National Frozen Yogurt Day

National Frozen Yogurt Day – 6th February 2023

Are you looking for a quick fix on a hot day? Turn on the Air conditioning. But wait? We need something cool ASAP!

Chilled water might get the job done, but frozen yogurt will do it just right. Frozen yogurt increasingly makes its way to home and office freezers.

Consumer preference for it has increased substantially in the last decade. Why? You will find out soon enough.

So, let us celebrate this soft-serve iced treat on National Frozen Yogurt Day.

When is Frozen Yogurt Day 2023?

National Frozen Yogurt Day is celebrated on the 6th of February each year. Many people love frozen yogurt and vow to show their love publicly. It comes in multiple flavors and sizes.


Frozen yogurt might seem like a noir invention of the 21st century. But its ingredients have been around a little shy of 7000 years!

The ancient civilizations used to store and ferment dairy in the form of yogurt.

However, the ingenious idea to commercialize it frozen occurred to H.P. Hood. The ‘frogurt’ was devouring ice cream sales in the 70s.

That was until “Fro-Yo” came along. TCBY’s brand of frozen yogurt claimed a household name for frozen yogurt.

With frozen yogurt accounting for 10% of all frozen treats sales, the first Frozen Yogurt Day was launched in 1993 as an ode from TCBY to Fro-Yo.

How to Celebrate the National Frozen Yogurt Day

Cannot decide how to start with the celebrations? Here are a couple of activities to form your list.

Have Frozen Yogurt

Rush up to your nearest store and grab as many flavors as possible of frozen yogurt. The most shocking flavor by far must be Sakura. Tasting like cherry blossoms, it comes in black.

Celebrate Frozen Yogurt Day

Share It with Your Friends

Let your friends know about your love for Frozen Yogurt, and gift it to your friends. Let them in on this creamy delight and hold a Frozen Yogurt Marathon.

A dream team and a worthy opponent. Enter a frozen yogurt marathon organized for the occasion. Have as much Fro-Yo as you can. Make sure not to waste.

Pair It with Toppings

Nuts, sprinkles, chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom, and others!

Everything goes well with spices. The most shocking combination has to be black pepper with melted Fro-Yo. It is widely popular in South Asian Cuisine.

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Avail Any Discounts

For the occasion, Fro-Yo, Yogurt land, etc., often run bulk discounts and slashed prices. Make sure to check them out.

Share It Online

Make sure to take aesthetic pictures of your frozen yogurt and share them online.

Use appropriate hashtags like #NationalFrozenYogurtDay and scroll down to find other people celebrating.

Reasons to Adore Frozen Yogurt Day

If you need more convincing for the soft serve treat, here are our arguments to trigger your cravings.

Tastes Good

With A pop of cultured yogurt, the overall taste is enhanced when paired with an added flavor.

It Is An Excellent Refreshment

Having its cooling effect while nourishing your body you can consider it a win-win option.

Has Nutritional Properties

The calcium from this dairy product is good for bone health. It also aids digestion with its light acidity.

A Low-Calorie Snack

It is an excellent snack with fewer calories than ice cream and more protein per serving.

So you can beat the hunger with a scoop of cooling Fro-Yo.

Easy to Prepare

Pasteurizing milk, then curdling yogurt with the addition of crushed ice blended. Now that sounds so easy to prepare.

6 Fun Facts about Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt seems like a fun way to have something as plain as yogurt. Here are some fun facts about frozen yogurt you may like.

  • Frozen yogurt could only be bought in scoops initially. The idea to mimic ice cream seemed executive by doing so.
  • Frozen yogurt contains Good Bacteria, which improve gut health. The introduction of lactic acid curdles pasteurized milk. This aids digestion.
  • After HP Hood’s “frogurt”, many people entered the market. One such friendly competitor was Dannon. Their innovative Frozen Yogurt popsicle, “Danny”, was the packaged frozen treat to be sold in the US.
  • It comes packed with vitamins and minerals like B-complex, Potassium, and Calcium. It can even aid in weight loss without leaving you malnourished.
  • Frozen Yogurt sets at a lower temperature. So, the live culture in regular yogurt is not active at lower temperatures. Hence, an excess of frozen yogurt may give you diarrhea, bloating, or make you gassy.
  • Non-Dairy frozen yogurt is also available. Unfortunately, there are still concerns regarding its vegan status.


Q1: Is Frozen Yogurt Healthy?

 For the most part, frozen yogurt is healthy. It provides all the benefits of conventional yogurt with a little more flavor. You can benefit from calcium, probiotics, and protein. However, look out for added sugar and allergens.

Q2: When Was First National Frozen Yogurt Day?

In 1993, upon TCBY’s promotion, the first Frozen Yogurt Day was celebrated in June. However, upon mutual agreement with the public, it was registered for February in the subsequent years.

Q3: Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier than Ice cream?

Absolutely! While both products cannot be substituted for proper meals, frozen yogurt tends to be a better treat. It has fewer calories and more protein per serving.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, National Frozen Yogurt Day is celebrated on the 6th of February each year.

It symbolizes the love for Frozen Yogurt as it makes its way to their pantry as a staple.

So, have frozen yogurt, share it with friends, and top it well! Make sure to share your festivities online using suitable hashtags. Lastly, do not forget to brush your teeth.

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