National Fritters Day

National Fritters Day 2022 | December 1st, 2022

The sun is about to set, and you are craving a light snack. You hear a sizzling sound of oil, and you realize your prayers are coming true.

Everyone’s favorite fritters are up for grabs. Regardless of culture, fritters are always a big yes from a hungry stomach.

These snacks exist everywhere in one form or the other. They can be used as starters, main courses, or desserts.

These undeniably, universal snacks are celebrated on National Fritters Day. Read more to find out!

When is National Fritters Day 2022?

On 1st December, many people celebrate National Fritters Day annually to gratify their favorite delight. The savory taste makes them love this snack as they cannot help themselves to any number less than a dozen.

Interesting Facts about Fritters

Find below some facts you might have missed before about your favorite delicacy:

  • Fritters swooped up a considerable culinary debate. A faction of chefs suggests that anything battered and fried is fritters.
  • On the other hand, other people suggest that the filling must be minced for a snack to be called fritter.
  • The first person to use the word fritter was a British Parliamentarian, Samuel Pepys. In his journal dated 1665, he mentioned he would be enjoying some “fritters.”
  • The Portuguese and Spanish introduced the method of cooking fritters. It was later popularized in Japanese culture.
  • The reason behind their popularity and widespread throughout most cultures is due to the cost-effectiveness of fritters.
  • Some cultures batter flowers as fritters. Imagine smelling something one minute, and then you’re being served the source to devour.
  • Fritters are most eaten in Southeast Asia.
  • The word fritter comes from the Latin word “frigere,” which translates to fry.
  • Fritters are as old as ancient Romans. They were thought to have been consumed with fruit or cheese as a base.
  • Fritters are cousins to doughnuts in many cuisines. Doughnuts, however, lack a base.

Different Forms of Fritters

Here are a few examples of fritters from different cuisines:


The Indian version of fritters is called pakora. It is a gram flower with a tinge of salt coating various vegetables. These battered veggies are then deep-fried until golden brown.

Kwek-Kwek Fritters

Originating from the Philippines, these are fritters with quail eggs as a base.

These eggs are boiled before battering with an orange batter and deep fried until crispy.


In Japanese cuisine, tempura is a popular dish. It is found both on stalls streetside and in restaurants.

Shrimp, chicken, squid, or prawns are battered with a non-spicy Tempura coating splashed in hot oil.

It is usually accompanied by various sauces and is deemed a starter.

Fritto Misto

In Italy, the fritto misto is a mamma Mia, as per the Italians. It is usually heavily coated bis of seafood, vegetables, and meat. The specialty of this dish is that it is fried in Olive oil.

Fried Chicken

What competes with the universally sold Chicken fritter? The tinge of Southern spice made it famous in the US and later in the rest of the world.

It is usually a steak-sized chicken covered with a sauce of your liking. It is a globally replicated method of cooking chicken.


The Frenchmen have always leaned towards the sweeter side of the spices. Their version of the fritter consists of fruits, cheeses, and potatoes.

They sometimes put meat and seafood too. However, the prolific version of this delicacy is a sweet little donut consumed in the morning.


Reasons to LoveFritters Day

Here are reasons to adore the National Day of Fritters:

It Helps Connect Cultures

Fritters are a dish that ranges in all cultures. In so many different cultures, the one constant is battered frying.

So, plate up your beignets and send them to the neighborhood.

Brings About Variety

If you are a foodie, this is your day to consume all types of fritters. Be it sweet and savory or deep fried, the more, the merrier.

Do not worry about the variety; just prepare your stomach for hard work.

It Helps Bring Generations Together

You can always learn a few things from your elders, which google can never have.

You can have it all tabulated, but some dishes are cooked with the good old ways of estimation. This old dish is one you can learn from your grandma.

They Are Worth Devouring

The scrumptious batch of coated goodness was subjected to the heat of the oil. We know your mouth is watering, so go cook after reading this.

Fun Ways to Enjoy the National Day of Fritters

Here is how you can enjoy this day:

Distribute Among the Poor

Fritters are easy to cook and can be cooked in large batches without hurting your pocket. What a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Philanthropy and celebration often come together for a few, so help the needy so they can enjoy this yummy dish.

Cook on Fritters Day

No matter what culture you belong to, coating and throwing them in the fryer is never different.

Fire up the pan, just let them bring the golden-brown color, and enjoy your meal.

Post on Social Media

Why not give fritters a chance in this era where every holiday is posted?

Show off your expertise in cooking, and make sure to use the hashtag #NationalFrttersDay.


If you are a fritter lover, you must mark your calendars for 2nd December. The cold winters of December can be toned down with hot packets of meat.

No matter the culture, these bite-sized bits of diversity translate to one thing- Yummy Food.

Do not forget to use the hashtag #nationalfrittersday to show support for this fantastic day. Finally, Happy National Fritters Day to you, our beautiful reader.

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