National Guitar Day

National Guitar Day 2023 – Importance, History, & More

Have you ever heard of National Guitar Day? Well, if you didn’t know, it’s a day for guitar lovers worldwide to celebrate their love for guitars (as if it isn’t yearlong).

It’s celebrated in various ways, but traditionally it is by playing and enjoying your guitar.

There comes a time every year when the whole world celebrates this beautiful instrument, and the people who make great music with them.

Do you know who created it and why? Who celebrates it? These are the things we’re going to cover.

What is National Guitar Day?

National Guitar Day is observed on February 11th. It’s a day to celebrate the guitar and its place in music history. It aims to increase awareness about guitars by encouraging people everywhere to enjoy their musical heritage by playing or listening to guitars.

Importance of Guitar Day

It is a day to celebrate the guitar, but it’s also a day to celebrate the people who play the guitar. It’s okay not to be passionate about your instrument; just because someone else thinks you should be doesn’t mean they’re right!

And even if you’re not passionate about it, there are a few things to know why this day is important;

  • It’s a great way to get started on your first guitar.
  • You can learn about how guitars are made.
  • Guitar Day is a great way to celebrate the instrument.
  • It’s an excellent way for beginners to learn about guitars.
  • You’ll be able to participate in fun activities for kids and adults.


National Guitar Day is observed annually on July 14th. It was created to celebrate the guitar and its many contributions to music.

The first guitar was developed in Spain during the 16th century. The instrument had 3 strings, strumming with a pick while sitting down.

By the 17th century, lutes and violins were famous throughout Europe. In Spain, however, these instruments were not well suited for the country’s hot climate.

During the early 20th century, folk musicians often performed with acoustic guitars at public events throughout Europe and America.

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Reasons to Love Guitar Day

To help get you started on the road to becoming a guitar hero, here are a few reasons why Guitar Day is so special:

  • The main objective of celebrating this day is to encourage young people to learn the guitar. It also creates interest in classical music among students, who usually prefer pop music over classical music.
  • On this day, many concerts are organized worldwide where classical guitarists perform their best compositions live for their audience.
  • The guitar’s popularity has increased significantly during the last few decades due to its versatility in different genres such as pop, rock, jazz, etc.
  • The more people join in on the fun, the greater the chance that someone will see your post and be inspired to share their photos.
  • It’s an opportunity to learn more about the guitar (or other instruments)!

5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate the National Day of Guitars

Here are the top five ways to celebrate National Guitar Day:

1. Play Your Guitar

The most obvious way to celebrate this day is to play your guitar.

You can play it alone or with friends and family members. You can even invite your friends over for a jam session!

2. Learn More about Guitars

Guitarists have a seemingly endless amount of information at their disposal.

From books and magazines to online resources, there’s no shortage of ways for a guitarist to learn more about his or her instrument of choice.

3. Buy a New Guitar

If you don’t already own one, then Guitar Day is a great occasion to buy yourself a new guitar! You can find many places online to buy an acoustic or electric guitar.

4. Listen to Classic Rock Songs

If there’s one genre that has been strongly associated with the guitar, it’s classic rock.

Some of the most iconic guitarists in music history are from this era, and many of them have written some of the most beloved songs ever recorded.

5. Post It on Social Media

Guitar Day is so popular that it has become a trending topic on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Share your favorite photos or videos with friends using #NationalGuitarDay, or post a picture or video of yourself playing an instrument!

6 Interesting Facts about Guitars

From rock to blues to jazz, this instrument has been an essential part of music for centuries.

Here are a few interesting facts about guitars:

  • The first guitars were made of wood with catgut strings, which were very popular then. You can still find some early guitars made out of this material today.
  • The guitar is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb.
  • The most common type of guitar has six strings, and it’s tuned to an open chord of E, A, D, G, B, E (low to high), or some variation on this tuning.
  • There are over 9 different guitars, but most people only know about three: acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.
  • The word “guitar” derives from the Ancient Greek term “kithára,” which refers to a particular type of harp.
  • Guitars were first used in Spain at the place Catalonia. Although Catalonia is regarded as the guitar’s birthplace, Spain’s country has significantly impacted its development.


Q1: Who Invented 12 String Guitar?

Within a few years of Seeger’s banjo, Liverpool engineer Stanley Francis created the original 12-string.

Q2: What Is The Hardest Chord To Play On Guitar?

The 6-string F chord is the most complicated chord to play. It is unsuitable for beginners and should only be attempted by advanced guitarists.

Final Words

National Guitar Day is aimed at encouraging people of all ages to get involved with playing instruments, whether it be a traditional guitar or a ukulele.

It’s a day for people to gather together and form a band and play music, or for others to busk on their local street corner and entertain those who pass by.

That said, there aren’t too many official events, so the holiday is more about celebrating the music you can make by picking up an instrument.

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