National Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day | 16th September 2022

Is it a salad or a dip or spread? All we know is it is GUACAMOLE, and it is DELICIOUS!

This Mexico originated, and Avocado-based treat is super popular in global cuisines, especially we love it here in America.

Gradually it became so much in demand that there is a day declared National Guacamole Day.

Without further delay, let’s hit the interesting details about Guacamole and its national day:

When is National Guacamole Day 2022?

National Guacamole Day comes every year on the 16th of September. It is celebrated the world over but primarily in the United States.

The reason to celebrate this day is nothing but the love we have for this tasty treat; Guacamole.

Fun Facts About Guacamole: 

Guacamole and Avocado have some interesting facts:

The Delicious Invention: 

A big round of applause for our man from Mexico, Aztecs! He introduced/invented this delicious and healthy sauce.

Guacamole is thought to have originated in the 1500s. This popular sultry full of flavors dip was created using the same recipe we love today.

Ahuaca-mulli or Guacamole? 

It was known as Ahuaca-mulli, which translates to “avocado mishmash” or “avocado dip.”

The term guacamole as we know it is most typically obtained from the Nahuatl language of Mexico.

The Change of Name: 

To your surprise, Avocados were once known as “Alligator Pears” The inside of Avocados is smooth and tasty, but they have a choppy green alligator skin outer layer.

Back then, Avocado Farmers’ voiced concerns about the alligator pear title in 1927 and asked that it be changed.

California The Hub of Avocados: 

Did you know? Almost 80% of Avocados in the USA are produced in California.

The city tops the chart in the production of Avocados in the USA. Yes, that Avocado in your hand right now is most probably from California.

The World Record: 

A Guinness World Record was set once more than 400 teenagers in Mexico arranged a treat of Guacamole.

Their dish weighed 2669.49996 Kilograms, equal to the elephants’ mass.

Life without Avocados; Unacceptable! 

Hass avocados were not permitted to be shipped to the United States from Mexico in 1914. Even so, the USDA changed its policy in 1997 after a long discussion.

Thank God life would have been sad without Avocados and, of course, Guacamole.

The Rise in Consumption: 

In 2020, Avocado consumption in the USA hiked from almost 4 billion to a nearby 7 billion.

According to a survey, Avocados are no more of an occasionally bought fruit. In fact, in the United States, people buy it as a regular ritual.

Benefits of Avocados: 

Avocados are definitely very beneficial. Let’s put some light on its benefits:

  • There are 0.076 grams of an organic plant glucan called beta-sitosterol in every 100 g of Avocado. Intake of beta-sitosterol and some other plant sterols regularly may promote healthier cholesterol levels, which is essential for cardiovascular health.
  • There has yet to be a clear connection between avocado intake and lower cancer risk. On the other hand, avocados carry compounds that may aid in preventing certain cancers.
  • Avocados are rich in beneficial fats that can lower your irregular cravings. This also helps you with weight loss.
  • Consuming fat stagnates carbohydrate meltdown and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Folate is required for a viable pregnancy. Proper nutrition decreases the chances of pregnancy loss and neural tube defects. It is recommended to take 0.0006 grams per day during pregnancy, and fortunately. Each Avocado comprises 0.00016 grams of folate.
  • Avocados are a good source of fiber, with about 6-7 grams per ½ fruit. Natural fiber-rich foods can help relieve constipation and uphold digestive system health.
  • They contain saponins. These stimulants may ease the pain of knee and hip arthritis.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Guacamole Day 

There is no single day when you cannot eat Guacamole, but on this special day, let’s try up new things. Let’s pleasantly celebrate the National Day of Guacamole. 

Here are some fun ideas for you to celebrate this national day:

1. Don’t Miss the Discounts: 

We all know that national day brings many special deals on particular products. Stores and restaurants, for example, will almost certainly offer deals on this national holiday.


So, who is willing to ignore those? We hope you enjoy it and reap the benefits of the sale on your favorite yummy spread. Load up your cart and even stock for later.

That’s not only a good way to spend the day, but also a useful suggestion, thanks to us!

2. Treat Yourself on Guacamole Day

We all have specific places that serve our favorite dips, especially Guacamole.

So, on this day, rush to your favorite restaurant (which serves the best Guacamole) and enjoy your beloved treat.

Our recommendations: 

  • Guacamole NYC
  • Guacamole Mexican Grill
  • Guacamole A taste of Mexico
  • Guacamoles
  • El Guacamole

3. Be Aztec for One Day: 

How about preparing Guacamole by yourself on Guacamole Day, just like Aztec did? Here is the easiest recipe:


  • Chopped fresh onion
  • 2 Avocados
  • 1 Diced juicy tomato
  • Salt and pepper as per choice
  • 1 Minced garlic clove


In a medium shallow bowl, remove the skin and puree the avocados. Combine the garlic, lime juice, tomato, onion, salt, and pepper in a mixing bowl.

Season with leftover lime juice. Refrigerate for 30 minutes and let the taste rise. Enjoy your handmade Guacamole, and share it with your family or friends.

Summing Up: 

We are pretty sure; you are smiling right now to know that this tasty spread is not only good for your taste buds but for your health too.

You can try any of our ideas to celebrate National Guacamole Day (16th of September). Indulge yourself in the rich taste of Guacamole, and have a good day!

Dates of National Guacamole Day

2022FridaySeptember 16
2023SaturdaySeptember 16
2024MondaySeptember 16
2025TuesdaySeptember 16
2026WednesdaySeptember 16
2027ThursdaySeptember 16
2028SaturdaySeptember 16
2029SundaySeptember 16
2030MondaySeptember 16
2031TuesdaySeptember 16

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