National Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day – 23rd January 2023

Do you remember those good old school days when you used to write with colorful pens in notebooks and have handwriting competitions?

Nothing is more beautiful than writing and receiving a handwritten letter from your loved ones. Working on your handwriting is more significant now than before because it is hardly ever being used as a way of communication.

So grab your pens and notebooks and get writing on National Handwriting Day. Handwriting is one of those little pleasures of life that make you joyful. Are you ready to explore this event?

When is National Handwriting Day 2023?

National Handwriting Day is praised globally on the 23rd of January. The primary motivation behind this day is to recognize the art of writing by hand and encourage using pens, pencils, and paper.


The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) developed this occasion in 1977 because teachers started to feel that handwriting was getting lost as expertise.

Although everyone doesn’t observe this event, it is getting more attention now than ever.

As per history professors, people in ancient times developed the specialty of writing in 3400 BC in Mesopotamia, where they would compose calligraphy on a clay tab.

From that point, the handwriting craft reached Egypt, Rome, and, afterward, the remainder of Europe.

While handwriting advanced all over Europe, great writing abilities became an indication of status, as royal households were instructed to write appropriately.

Benefits of Handwriting Vs. Typing:

Check out some benefits of handwriting vs. typing:

  • Handwriting creates athletic ability and gives your brain exercise, while typing is a dull movement.
  • Handwriting powers your mind to intellectually capture the information, while typing doesn’t let you think about information.
  • Writing by hand allows you to get creative, while typing doesn’t give you this opportunity.
  • You’re more presented to brainstorm when you write by hand than while typing.
  • Handwriting allows you to think about your personality and mental state, but typing doesn’t have this advantage.
  • Writing by hand helps you remember things for a long time than while typing.

Reasons to Love Handwriting Day:

People who love writing by hand love to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Let’s look at a couple of reasons that make you want to celebrate:

  • This event helps us acknowledge the craft of handwriting and provides a chance to people to practice and improve their writing.
  • Handwriting helps you remember things, and it also lets you grasp information and helps in developing athletic abilities.
  • Writing by hand slows our mind back to the speed of a pen, giving us a chance to think and less uneasiness and overthinking.
  • When you have a pen in your hand and paper, you tend to think more creatively and can create imaginative thoughts.
  • Handwriting lets you look at your personality traits and tells you about your nature, strengths, and weaknesses.

Interesting Facts About Handwriting:

Did you know that you can judge someone’s character and emotional state by handwriting? Let’s find some more cool facts about handwriting:

  • According to handwriting specialists, if the handwriting curves upwards at the end of a sentence, it might mean that you have high goals and aims.
  • Numerous incredible authors, like Shakespeare and E Allen Poe, have attempted to find the connection between handwriting and an individual’s nature.
  • An educator Patrick Groff has recorded that one in three teachers write so messily that the students experience difficulty reading lectures on boards and assignments.
  • Those who have a hard time writing also suffer from a capability of self-awareness.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate the National Day of Handwriting:

Let’s glance at a couple of ways you can have fun on Handwriting Day:

Practice Handwriting:

What better way to celebrate than by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and writing?

You can celebrate by practicing your handwriting and trying different pens and pencils while writing.

You can even try the craft of calligraphy or writing with a fountain pen. If you’ve never tried calligraphy, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn it by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Write A Letter on Handwriting Day:

No feeling is better than receiving a handwritten letter full of love from your loved ones. The art of handwritten letters has become lost due to social media.

So, write a handwritten letter to your friends or your family. You can pick up greeting cards and stylish stationery to make the handwritten letter even more special and beautiful.

Make A Doodle:

Doodling is an extraordinary method for communicating artistic liberty and utilizing your writing abilities. Make your doodles even more interesting by turning them into a bigger sketch.

Regardless of whether you see yourself as an artist, releasing your inner imagination through pen and paper is never bad.

Use A Coloring Book:

Coloring books remind you of the simple childhood times when you spent hours and hours coloring.

But don’t worry! There are adult coloring books; you can color them on this occasion.

Coloring helps you in focusing, and it also reduces uneasiness and anxiety. And the best part! It’s very entertaining.

Rehearse Your Signature:

Even if you have a signature, why not practice improving it?

You can try out different methods and styles of writing. Invite your friends and family to this fun experience and have a competition about who can make the best signature. There are many possibilities, like choosing different letters and fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the different styles of cursive writing?

The cursive writing styles include Palmer Method, Zaner-Bloser script, Spencerin, and D’Nealian.

Q2: What is the most popular cursive handwriting style?

New American Cursive is the most popular cursive handwriting style.


To wrap things up, praise the art of handwriting and mark your calendars for the 23rd of January.

With social media as the new communication way, we frequently fail to remember old-fashioned pen and paper techniques.

Don’t stress that your writing is “terrible.” Rather honor National Handwriting Day by noticing the handwriting of others and experimenting with your writing with different styles and fonts.

Relish the day by utilizing the hashtag #NationalHandwritingDay and join in on the fun!

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