can give them away at work or school or bring them to work as an office gift.

This way, everyone in your office is getting something sweet and delicious while having fun celebrating the national day of hard candy!

5. Go on a Hard Candy Hunt

Another great way to enjoy this special day is by going on an actual hard candy hunt!

Take some time out of your busy schedule and go on an adventure through your neighborhood or town, looking for hidden treasure in the form of delicious hard candies!

Go with friends, family members, or neighbors, so you don’t get lost along the way!

3 Reasons to Love National Day of Hard Candy

Hard Candy Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself, but there’s more to it.

It is a day to celebrate all things feminine, and it’s the ideal opportunity to remind yourself that you’re worth it.

Reminiscent Of Years Gone

The candy products industry has seen many changes over the years. From the start of the sector, there have been so many different trends and styles.

But one thing that has remained consistent is Hard Candy. This product has been around for decades and seems to be around for decades more!

Conversation Starter

If you want to start a conversation with someone who doesn’t know what hard candy is, this is the perfect opportunity! Everyone has their favorite candies and will be happy to share them with you.

Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

Kids have tons of fun eating hard candies because they can crunch them up and make funny noises with them.

Adults like them because they can eat them without worrying about their teeth getting damaged by sugar or other sweeteners!


Remember, National Hard Candy Day is a day to celebrate the candy that takes us back to our childhood.

So, while enjoying your favorite hard candy, be sure to take some time and light a candle in memory of all those who love harder than you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our nugget of knowledge on National Hard Candy Day. If you found it helpful, post it with #NationalHardCandyDay.

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